Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday, and many, many other things.

Wellllll hello there, friends!!! If you're still reading this blog after the last month or so, I commend you. I wouldn't be, with how wishy washy and up and down I've been. Oh well.

Time to get back on the train. And for real.

First, let me just start with Weigh-in Wednesday, to be brutally honest and remind us all why I started this blog in the first place.

Weigh In Wedneday

I gained 5 pounds while Chris was here.

Womp wompppppp. Can't say I'm surprised. I'm actually semi-relieved, considering just how horribly I ate and the fact that I think I went to the gym a total of one time while he was here, and that was over 3 weeks ago.

I haven't started 30 day shred, and that's because I haven't made the time for it. Plain and simple. It's all my fault. Luckily, Skinny Meg is hosting this diet bet thing, and I feel like it's perfect timing for a reason. I'm going to do it. And I'm a cheapass so if I'm going to pay $25 bucks for something, I'm not wasting it, dammit! So I'll be combining that diet bet with the 30 Day Shred.

Now I'm going to be brutally honest about something else, and that's Chris.

Our relationship in a nutshell...

I wrote about our history a while ago, and I just wanted to let y'all know that no, we're not back together, but we're working on things. We spent pretty much every moment he was here and not in school, together. We had some bumps in the road but they were necessary. He's now back home in Colorado for a month, which sucks, and then he moves up to Lemoore, CA at the end of September. I'll probably get to go visit him in the middle of October. So, to remind myself that everything's fine and to not freak out and sabotage this whole thing (which I totally have a tendency to do), I've been wearing this:

"Bell bottom trousers, shirts of navy blue, I love a sailor boy, and he loves me too"

Chris got me that a year ago, when we were still together. I haven't worn it since we broke up, but now I'm wearing it again, every day :)

I also made Chris this blanket (I'd made him the same one over a year ago and sent it to him in Japan. He loved it, used it every day when he was underway, then made the mistake of taking it to his apartment when they got back. Apparently he let a drunk friend who was crashing with him use it to sleep with, and that friend puked all over it. Chris washed it, and it basically ruined it. So he needed a new one):

The fabric-cutter looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for 3 yards. Chris is 6'4". He needs a big blankie!

I also wanted to review some of the things I got in my Ipsy bag, but since I've been a terrible poster, I'm just going to throw that into this hot mess of an update, too. Remember it looked like this...

First, the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Long story short, I LOVE THIS SHIT. I've never used a primer for my foundation, because I'm a cheapass. But I think I might just shell out the $36.00 for this when my little sample runs out. At first, I was weirded out by the texture. It's oil-free, but liquid, so it almost instantly dries and leaves no residue. But then when you put your makeup on over it, it feels completely different than it does with no primer. It makes the makeup last much longer than normal, and prevents my skin from getting so oily so quickly, something I've always struggled with. Definitely love it.

Next, the MICA Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow. I also love this. It's not a sample-size, it's the same size as a mineral eyeshadow you'd buy at Bare Essentials. It's a gorgeous gold, and I haven't had any problem with it not lasting. It's also got great pigment.

please ignore my terrible picture-taking skillz.

I also loved the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask . I must say, I tried this and LOVED IT. Yes, it looks and smells like canned pumpkin puree, but my skin is visibly brighter. I've never used a mask and actually noticed any difference, so I'm excited to keep using it (you're only supposed to use it once every 2 weeks), and I might just buy a full size bottle when my sample runs out.

And the last thing I'm gonna talk about is the Urban Decay lipstick. I mentioned before that it's BRIGHT RED. And I look, frankly, like white trash with any color on my lips. So this is what it looks like with nothing to tone it down...don't judge...

And on the right is it with a nude lipgloss from Bare Essentials, which I love.

It actually doesn't look terrible with nothing over it. But I'm just more comfortable right now with the nude gloss over it to tone it down a notch :) But at the end of the day, it's Urban Decay, and it's awesome, and I will get use out of it.

And in other news, I've decided I'm going to get an MBA!!! Random? Yes. But I'm super pumped. I've been doing tons of research and am going to take the GMAT in October (goal, at least). Hopefully I can apply to online programs and start in the spring or summer semesters. I know it's going to be a ton of work, but I just feel so stir-crazy right now, and I know having an MBA could catapult my career in the long-run. Plus, now is probably the most opportune time for me to do it. I don't have a husband or kids, and my full-time job doesn't take up any of my time when I'm not at work. It's very low-stress, so I might as well add some stress, right???

That book will be the death of me by the end, I'm sure. So far, though, I actually like having something to read/study. I know, I'm losing my mind.

