Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday, and many, many other things.

Wellllll hello there, friends!!! If you're still reading this blog after the last month or so, I commend you. I wouldn't be, with how wishy washy and up and down I've been. Oh well.

Time to get back on the train. And for real.

First, let me just start with Weigh-in Wednesday, to be brutally honest and remind us all why I started this blog in the first place.

Weigh In Wedneday

I gained 5 pounds while Chris was here.

Womp wompppppp. Can't say I'm surprised. I'm actually semi-relieved, considering just how horribly I ate and the fact that I think I went to the gym a total of one time while he was here, and that was over 3 weeks ago.

I haven't started 30 day shred, and that's because I haven't made the time for it. Plain and simple. It's all my fault. Luckily, Skinny Meg is hosting this diet bet thing, and I feel like it's perfect timing for a reason. I'm going to do it. And I'm a cheapass so if I'm going to pay $25 bucks for something, I'm not wasting it, dammit! So I'll be combining that diet bet with the 30 Day Shred.

Now I'm going to be brutally honest about something else, and that's Chris.

Our relationship in a nutshell...

I wrote about our history a while ago, and I just wanted to let y'all know that no, we're not back together, but we're working on things. We spent pretty much every moment he was here and not in school, together. We had some bumps in the road but they were necessary. He's now back home in Colorado for a month, which sucks, and then he moves up to Lemoore, CA at the end of September. I'll probably get to go visit him in the middle of October. So, to remind myself that everything's fine and to not freak out and sabotage this whole thing (which I totally have a tendency to do), I've been wearing this:

"Bell bottom trousers, shirts of navy blue, I love a sailor boy, and he loves me too"

Chris got me that a year ago, when we were still together. I haven't worn it since we broke up, but now I'm wearing it again, every day :)

I also made Chris this blanket (I'd made him the same one over a year ago and sent it to him in Japan. He loved it, used it every day when he was underway, then made the mistake of taking it to his apartment when they got back. Apparently he let a drunk friend who was crashing with him use it to sleep with, and that friend puked all over it. Chris washed it, and it basically ruined it. So he needed a new one):

The fabric-cutter looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for 3 yards. Chris is 6'4". He needs a big blankie!

I also wanted to review some of the things I got in my Ipsy bag, but since I've been a terrible poster, I'm just going to throw that into this hot mess of an update, too. Remember it looked like this...

First, the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Long story short, I LOVE THIS SHIT. I've never used a primer for my foundation, because I'm a cheapass. But I think I might just shell out the $36.00 for this when my little sample runs out. At first, I was weirded out by the texture. It's oil-free, but liquid, so it almost instantly dries and leaves no residue. But then when you put your makeup on over it, it feels completely different than it does with no primer. It makes the makeup last much longer than normal, and prevents my skin from getting so oily so quickly, something I've always struggled with. Definitely love it.

Next, the MICA Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow. I also love this. It's not a sample-size, it's the same size as a mineral eyeshadow you'd buy at Bare Essentials. It's a gorgeous gold, and I haven't had any problem with it not lasting. It's also got great pigment.

please ignore my terrible picture-taking skillz.

I also loved the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask . I must say, I tried this and LOVED IT. Yes, it looks and smells like canned pumpkin puree, but my skin is visibly brighter. I've never used a mask and actually noticed any difference, so I'm excited to keep using it (you're only supposed to use it once every 2 weeks), and I might just buy a full size bottle when my sample runs out.

And the last thing I'm gonna talk about is the Urban Decay lipstick. I mentioned before that it's BRIGHT RED. And I look, frankly, like white trash with any color on my lips. So this is what it looks like with nothing to tone it down...don't judge...

And on the right is it with a nude lipgloss from Bare Essentials, which I love.

It actually doesn't look terrible with nothing over it. But I'm just more comfortable right now with the nude gloss over it to tone it down a notch :) But at the end of the day, it's Urban Decay, and it's awesome, and I will get use out of it.

And in other news, I've decided I'm going to get an MBA!!! Random? Yes. But I'm super pumped. I've been doing tons of research and am going to take the GMAT in October (goal, at least). Hopefully I can apply to online programs and start in the spring or summer semesters. I know it's going to be a ton of work, but I just feel so stir-crazy right now, and I know having an MBA could catapult my career in the long-run. Plus, now is probably the most opportune time for me to do it. I don't have a husband or kids, and my full-time job doesn't take up any of my time when I'm not at work. It's very low-stress, so I might as well add some stress, right???

That book will be the death of me by the end, I'm sure. So far, though, I actually like having something to read/study. I know, I'm losing my mind.

OK. I'll stop overloading you with a hodgepodge of nothingness. Happy hump day, fools!


  1. You will love 30 Day Shred. Or at least I did! Any work out that good that is done in 30 minutes is a win for me.

  2. I think I'm going to do the diet bet too...

    The blankie is so cute! How did you make it?? I vote tutorial :)

    Yay going back to school, that is so awesome!!!


    1. It's super easy---it's no-sew! I'm thinking of making another one because I saw one of the local stores has a Realtree fleece fabric and I want a camo blanket haha. So if I do, I'll do a tutorial. Supa easy.