Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Lots to holla about today

Happy Hump Day!!!

Yesterday was a helluva day. I worked from 8-4:30, sat in an hour of traffic getting home to pick up Caitlin, and drove right back to work! But it was OK. I was staying in the hotel for free. I got a free night, free dinner for 2, a free movie, and free breakfast this morning. I also get a spa treatment that I'll get next week (hopefully).

We got upgraded to a room on the 3rd floor (top floor) with a view and a fireplace! Hollaaaaa

Yes, we were watching Storage Wars.

We had a balcony.
We went to dinner at our restaurant, Kitchen 1540. It was AMAZING. I got Beef Tenderloin (right) and Caitlin got Lamb (left). Soooo yummmyyyyyy.

Then we went and sat in the hot tub for over an hour. We chatted it up with some nice people from New Mexico. Look at how beautiful this place is

And I ate good this morning! I got an egg white ommelette that had crab meat (YUM), avocado (DOUBLE YUM) and cheese and tomatoes. It was scrumptuous.

Ahhhh. I just love where I work. And the other day my supervisor actually brought up me moving up soon! Fingers crossed!!!!

Now onto my Sweet Summertime 7 update (finally). Sorry for the hiatus last week.

Sweet Summertime 7:
A Heart Like Mine
<div align="center"><a href="" title="A Heart Like Mine"><img src="" alt="A Heart Like Mine" style="border:none;" /></a></div>

  1. Run a 5k: OK. I feel the need to divulge some personal info. I had a *pretty hefty* fradulent charge on my DEBIT CARD this weekend. Thanks for that, Walmart. So my bank account is basically frozen until I get that money back and all my payments (car payment, credit cards, etc) have cleared. I'm using my credit card for everything and it is terrifying. I hate it. I haven't registered for the 4th of July 5k and it's $50. Soooo. Long story short I don't have the money to do it. So now I have to find another one to do.
  2. Get down to 165 lbs : I weighed myself yesterday morning and it was 185.
  3. Get down to a size 8-10 and Medium : Workin' on it.  
  4. Learn portion control: I'm actually making progress here!!!
  5. Do a fitness class every week : Haven't been to the gym. Once Caitlin is gone I'll be able to go again though. Until then I've just been running outside.
  6. Feel comfortable in a bikini in a picture without a cover-up :Workin' on it.
  7. Go on a hike at least once a month : This is turning out to be harder than I thought. But I have to make time.
I'm also linking this up for Weigh-In Wednesday.

Pretty Strong Medicine

And, in the spirit of Weigh In Wednesday and everyone's fitness posts...

When someone says they actually enjoy working out

Hahaha sorry, friends, I couldn't resist.

Now real quick I just need to get on my soapbox for a minute about some current events.

This football player who allegedly killed another football player (semi-pro). He just signed a $40MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACT TO PLAY A FREAKING SPORT FOR A LIVING. And he threw it all away because of some stupid fight he got into at a night club???? (Allegedly). This is how I feel about that:

Preach, Theresa.
 You know, there are men and women who put their life on the line every day defending our freedom, sacrificing extensive time away from their family and friends and loved ones, and what do we pay them? Not even a fraction of what that prick makes. It's disgusting. Our culture seriously amazes me some days.

Oh. And the whole DOMA/Prop 8 thing....all I really have to say about that is, if this means legally married gay couples get to pay the same taxes as the rest of us, I'm thrilled for them. Hollaaaaaaa!!! <rant>And for the record, I really just wish people would read the news or make some attempt at educating themselves on this issue before they post a facebook status about how prop 8 was 'overturned' (it wasn't) and all of DOMA has been done away with (it hasn't). It is a victory for gay rights, sure, but face reality people. They have a long fight ahead of them still. < /rant>

And one final's good, I promise...remember my little issue I was having?? Well, my 2-week-long period has finally ended!! Holllaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! It actually ended two nights ago. But I didn't want to jinx it. Now it's gone.

OK peeps, I hope everyone is having just a fab hump day while I work until 9:30 tonight. Woohoo.

Love y'all!


  1. Thanks for linking up, my dear! First of all, how cool is it that you got to stay in your swanky hotel? Amazing!

    So sorry to hear about your card! Mine has been "compromised" several times this year and I'm sick of it!

    Don't even get me started about that football player. Terrible. Pretty excited about DOMA/prop 8 but you are so right, there is still a long road ahead.

  2. Yummy foods! I love omelette. It's great to read the list on your sweet 7 summertime. Portion control is what I'm working at too. Good luck to us. :)


    1. Thank you! Good luck to you too :)

  3. Your work is beautiful, fingers crossed for the promotion!!

    I agree society is MESSED up.. uhg!


  4. I want to go stay in a hotel - hell I just want a vacation!

  5. In our town there is a place called Kitchen 4140 and basically they name the restaurant after the street number. Their hamburgers are the best!! Wonder if it's similar to the Kitchen 1540. Free hotel!! Awesome.