Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another round of weekly goals...and thank you.

Before I get to the weekly goal linkup, I first want to say thank you to everyone who read and commented on my rant on Saturday :) I really thought while writing it that nobody would probably read through it, and I definitely wouldn't receive any comments. So every one of them meant a lot to me and I appreciate it. And I also hope I made you all feel appreciated in my responses.

After my rant, I got off work early and, you guessed it, went wine tasting. Oops. 

It was a gorgeous day in the eastern part of San Diego county, and I got to wear my new Mandy Maxi from Kiki La'Rue!!! I'm obsessed. 

So glad one of my best friends Nicole could come finally!
Yes, together we are Nicole Squared. 

Sweet picture of me and my momma. 

Cheesin' with the bottle of cab franc I spent way too much money on. 
I. Love. My. Dress. And everything else I've gotten from Kiki La'Rue. Speaking of...I also finally got the chance to wear this dress I ordered a while back from their inventory clearance sale:

As far as I know, they still have this dress in stock in Blue. 
That ^^^ was before my best friend/sorority sister Lindsey's birthday dinner at Lips, a local drag queen dinner show. It's SO fun, and I highly recommend going if you are ever in San Diego.

With the birthday Queen :) 

If you're celebrating anything, after the show they call you up
on stage to take a picture. Lindsey went there. Hahahaha
After the dinner, I got to go pick up my new friendboy from the airport. I'll say that we've been dating for about two months and I really like him. He's in the military, so he was gone for two weeks and then here for a few days and then he went home for leave for another two weeks, which is why I picked him up from the airport. We got to spend yesterday together (hence no social media at all yesterday lol), and now he'll be gone again for another week and a few days. But then after that, he'll be back for a while. So fingers crossed this turns into something good!!

Moving on...

Operation Skinny Jeans

Last week's goals were to make it to the gym Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I made it there Tuesday and Wednesday. Which I'm ok with. I also had a goal to make myself sweat there even with my toe in it's condition. Which I did. My final goal was to track better on myfitnesspal. I did ok. I completed two entries, which is more than I have in a long time! Baby steps. 

This week, my goals are: 

  1. Go to the gym tonight, Wednesday, and Thursday (even though I have a kickball game Thursday). Friday is a Tim McGraw concert (heck yes!) that I am going straight from work to. 
  2. RUN! I want to run again. So bad. But I do hate the treadmill, so maybe this weekend when I'm home I can run around my neighborhood. 
  3. Track, track, track!!! Keeping this one on the list. 
I wish everyone luck in their endeavor to complete their goals this week :) 

Again, thank you to everyone who commented on my ranting on Saturday, and I WILL practice what I preach. 


  1. Cute dresses! You look so good in them too!

  2. I LOVE your dress!! I found one I was obsessed with on Kiki over the weekend but they were all sold out. so disappointing! also love that you and your best friend almost match! :-)

    Fingers crossed on the friend boy!

    Nice goals, and congrats on your progress on them last week too!



    1. Thank you!!! Which dress was it?? And yeah...my one biggest complain about KLR is that they don't just take down the ones that are sold out--or have some kind of indicator before you even click to possible order it! I guess it's because they plan on restocking? Anyhoo, thanks for the words of encouragement!

    2. The Holly Chevron-- I NEED it!! lol, they def don't have any in L/black though :( I agree- hopefully it means they will reorder! of course :)

    3. Ahhh damn! It IS cute....I'm SURE it will be restocked soon!! Or order a medium? Haha it could be motivation or it could actually fit you fine!!

  3. Those dresses are so cute on you! Great goals this week :) I want to start running also!

    1. Thank you!! Running can be difficult to start but I actually started liking it before I broke my toe last month! I'm scared to see how I do after this long of a break haha

  4. Ahh have fun @ Tim Mcgraw! I just saw him two weekends ago!

    Good luck with your goals :) Keep it up!