Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday. Yes, I have some :)

Happy Fridayyyyy!!!!!!! Here's my five:

1. Yesterday at work I found out some WONDERFUL news. Little backstory, the current Group Rooms Coordinator is out of town for a week on vacay, and I've been working with the Reservations Supervisor to fill in for her while she's gone. This is hopefully the position I move into soon (I know a little something that I can't tell anyone and I wouldn't want to jinx anything, so I'm just praying praying praying!), and I've loved every minute of doing her job so far. It's not easy, it's stressful, and it keeps you busy. WHAT I NEED. Well, I already wrote about how my director resigned this week, which really freaked me out. But yesterday my supervisor pulled me aside to ask me if I'd be down to help out in Sales and Marketing during the next month or so, because their Director is going to be basically helping the new Director of my department until they're fully transitioned, and fall is THE season for groups and conferences at my hotel, so they're going to be swamped. I'm so excited/honored and relieved.

2. Not that this is any big deal, but it kind of is. The communication between Chris and I has had a breakthrough finally, and, as I expected, I was freaking out over nothing. This isn't going to be an easy road, but hopefully it will all be worth it one day.

3. In general, I'm just feeling better. My breathing is getting easier, and maybe that's just because I'm really looking forward to this weekend, but I woke up just feeling more hopeful about the near future.

4. I've been consistent with 30 Day Shred (Wednesday was my break day and I had sushi and wine for dinner while watching Duck Dynasty and Survivor. Judge me). It's getting easier, and I'm confident to move into level 3 at some point next week :)


I get to see this guy....

These guys...

Please play your old stuff, please.

And this sexy guy...



I'm so excited. 

And then I'm making these cookies for the San Diego Kappa Delta Alumnae Association picnic on Sunday:

It's a recipe from Skinnytaste, so these bitches better eat them, unlike the delicious fat cupcakes I made a couple months ago. Just saying. Because let's be real, you know this is them most of the time...

Me, on the other hand? I'm going to keep it real. This will be me: 

I AM, however, going to try my hardest to not drink beer at the concert. I really think I'm going to go to BevMo and buy a bottle of a Skinnygirl Cocktail. I know they're not the tastiest, but it might do the trick.

Alright, that's all for me. I'm happy to say I'm much happier today than I have been the last week or two. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thank you

Hey all!

I just wanted to say thank you to those of you that commented on my post yesterday.

Before I went to sleep, I felt ok. I felt like maybe I was being dramatic and I just needed to be a grown-up and deal with whatever stupid stuff is going on on my own. Then I had a dream that invovled me travelling--where to, I don't remember--and I was SO stressed out. I remember my mom was supposed to pick me up from some airport and take me somewhere and she was late (and I was being a total jerk to her) and eventually I woke up and when I did, I had a knot in my stomach that hasn't gone away. Every other thing that's getting to me lately was on my mind. I'm even stressed out in my dreams, people! What. The. Hell.

I've mentioned many times I am a control freak. Especially with schedules and planning things. So it's not surprising that I would have a random dream about something like travelling and being late and all that. But this weekend, as I mentioned, is a concert. First of all, I'm always a stressball at concerts at this particular venue because, well, everyone and their mother clogs up the cell phone lines. Literally, your phone will not work there for the majority of the concert--it usually starts around 5 and randomly they'll start working again toward the end of the concert (I'm assuming because lots of batteries have died in trying to use them) and then again when the concert ends and everyone's trying to get out and find people. I HATE IT. I've lost people before and not found them until way later on in the night, by the grace of God. It just unnerves me. And if Chris is still being a butthead, I know I'll be checking my phone constantly to see if he's called or texted (even though the phones won't be working). So. I've decided on Saturday I'm just going to leave my phone in the car and not leave my friend's side that I'm going with. I'll either be a complete nutjob without it, or it will be freeing. But it can't hurt to try, I guess.

I'm also going to try to make an appointment to go see my doctor and see about getting prescribed something to help this apparent anxiety. The last thing I want is to have a panic attack the weekend of my birthday, or, ya know, in general, ever. So I guess I should take care of it.