OK. I'll stop overloading you with a hodgepodge of nothingness. Happy hump day, fools!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm alive, if anyone is even still reading!

I just wanted to stop in and say hi--not like anyone has noticed I've been quiet lately anyway haha.

Anyway. In case you were, in fact, concerned/curious, everything is splendid. Chris is here until Friday and then he goes back to Colorado for a month, then he'll be reporting to his new duty station up in Central California, where he'll be stationed for 3 years.

We're definitely in a weird limbo-ish state right now. We've spent a ton of time together while he's been here, and we've had some bumps in the road. It's all an adjustment to him being back and not going anywhere far again. We definitely still have very strong feelings for each other and I'm praying a ton about this whole thing, that it works out for the best, and soon. Unfortunately, I probably won't have any answers at least until he gets settled up north, ya know, in October. But we'll figure it out eventually. We have all the time in the world, so I really should just let go of wanting to control everything.

Sorry for the random, all over the place "update." I probably won't post again until next week, when I get back to a normal schedule. Basically I have slept in my own bed in my own house maybe a quarter of the time for the last 3 weeks. I haven't gone to the gym. I haven't been eating well. I've just been living and having fun in the moment.

See you fools next week sometime!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh, happy day!


Let's get down to business, shall we?

1. I finished and published my 25 by 25 bucket list:

2. I started completing one of my items on the bucket list this week, watching Gone With the Wind.

I must say...I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to the intermission and will finish the rest of it probably on Sunday night. (With Chris being here for 3 weeks everything is kind of hard to plan). I LOVE historical movies, especially ones about American history. Especially when they take place in the south. I did, however, have to have a wikipedia page pulled up to read along because I had a hard time understanding what some of them were saying. They talked funny back in the 30s. My stepmom says I need to read the book, though. Have any of y'all read the book???

3. My Ipsy Bag came in the mail yesterday!!!!

It contains:
-URBAN DECAY LIPSTICK!!!!!! Downside is, it's bright red. I have very thin lips and a fat face so I feel like I just look like complete white trash when I wear lipstick with any pigment to it. But I'm going to try it. Standby for what that looks like haha.
-SMASHBOX FOUNDATION PRIMER!!!!!! I've never used foundation primer, but I'm intrigued. And generally anything with the word "smashbox" in it's name is wonderful.
-Pixie lash-booster mascara. I've recently become very obsessed with Yes, They're Real from Benefit, so I probably won't love this. But it's a good travel-sized mascara, nontheless.
-Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask. Gonna be honest. It looks and smells like pumpkin paste, in a can, that you use to make pumpkin pie. But I don't hate that, so I'll definitely be trying it tomorrow morning.
-MICA bronze shimmer eyeshadow powder. Definitely looks and sounds like a MAC knockoff, but the color is gorgeous. And I typically use gold/bronze/brown colors on my eyes, so it's perfect.

This is my 2nd Ipsy shipment and I'm seriously so happy I signed up. I haven't been disappointed yet.

4. This is a silly one, but it's legit. Chris is OBSESSED with Taylor Swift. I. Mean. Ob. Sessed.

He's in love with her. Thinks she's smokin' hot (which I don't understand), and will defend her "music" until he's blue in the face. Anyway. I hate her. I used to enjoy her music, really I did. But she's not a country singer anymore and it pisses me off just based on principle that she still gets labelled a country singer and they still play her motha-effin' music on the country stations!!!! Anyway. She played here last night. Of course the show was sold out. Chris contemplated getting $400 tickets on stubhub and whatnot, but decided against it in the end. So we went to dinner last night. Without thinking at all, I suggested the famous Phil's BBQ. We got to the part of town the restaurant is in and Chris goes "those people that just drove by were covered in red paint. They must be going to a game or something."

That's when it hit me. "Or they're going to t-swift's RED concert!!!"

He proceeded to freak the EFF OUT. "Omg this is where she's playing!?!" "Yes. Right next to the restaurant." "OMG we're going and scalping tickets after dinner!" "Eff my life."

Luckily I convinced him that scalping tickets or buying from stubhub is sketchy and he might get ripped off of $250 bucks, and made him think it was his idea to not go.

Yep. I dodged that bullet. THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN.

5. Chris has a friend that lives just north east of San Diego. He and his wife have a beautiful house and pool, and they also have one of these:

We're going up there tonight and plan on playing with that all weekend. And taking another trip to Bass Pro since it's about 45 minutes from their house. Rednecks much? Yep. And proud of it.

So that's it for me! Have a wonderful weekend, fools!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Well this is random.

