Friday, August 16, 2013

Oh, happy day!


Let's get down to business, shall we?

1. I finished and published my 25 by 25 bucket list:

2. I started completing one of my items on the bucket list this week, watching Gone With the Wind.

I must say...I thoroughly enjoyed it. I got to the intermission and will finish the rest of it probably on Sunday night. (With Chris being here for 3 weeks everything is kind of hard to plan). I LOVE historical movies, especially ones about American history. Especially when they take place in the south. I did, however, have to have a wikipedia page pulled up to read along because I had a hard time understanding what some of them were saying. They talked funny back in the 30s. My stepmom says I need to read the book, though. Have any of y'all read the book???

3. My Ipsy Bag came in the mail yesterday!!!!

It contains:
-URBAN DECAY LIPSTICK!!!!!! Downside is, it's bright red. I have very thin lips and a fat face so I feel like I just look like complete white trash when I wear lipstick with any pigment to it. But I'm going to try it. Standby for what that looks like haha.
-SMASHBOX FOUNDATION PRIMER!!!!!! I've never used foundation primer, but I'm intrigued. And generally anything with the word "smashbox" in it's name is wonderful.
-Pixie lash-booster mascara. I've recently become very obsessed with Yes, They're Real from Benefit, so I probably won't love this. But it's a good travel-sized mascara, nontheless.
-Michael Todd Pumpkin Face Mask. Gonna be honest. It looks and smells like pumpkin paste, in a can, that you use to make pumpkin pie. But I don't hate that, so I'll definitely be trying it tomorrow morning.
-MICA bronze shimmer eyeshadow powder. Definitely looks and sounds like a MAC knockoff, but the color is gorgeous. And I typically use gold/bronze/brown colors on my eyes, so it's perfect.

This is my 2nd Ipsy shipment and I'm seriously so happy I signed up. I haven't been disappointed yet.

4. This is a silly one, but it's legit. Chris is OBSESSED with Taylor Swift. I. Mean. Ob. Sessed.

He's in love with her. Thinks she's smokin' hot (which I don't understand), and will defend her "music" until he's blue in the face. Anyway. I hate her. I used to enjoy her music, really I did. But she's not a country singer anymore and it pisses me off just based on principle that she still gets labelled a country singer and they still play her motha-effin' music on the country stations!!!! Anyway. She played here last night. Of course the show was sold out. Chris contemplated getting $400 tickets on stubhub and whatnot, but decided against it in the end. So we went to dinner last night. Without thinking at all, I suggested the famous Phil's BBQ. We got to the part of town the restaurant is in and Chris goes "those people that just drove by were covered in red paint. They must be going to a game or something."

That's when it hit me. "Or they're going to t-swift's RED concert!!!"

He proceeded to freak the EFF OUT. "Omg this is where she's playing!?!" "Yes. Right next to the restaurant." "OMG we're going and scalping tickets after dinner!" "Eff my life."

Luckily I convinced him that scalping tickets or buying from stubhub is sketchy and he might get ripped off of $250 bucks, and made him think it was his idea to not go.

Yep. I dodged that bullet. THANK THE GOOD LORD IN HEAVEN.

5. Chris has a friend that lives just north east of San Diego. He and his wife have a beautiful house and pool, and they also have one of these:

We're going up there tonight and plan on playing with that all weekend. And taking another trip to Bass Pro since it's about 45 minutes from their house. Rednecks much? Yep. And proud of it.

So that's it for me! Have a wonderful weekend, fools!


  1. At least Chris is around her age! I have a co-worker that LOVES HER. He's, like 44 or something. He thinks she's pretty and classy (?). For his birthday last year, I bought a giant poster of T-Swift and put it in our conference room for everyone to view. The co-worker took it home with him, and I don't want to know anymore. If I could find one of those life-size cardboard cutouts of her, I would get it for him. I'm like you... I don't get it. Have a good weekend!

  2. Ooh this month's ipsy bag looks nice, I've been contemplating signing up and I think I'm going to! Thanks for the low down.

    I get ya on Taylor Swift.. I can't stand her either

    Sounds like you have a fun weekend ahead of you, enjoy!

    (P.S. do you have your email on your site?? I may be a dummy and overlooking it, cuz I totally don't see it. Me and some friends are going to be in San Diego on Labor Day weekend and I'd love some wine tasting recommendations!!)


    1. I don't--I have to find new social media icons so I can put it on here! It's :)

      And you should def. sign up for Ipsy. It's worth it (so far).

      btw, you should just sign up for a blogger account (you don't have to have a blog) so that way you're not a no-reply blogger! I know it's super annoying but it might be good!

  3. Nice 25 by 25 list! I'll be 25 in like 5 months and am feeling so old already! I am jealous you got the smashbox primer- I don't think I did. I also didn't get the lipstick. I got a cherry lip balm and I got a cheek stick (don't know what they are officially called but it's like blush on a stick I suppose). I am trying out my pumpkin stuff tonight as a treat for after I get done with work :)