Anyway, sorry this was another boring post with no pictures. But I truly appreciate the comments yesterday. Talking to people who deal with this is enlightening.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My current anxieties.

Well it's Wednesday which means it's time to weigh in...

Weigh In Wedneday

Good news! I'm down two pounds from last week, 3 pounds total since I started 30DS. So I'm slowly chipping away (again) at the weight I've already lost (twice) in the last year. Please, God, let this be the real time.

So I've been pretty consistent with 30 Day Shred. My endurance is improving and I can feel myself getting stronger. I'm even trying to not do the modified moves as often as possible. I'm not seeing the scale results I want, but hopefully by the time I'm done I will. I've been making pretty smart choices with food, with the exception of this weekend (alcohol binge on Saturday followed by carbs carbs carbs on Sunday to ease my hangover). 

I find it strange that even though I'm doing well with my diet and exercise, I'm in such a funk in every other way. In the past, when I've been eating well and working out, I feel better about everything. But for some reason something is just wrong. I have a knot in my stomach more often than not and I constantly feel on the verge of tears. I'm stressed about money, and my director (who hired me) told me he resigned yesterday and is moving on to bigger and better things. Which is good for him. But I have a very unsettling feeling about him leaving in regards to me. I feel like he was on my side in this position being a career move for me, and whoever comes in to replace him is just going to look at me as another reservations agent. I NEED to have moved up by the end of the year or early next year. It's just the honest truth. And without him here I'm nervous about the chances of that happening. 

Chris is also being a general butthead. I've talked about this enough already, so I won't talk about it anymore. But it's not helping this feeling I'm having of just uneasiness all the time. 

I'm also having breathing problems the last couple of days. I thought it was just because it's super stuffy in my office, but at home I'm feeling it too. I just can't take a deep enough breath. And during a crazy dream I was having last night I felt like I was being suffocated, to the point I woke up. This happened once before (when Chris was here) but I wasn't feeling breathing problems during the day. Is this related to anxiety I may be having?? I don't know. I've always been very suck-it-up and get-over-it when it comes to things like stress, anxiety, and even depression. But maybe this is a real thing. 

I just don't know. I feel like, for the most part, I'm just at my wits end with a lot of things, and if one bad thing happens in the next, ohhhhh, month, I'm going to lose it. 

Sorry to be such a debbie downer. But if anyone has any words of wisdom, they'd be greatly appreciated right about now. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

New hair and a rude awakening.

Happpppy Monday fools! Hope y'all had a fab weekend. I spent Friday evening doing 30DS, and eating Chipotle and watching a movie with my best friend. Saturday, I got my hair did.......

As you can see, I got my bangs cut and she cut off the dead ends and added some layers to the back, but the length really didn't get changed much. And I went a little brighter/lighter and more blended. Next time I'll probably go a little lighter again. She was hesitant to go too light and damage my hair more than it already is. Lame. Anyway, ignore the fact that I'm in a towel wrap and you can see the color a little better:

That was before my friend Cassandra (not to be confused with Cassie) and I went downtown on Saturday. When Chris was here, I went downtown a couple of times only on weeknights. It's been a good 2-3 months since I've actually been downtown to bar-hop and drink on a weekend, and clearly I can't keep up like I used to. I spent ALL DAY yesterday nursing a hangover. It was bad, y'all. All I wanted was fried food and carbs, but every time I stood up or made any sudden movements I got woozy. I'm so old. BTW, I'm turning 23 in a week and a half. AH!!!!!!!!!! When did this happen?!?! Anyway, Cassandra and I had fun in the moment.

Effing photobomber.

So that was my weekend. Nothing too crazy. But I'm SO excited for this coming weekend!!!! Wanna know why???

HECK YES! I'm sooooo excited. He's someone I've never seen before and ALWAYS WANTED TO. Plus, Little Big Town used to have some great music so I'm semi-excited to see them, and Dustin Lynch is wonderful. Still contemplating my outfit. Decisions, decisions.

And then Sunday is a picnic with the San Diego Kappa Delta Alumnae Association, so I'm looking forward to that as well. (I'm going to try to not be hungover like yesterday).

Anyway. That's it for me. Everyone have a great week :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

"I want you to feel like you're going to die."