Hey hey hey :)

I'm copying this from Heather at Pretty Strong Medicine....6 things you should know about me! (btw I know I'm supposed to choose from the list of questions you put, Heather, but I'm choosing some from the ones you answered too. Sorry!)

Here you have it:

1) Why do you blog? Well. This is a loaded question. I blog to get my thoughts/feelings out onto some kind of platform. I blog to connect with people. I read blogs to find inspiration/humor/people I have things in common with, and I hope people can find those things in my blog as well. I want this blog to have more direction than it does, but I guess that's kind fo funny because my life has no direction in it right now, so I guess this blog really is a direct reflection of my life!

2)Where is "home" for you? I have to admit, I love this question. San Diego is home for me. It's my hometown. It's where my momma and some of my best friends are. Memphis was a home away from home for me for 3 years, but I feel like when I do go back (which will be next May for a wedding, fingers crossed) it won't feel like home, ya know? At the same time, while San Diego is home, I feel like I could uproot myself again and find a permanent home somewhere else. Who knows.

3)Your greatest personal achievement? Definitely graduating from college (in 4 years). I'm one of 2 from my generation in my family to do this. Neither of my parents or grandparents or their siblings have college degrees. The odds were definitely not in my favor lol. I'm hoping this carries over into my future marriage as well. Everyone except that same cousin with the college degree and a few others have stayed married. The rest of my family has been married multiple times (buncha hillbillies, I tell ya). So hopefully I don't follow that pattern either!

4)What's your biggest struggle in life? I'm gonna get deep here. My biggest struggle is definitely a fear of abandonment. My own psychoanalysis tells me it started from my dad leaving my mom and I when I was so little, and moving so far away. Obvs. But then the first experience I had with a boy was horrible. He literally stopped talking to me without explanation multiple times. Then I had the boyfriend in college who broke up with me via facebook--that was super fun (funnily enough he's now married to one of my very good friends. It's complicated. Don't ask haha). So now I basically am a huge worry-wart when it comes to relationships. If I don't hear from you for a day, or hours after calling you or sending you a text, I start to freak. Like majorly. And it's definitely been the demise of many a relationship (not just romantic. Friendships too). I'm trying so hard to not let that happen this time around. Really.

5) What hobby would you love to pick up? I'd love to love running. I loathe it currently. But I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and clarity after the run. So that's a good sign one day I'll love it overall, right?!?!

6) What do you plan on doing with your life a decade from now? Hmmmmm well since I'm such a short-term-oriented person this is hard. I can't say what I hope my career is at that point, because I haven't figured that out yet. Standby. But I can say I definitely want to be happily married, with at least 1 kid already. I'd like to be financially stable, have some equity, have no credit card debt, and have taken a real vacation (even if that's my honeymoon). I'm a simple girl. I want to be a wife and a mom. And I want to be happy with my job, whatever that may be.

Well I hope y'all had fun reading that haha. Please comment with a link to your post if you've done this too--I'd love to read about y'all! Like Heather, I'm tagging all of you. Go do it. Now.

Pick 6 of these questions to answer:

1. What’s something you hate?
2. Why did you start blogging?
3. Which blog are you in love with that you only found out about recently?
4. When you struggle in life, what keeps you going?
5. One goal you would like to achieve before 2014
6. Who has been your role model?
7. Most comforting place, smell, sound and memory?
8. If you could be invisible for a day, where would you go?
9. Think of your oldest friend. If you met them now do you think you would still become friends?
10. Tell us something we may not know about you?

Now I'm going to insert a little rant here, don't mind me. Have any of y'all been following the Hannah Anderson case???? She's a local girl (from East County, San Diego, where yours truly grew up). Basically, a close family friend killed her mother and younger brother in a house (I'm still confused as to who's house it was) and burned it down, and took off with Hannah. There was an Amber Alert that wound up spreading up the West Coast and out as far East as Texas. They found her with her adbuctor in the wilderness of Idaho, camping. The abductor was shot and killed in her rescue attempt.

Am I the only one who finds this entire thing fishy???? Hannah Anderson proceeded to take to a social media website to "answer questions," and all she did was further confuse me. Who's house was burned down? Initially the news said it was her mother's home, but she made it sound like it was the family friends. There were phone records between her and him and another family member of his leading up to it. Supposedly she knew he had a "thing" for her and didn't say anything because she didn't want to compromise his friendship with her dad, who as far as I know lives out-of-state. She said she was acting calm when they were spotted by the horseback riders who came upon them in the woods out of fear her captor would kill them, which I can believe. But then she was uncomfortable seeing her dad when she was returned home, and her explanation via her social media site was that she was uncomfortable around men in general. Not buying that, unless there's more to the story.

