About me

Hey y'all, I'm Nicole!

I currently am living in the town I grew up in, San Diego.

But I graduated from the University of Memphis in May, 2012

Where I was a Kappa Delta (AOT!!!)

I'm definitely a country girl

But a beach bum all the same

After graduating, I moved back home (into momma's house) and got my first big-girl job. I hated life for a while, and finally pulled on my big-girl panties and took a pay cut to get into the industry I love and now I work at a beautiful resort. Now, I'm working on moving my career forward, and can also be found on the beach, at country concerts, or wine tasting.

I'm patriotic, outgoing, and I (typically) make no apologies for who I am. I also have a pretty solid group of girlfriends here, as much as I miss my sisters (luckily a couple of them are here!)

Now I'm on what seems like a neverending struggle to get in shape once and for all, and create healthy habits that last me the rest of my life (read my first post explaining my starting point here). This is my blog, so I'll write about everything and anything I please!

I love the blogging community (for the most part) and hope some of you will stick around and make friends with me :)

Feel free to email me if you ever just feel like chattin'.


  1. U of M girl! I'm in the Memphis area (northern Mississippi)and I love finding bloggers in my area. I know you are back in Sunny CA, but it's still cool to me. I know, I'm weird! :)

    I like that you said you like to "be pretty" in your description. I like to be pretty too. ha ha!

    Glad to find a new read!

    1. Yay! I love finding people from Memphis in any way :)

  2. I live about 45 minutes from Memphis. I am actually in a wedding there this weekend...rehearsal dinner is at Flight and I can't wait! Thanks for linking with us!