Hey fools. Sorry I've been so spotty posting lately still. I don't have much to say today either, to be honest. But, it really grinds my gears when bloggers go MIA for days at a time but are clearly still active on other social media outlets (I'm sure we can all think of a few) and we all know it's probably just for attention. Well, even though this blogs pretty teeny, I didn't want anyone to think that was the case with me.

I did Level 2 on 30DS on Wednesday and it was HARD. I loved when Jillian Michaels actually said "I want you to feel like you're going to die." IT'S WORKING, B$*&%!!!

Wednesday was also my supervisor's birthday which of course meant tons of sweet treats. My manager also bought us Chinese food from across the street. I was good in choosing brown rice but I also had sweet and sour chicken, which was not so good of a choice. I also had some cake, chips and guacamole, and a sprite. And there were leftovers yesterday. So clearly I haven't made a whole lotta ground as far as self-control goes.

I've also been in a funk since I got back from Colorado. I've mentioned before how I'm a control freak and I want to know exactly what's going on at all times. Well, Chris is definitely not an easy one to 'control.' I've seen him casually leave his phone at home while he leaves the house for an entire day, and it not phase him one bit. And the only times I really got to talk to him in-depth since he's been home has been when he's really not doing much of anything else. So naturally, since one of his best friends is visiting him this week who he hasn't seen in a year, I've hardly heard from him, other than when I text him. I know in my heart it doesn't mean anything, but it still gets to me. It literally grates away at me. And the truth is I don't have a whole lot to say to him either, so what's the point in trying to have a conversation, but I just want to talk to him, dammit! I guess it can be spun to be a good thing though that I've talked to his mom more than him the whole time he's been back there (with the exception of my visit).

See, this is why I didn't want to post today. It wound up being a jumbled mess of me rambling.

Oh well. In other news, because I went to Colorado last weekend I didn't get my hair done. So tomorrow's the big day. I'm STILL undecided. Why!?!?!?! OK, here's the pros of going blonder: It's actually easier for me to maintain. My natural color is a very light brown or a dark blonde, depending on the opinion of who's doing it. So whenever I've gone dark in the past it fades super fast (partially because I tan and don't cover it up with a shower cap, partially because I'm in the sun all the time). I also get lots of compliments on it when it's blonde. The big con is that, well, I have to maintain my tan. Which I haven't been very dilligent at here lately.

Which brings me to the big pro of going darker: I can get white and not look totally washed out haha. It would also be a nice change from what I've had the majority of the last year. The downside is, like I said, it's always faded very quickly and it would be probably more expensive upkeep than going lighter.

Also, I'm still undecided on bangs or not. Go here to my original post and please tell me what you think!!! The feedback I've gotten so far has literally been split down the middle.

If you need a refresher of the options, here you go:

I'm mainly leaning toward the bottom two colors here, although platinum might be fun lol.

I'm leaning actually toward the upper-left, kind of a reddish-brown.

Decisions, decisions.

Anyway. Sorry for the random post. Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Peace out, playaz.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

How I survived a flood...

Hey fools! Sorry for the late post. I didn't come to work until noon today, and this is where I generaly write my blog posts. Anyway. I was a terrible blogger and didn't take hardly any pictures this weekend in Colorado. But that just means I was too busy having fun. I did, however, almost get swept away in a flash flood. I'll get to that in a second.

I got to Colorado late Friday night, and Chris and I stopped at McDonalds (I was hungry) and went to his house and went straight to sleep. We woke up bright and early on Saturday, went into town to visit one of his buddies and on the way I snapped this picture:

Yes, Chris drives a bright orange truck.

It was a gorgeous day out on the Eastern plains. I absolutely love where his parents live. Then we went back to his parents' house to pick them up and go to the new Cabela's in Aurora. We took his parents' car, which is a RAV4. Small SUV, but it has 4 wheel drive. This will be important in a few minutes, trust me. So first we stopped at the new property his parents just bought and will start building a new home on soon. It's actually in the town of Byers, not 30 miles out off a dirt road, which will be nice for them and their commute. We got out of the car to start walking the big property, and Chris somehow got fireants all up his pants. He ripped them off and we smacked them off of him, right as the neighbors pulled into their driveway :) what a great first impression, huh?!