There HAS to be more to the story. I'm so confused. I don't want to believe that a young girl would take any part in this at all, and that she truly was abducted against her will, but there's just a lot of missing pieces. Am I the only one who thinks this?!?!?

OK end of that rant. Here's my last one: IT'S STILL SUMMER. QUIT SAYING HOW EXCITED YOU ARE FOR FALL.

Made on Rhonna Designs App.

Sorry I'm not sorry I love summertime and warm weather. I just hate seeing all this fall shit on Pinterest and in stores. SHUT UP.

I also realize I never really did a recap of the Luke Bryan concert this weekend. Well, long story short, he was AMAZING. So was Florida-Georgia Line, but they got shafted to only 5 songs while Thompson Square got a whole hour to play. That was stupid and I didn't appreciate it. Oh well. Here's some cute pics (and as you can see, I didn't wear that dress I said I was going to. Oopsies..):

Been friends with girl on left since elementary school, girl in middle since middle school. And yes, Chris is attempting to photo bomb in the background.

That's Chris.

And that's it for me. Don't forget to check out my new 25 by 25 page!

Later, fools.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

25 by 25 is up and runnin'

Hey fools. Sorry for the lack of post yesterday. On the car ride home from the Luke Bryan concert on Sunday I suddenly got the chills and felt nauseous. Of course I thought it was just from drinking, but I had a little bit of a fever that lasted through yesterday, so I stayed home from work. I did have time to complete my 25 by 25 list, and it's a new page if you look up. Or you can be lazy and click here.

Here's a picture from Luke Bryan (sorry if you follow me on IG and already saw this.)

Sorry to disappoint, but that's all I got for now. I'm still not feeling 100% and my heart's just not into much of anything right now.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 9, 2013

What I've been waiting all summer for....

Holllaaaaaa everyone, it's Friday!!!!

Sorry for the late post. I didn't work until 10 today and, well, I'm on the west coast so lots of you are 2-3 hours ahead of me anyway (btw, where are all my west-coast bloggers!?!?! I know Raven is one...but the rest are few and far between. Makes me sad).

Moving on.

Here's my Five on this fine Friday:

1. I'm starting a list...25 by 25. 25 things I want to accomplish before I turn 25 (that's in a little over 2 years). I know most people have 30 in 30 or something like that, but I'm much more of a short-term goal-setter. I have a short attention span as it is. I'm still mulling my list over and trying to come up with 25 meaningful goals, but I know I'll end up having some silly ones, too.

2. The boy is still here, and while I admit it's really hard for me to not fall right back into my feelings for him and I'm going a little crazy (part of that is because I'm PMSing), we're having a good time while he's here.

Last night he showed me his "practice" gear, complete with a gas mask and a pretend gun. Then I put it on.

3. I've already mentioned this but I'll be starting 30 Day Shred on MONDAY!!! Please check Monday's post out--it will contain official starting pictures/states which I just know everyone is dying to see lol.

4. This weekend I'll be making and consuming these at the concert (which is my numer 5, be patient)...


The link goes to a blog that calls the drink a "Hop, Skip, and Go Naked," but I've always known them as Pink Pantie-Droppers. Way easier to say, in my opinion. So anyway. I'm pumped for some Pink Pantie-Droppers, and let's hope I don't in fact drop my panties at the concert.

Which brings me to........


I know I've been talking about this for forever, so I'm sure y'all are glad it will be over come next week. I'm so excited. I just love country concerts. And I'm really, really excited the boy will be there too. BTW, in case you care, I'll be wearing the dress I chose not to wear to Tim McGraw a couple months ago:

So there we have it. My 5 on Friday. If anyone of you have any suggestions of things that should be on my 25 by 25 list, please holla atcha gurl. I'd greatly appreciate any words of wisdom!!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Best linkup ever...KD-KD-KD-KD-KD-HEY!

Happy hump day, y'all. Today I'm super excited to link up for Greek is Greek!!! If you've read my blog for pretty much any length of time, you probably already know I am a proud Kappa Delta Alumnae.

Carolina Fireflies

"Ta kala diokomen: Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest."

