Monday, June 24, 2013

Whatta weekend

Well it's Monday.......and already.....

Oh well.

Let's discuss my fun weekend!!

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday turned around for the most part and by Saturday morning I was all peachy again. Still an emotional trainwreck thanks to my period, but I had it together mostly haha. I made those cherry beer-ga-ritas and spike sweet tea (sweet tea from scratch, rum, and fresh squeezed lemon juice) on Friday night with my best friend, and then we watched Miss Congeniality. I just love that movie.


She's beauty and she's grace...
Love. Love. Love.

Anyway. Saturday morning I got my nails did by Olga, and I went with ombre!!

I love them.
And then it was time for Countryfest!!!

Not quite sure what was happening here...

But I still like him ok.

He actually found some people tailgating who were doing arm wrestling contests. Some 50 year old guy was a reigning champ. The friendboy managed to tie him. Pretty impressive for the old guy. But seriously look at the friendboys arms...nice, right?

By the way, my shirt was from Sugar Love Boutique. I used the Skinnymeg code and got THIRY PERCENT OFF. Hollaaaaa. And I love the shirt and got tons of compliments.

So then yesterday I literally sat on the couch and cuddled with Winnie all day. And I watched that lunatic tightrope across the Grand Canyon. Did anyone else watch that shit???

No. Fucking. Thank you.
Seriously. He's a complete psychopath. I mean, props to him. But really. I did appreciate his thanking Jesus the entire walk, though. BTW, someone explain to me the point of having a paramedic stationed at the bottom? You know, 1500 feet down??? Pretty sure if he fell that paramedic wouldn't have been able to help. And he said his next walk was going to be between two skyscrapers in NYC. That walk across the Grand Canyon was taller than the Empire State Building. Not impressed, Nik. Come up with something better please.

I digress.

So in other news, I'm pretty pissed off at Personalized From Me To You. I paid $70 for a monogrammed otterbox (that I love) and it CRACKED within 30 days of me receving it. I called them over a week ago to find out they will only communicate via email, so I emailed them. Twice. And wrote on their facebook wall. And have commented on two instagram pictures they've posted. Still nothing. Finally I dug around on their website and found a form to fill out, but it won't let me fill it out now because the 30 day period has passed. But guess what? I could have submitted it within 30 days IF THEY HAD RESPONDED TO ME. I still haven't received any response. So I filed a claim with the BBB yesterday. Sorry I'm not sorry. That is bullshit.

Wanna know what else is bullshit? Walmart just volunteered my debit card for someone else's purchase of EIGHTY DOLLARS over the weekend. My card is now locked, I have to go to the bank, and I have to wait 10 days to get my money back. Fuck you, Walmart.

Anyway. It will be better soon. Tonight one of my sorority sisters from Memphis is coming to visit for a week! I'm so excited. I haven't seen her in forever!! That will make this Monday a lot better :)

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!!!

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