Friday, August 9, 2013

What I've been waiting all summer for....

Holllaaaaaa everyone, it's Friday!!!!

Sorry for the late post. I didn't work until 10 today and, well, I'm on the west coast so lots of you are 2-3 hours ahead of me anyway (btw, where are all my west-coast bloggers!?!?! I know Raven is one...but the rest are few and far between. Makes me sad).

Moving on.

Here's my Five on this fine Friday:

1. I'm starting a list...25 by 25. 25 things I want to accomplish before I turn 25 (that's in a little over 2 years). I know most people have 30 in 30 or something like that, but I'm much more of a short-term goal-setter. I have a short attention span as it is. I'm still mulling my list over and trying to come up with 25 meaningful goals, but I know I'll end up having some silly ones, too.

2. The boy is still here, and while I admit it's really hard for me to not fall right back into my feelings for him and I'm going a little crazy (part of that is because I'm PMSing), we're having a good time while he's here.

Last night he showed me his "practice" gear, complete with a gas mask and a pretend gun. Then I put it on.

3. I've already mentioned this but I'll be starting 30 Day Shred on MONDAY!!! Please check Monday's post out--it will contain official starting pictures/states which I just know everyone is dying to see lol.

4. This weekend I'll be making and consuming these at the concert (which is my numer 5, be patient)...


The link goes to a blog that calls the drink a "Hop, Skip, and Go Naked," but I've always known them as Pink Pantie-Droppers. Way easier to say, in my opinion. So anyway. I'm pumped for some Pink Pantie-Droppers, and let's hope I don't in fact drop my panties at the concert.

Which brings me to........


I know I've been talking about this for forever, so I'm sure y'all are glad it will be over come next week. I'm so excited. I just love country concerts. And I'm really, really excited the boy will be there too. BTW, in case you care, I'll be wearing the dress I chose not to wear to Tim McGraw a couple months ago:

So there we have it. My 5 on Friday. If anyone of you have any suggestions of things that should be on my 25 by 25 list, please holla atcha gurl. I'd greatly appreciate any words of wisdom!!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!!


  1. That drink looks awesome for a summer concert! My drink of choice this summer has been homemade lemonade with Jack Daniels Honey...equal parts delicious and dangerous, haha! Btw, love the blog title! If you have the chance this summer, Miranda Lambert and Dierks Bentley Locked and Reloaded concert was AMAZING!!

  2. That sounds so good!!! If only I wasn't so broke! Haha plus I'm already a little worried about the concert being on a Sunday...luckily I don't work until 10 on Monday lol. And I WISH I could go to that concert--Miranda's on my list of people I wanna see! But they're not coming my way :(

  3. That dress is adorable, I hope you had a blast!