I actually went through recruitment at Northeastern University, my freshman year. Wanna know a secret? I had signed up for it over the summertime, and I hated Northeastern so much my first week that I decided I just wasn't going to do it. I had ignored an email from my Recruitment Counselor (I don't even rememeber what they were called there, that's how old I am), and then on the day of recruitment she called me and asked what the heck was up? I decided, what the heck, I'll just go. I had already paid for it. So I got dressed and went, having no idea what I was in for. I hadn't done ANY research, gone to ANY pre-recruitment events, and knew nobody. And I'm glad for that, because I based my opinions of the sorority's completely, 100% off of how I felt in those rooms, not at all based off of their campus reputations. Of course, I could get a feel for the kids of girls they were, but I didn't know how they were viewed by the rest of the community at all.

My first night, I fell in LOVE with Kappa Delta, and one other chapter I won't name. I went back to both of them and two others the next night, dropped the other one I thought I liked because I realized I didn't the next night, then preffed Kappa Delta and one other one. I just knew KD was it for me. I didn't care that they were brand new (I was part of the first pledge class that the colony recruited), i just had a good feeling that this was a legit sorority.

Let me be even more long-winded and clarify that Northeastern's Greek Life when I went through recruitment was very non-traditional. I mean, it's a Northern private school. What do you expect? Kappa Delta and one other chapter were the ONLY ones that had a large national presence (KD being the bigger of the 2), and so even though we were brand new, we quickly began to pretty much kick ass. The year I was there we won Most Improved Chapter of the Year, and every year since then they've won Chapter of the Year.

Yep, I was a pale goober my freshman year of college. How I got a bid is still a mystery to me.

I've already talked somewhere on this blog about why and how I wound up at The University of Memphis for the rest of my college career, so long-story-short, I had to transfer. I couldn't transfer straight into a state school in California because of a minimum-credit-requirement, but I could also get in-state tuition at Tennessee schools because of my dad. I visited schools and chose Memphis. I affiliated with the Kappa Delta chapter there and LOVED IT. It truly felt meant to be.

Isn't it crazy how quickly my skin color changed?

At Memphis, I was elected Treasurer my sophomore-junior year, and Vice President, Community Service my junior-senior year.

I was chosen to be the Sweetheart of Kappa Alpha Order, and this handsome man, my best friend, was our Daggerman (basically our version of a sweetheart). It was perfect.

My beautiful little sis.

My pledge class was sassy.

Being in Kappa Delta saved me in college. It saved me my freshman year of homesickness. It saved me from myself a few times throughout the rest of my time in college. I had ups and downs, just like everyone will (especially if you get lucky enough to be on council/executive board), sometimes I wanted to quit, sometimes I wanted to slap a ho, but in the end Kappa Delta made me a better person. If it wasn't for KD, I wouldn't have some of my best friends. I also wouldn't have had the amazing community service opportunities I did while I was in Memphis and in Boston. I'm so proud to be a part of such a beautiful sisterhood, and I'm so happy to have an Alumnae Chapter here in San Diego!

I can't wait to read everyone else's posts :)

Have a good day, peeps. The weeks half-over!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My life in GIFs.

Hey fools. Hope everyone had a fab weekend! I sure did :) I'm quite distracted, so I'm basically going to let some GIFs take over this blog post. A teeny weeny recap of the weekend first, though:

Chris is here! (read about him here) I cooked a mostly unhealthy dinner Friday night, and then Saturday we took a day trip up to Bass Pro Shop (his version of Disneyland) and I got these

and a new pink Browning logo decal, since my rhinestoned one is starting to basically decay on my back windshield. Then, we met up with some of my friends at a small local winery because they had a groupon, and he was such a good sport!!! He even finished one whole tasting. I was very proud. Look at my refined wittle redneck:

Then we went to Incahoots!!! It was so much fun. We played pool and line-danced and he got to meet some of my best friends (finally!).

He was in the middle of making fun of my skinny arm, which I promptly did away with...

Better, but blurry. Oh well. We'll take more.

Last night I took him to Slater's 50/50. I may have written about it before. It's a So-Cal chain with burgers that are 50% ground beef and 50% ground bacon. It's AMAZING. I made my own burger and I'm still full from it:

It had bacon (duh), spinach and artichoke dip, garlic aioli, and baby greens. Mmmhmmm.

So onto the GIFs (all come from whatshouldwecallme).

Being in your 20s

When my mom asks me why I'm still *technically* single

How my diet's going

And just because I love this one...
When I get caught doing something I shouldn't be doing

Well, sorry for such a late-in-the-day post. I should be getting my 30 Day Shred DVD in the mail this week, so I'll definitely be starting that soon, and you lucky biznitches get to see some official "before" pictures. Brace yourselves.

Sorry if this post looks choppy. My work computer and blogger just simply don't get along. And if any of you have ever written an entire post in HTML, I'm sure you understand.

Later, fools!