Friday, August 2, 2013

My 100th Post!!!

Whaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?!?! Yep. You're reading the 100th post of this lil ole blog. Crazy.

If you want to take a trip down memory lane with me, feel free to read my first post ever. It was pretty awesome. 

Now onto my Five on Friday!!!

1) Already said it. Happy 100th post to me. Holllaaaaaaaa. 

2) Yesterday I won something on the radio!!!!! I've been calling San Diego's country station for YEARS. Literally I grew up listening to it. I remember the morning show DJs from when I was a kid who are now the nighttime DJs. I remember the old traffic reporter who is now the afternoon DJ. And never once have I been able to get through and win anything. Well yesterday was my day! I was their Facebook Friend of the Day! I wrote a post on their wall before they called the winner on Wednesday, and then late Wednesday night one of the DJs commented saying "you never know, you might just be the winner tomorrow!" So then I wrote back "well, did I mention a very special someone is coming back into town on Friday after being stationed in Japan for two years? It would be awesome to have tickets to ANYTHING for us to do!" And that got them I guess. I didn't win anything crazy, just movie tickets. But rest assured, I was EXCITED. Like this: 

 But guess what movie I want to use them for??? 

Yep. I wanna see Planes. Cars is literally one of my favorite movies of all time. I cried when I visited Cars World at California Adventure in December. And you bet your butt I'm going to drag the boy to that. 

3) The boy is coming back to San Diego todayyyyyyyyyy. Read about that here

4) Yesterday I caved and ordered Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred off Ebay. Samantha's results were awesome, as well as everyone else that I've ever seen after doing it. So I'm going to commit to doing it, dammit! Lord, help me. 

5) Just one more week until I get to see Luke Bryan!!! Ahhhhhhh I just love him.

I'm also pumped to see Florida Georgia Line. Thompson Square is eh to me. I saw them two summers ago when they were first starting out and liked them alright, but I haven't been a fan of any of their singles since then. And I certainly don't understand how they've been winning all these huge awards. Just my humble opinion. Either way. LUKE BRYAN!!! ONE WEEK!!!!

And because I'm bored at work, I'm linking up for this "Who Are You?" series. Check it out!


List 20 random facts about yourself:
{1}I'm an only child.
{2}My arms are double-jointed.
{3}I can't stick my tongue out.
{4}I used to ride horses competitively.
{5}My dad is a nudist. Yep, ya read that right, folks.
{6}I didn't have my first kiss until I was 17 years old, a week after I graduated from high school. I was a good girl.
{7}I love watching really random shows like Intervention, Monsters Inside Me, River Monsters, etc. I have weird taste in TV.
{8}I used to think I was a democrat. Then I moved away from home and started paying my own bills.
{9}I would be perfectly happy being a housewife for the rest of my life so I could spend all my free time volunteering with non-profits instead of working.
{10}I have an aunt who's been to prison for hard drug possession and some degree of murder (self-defense helped her only get a few years).
{11}I love country music. Obviously.
{12}I want to be Carrie Underwood when I grow up.
{13}Guys in suits turn me off. I much prefer guys in blue jeans, boots, a tshirt and hat. Bonus points if they have some dirt under their fingernails.
{14}I love shooting guns, but don't own one.
{15}Crab is my favorite meat.
{16}I'm in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. Like legitimitely. Even though he's a democrat. I could get over it.
{17}I strongly dislike Taylor Swift.
{18}My favorite color is yellow.
{19}My two favorite movies are Sweet Home Alabama and Steel Magnolias, both of which I know every word to.
{20}I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to shopping. Just spending money in general.

Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears
{1}Elevators. I had a phobia of elevators. I take them if I'm going more than 3 flights of stairs up. But I have had recurrign nightmares about being in one and it shooting literally out of the building! I know it sounds crazy, but I hate elevators.
{2}Never getting married. Not sure where this comes from, but I'm terrified I'll never find the right guy.
{3}Death. I've always been scared of dying since I was little. Dunno why this came about, either.

Describe your relationship with your spouse: Well this is easy. I don't have a spouse!

List 10 things you would tell your 16 year-old self, if you could:
{1}Boys aren't that gross.
{2}Quit trying to fit in with that clique in your high school group at church. They're not going anywhere with their lives, and you will realize one day that you have much better things planned for you, and you can still be a good Christian even if you don't go to church 3 times a week.
{3}Be nice to your mother. She sacrifices a lot for you.
{4}So far, your dad's never going to change. So stop hoping he will and let it go.
{5}Quit eating like shit and get your ass to the gym.
{6}You don't like Boston as much as you think you will.
{7}The economy will tank your freshman year of college. I know you don't understand how that will affect you, but make your life easier and go to a state school, and don't waste your time and money on a year at a private school you won't like that's way overpriced to begin with.
{8} Start working on your tan. You're pale.
{9} Do your math homework.
{10}Those AP classes WILL pay off. Don't get discouraged.

What are the 5 things that make you most happy right now?
{1}For some miracle to happen that would suddenly result in a higher income for me.
{2}For gas prices to go down.
{3}For me to find motivation to just commit to dieting and exercising regularly again.
{4}For things with the boy to work out once and for all.
{5}For someone to find a magical pill that allows your dogs to live as long as you do. I would really like that.

Well that was longer than I expected!!!

Alrighty fools. Have a great weekend! I'll leave you with a visual of me, when I get off work today. I know I've used this gif before, but it makes me giggle every single time. Enjoy.


  1. Luke Bryan....I die!! SO HOT!! Have a great weekend!!

    1. Yes he sure is!!! I can't wait to see him!

  2. Yay 100th post!! And for winning stuff on the radio- that's awesome. Have fun with your friend :-)

    I want to have Carrie Underwoods legs when I grow up!! haha


  3. I got to be in your 100th post!??? I am honored! Happy monday and thanks for linking up!

  4. Happy 100!!! Congrats on winning the radio station's promotion. My son's girlfriend went to see Luke Bryan. She said he is awesome!!!

    1. Thank you! I'm pretty excited to see him!

  5. umm i wanna see planes too. looks good;) haha