So then we went to get lunch, and as we were driving toward Aurora, I saw a dark sky not far off in the distance, and lightning. But I lived in Memphis for 3 years so I can handle a thunderstorm every now and then. Well, by the time we got to the restaurant, it was extremely dark outside and very windy. Tornado sirens went off and I got a little worried, but they went off after about 10 minutes and rain started falling. As far as I know, that's a good sign the tornado is gone, which it was. But what I wasn't expecting was pea-sized HAIL to start pouring out of the sky as soon as we got into the car. Y'all, I've never seen hail bigger than a sliver of ice that melts as soon as it hits the ground. This was terrifying for me. It was SO LOUD and I'm not exaggerating when I say that within 5-10 minutes, the road we were on already had at least 5 inches of water flooding it. We got under an overpass where people were pulling up onto the side underneath it, and probably wound up getting stuck there, and then we found a medical center or something with a carport that we pulled under while trying to get a hold of Chris's brother, who was home, to warn him this storm might be coming that way. Once we got a hold of him, Chris and his dad (in the front seat) chose to try to get out of Aurora despite the rising flood, which was covered in a layer of hail. I was FREAKING OUT. Literally, crying with my head between my legs. I saw a car that was completely covered up to its roof in water. It was serious. A part of the road we were on had been washed away. Luckily the car we were in had 4WD, and Chris's dad got us out of it and on our way back to their house. I did take these two pictures in all the chaos, but it definitely wasn't the worst of it:

I'm so sad for the people who weren't as lucky as we were to make it out unscathed. Without even a hint of hail damage. So many people are still unaccounted for from the flooding that hit different parts of Colorado the last week, and it's just so sad.

But anyway. I needed a glass (or bottle...or two bottles) of wine after that fiasco, so we stopped at the liquor store and I got these, which I drank when we got home:

Judge me for drinking cheap sweet wine. I wanted something Chris's non-wino mom would drink with me. I succeeded! I'll be turning her into a wino soon.

Sunday, Chris and I actually did go to Cabella's, and then to Bass Pro, where we picked up some country folk things. Then I cooked dinner (pork tenderloin and twice-baked potatoes) for the fam, and we just chilled for the rest of the night.

Yesterday I came home, after a major mishap at the airport I won't get into. I had such a good weekend. It of course went by way too fast and now I'm sad to be home, but I'll see him again soon (probably in about a month).

No, we didn't do 30 Day Shred like we said we would. We really didn't do anything we said we would this weekend. But oh well. I did it this morning before work and feel ready to move up to level 2 tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Hope y'all had a fab weekend as well, and keep the victims of the flooding in Colorado and the shooting in D.C. in your prayers. I almost feel fuilty for having had such a good weekend in the midst of all this tragedy.

Have a safe and happy Tuesday.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Yesterday was a cluster.

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday as promised. I lost a pound in the last week, in case you were interested.

The reason for my absense was this:

I awoke yesterday morning to a flat tire on my car. Let me give you some back story though...back in February, I woke up with a flat tire. Luckily I had a brand new, full-sized spare tire (all my tires were brand new when I bought the car last July, including the spare. It was full-sized because I drive a big SUV). AAA took the flat off and we found a sharp metal object I had run over that caused the flat. I drove to Firestone and dropped the tire off. They patched it, but said it had some sidewall damage from me driving on the flat out of my driveway before I realized it was flat. So their suggestion was to leave the spare on and make the patched tire the new spare. Following???

So yesterday when AAA came out, I told him I had a full-sized spare and I wanted him to just switch the tires again. He insisted on seeing if the tire would hold air, so he filled it up anyway and miraculously, it did hold air fine. The sensor even turned off in the car. At this point I was already late for work, but I stopped at Firestone on my way to have them look at the tire and patch whatever hole there was in it. I waited for about 45 minutes, for them to tell me it's non-repairable. Somehow, I had a teeny (we're talking maybe 1/16th of an inch) slice in the sidewall of the tire, which they therefor cannot fix. I was PISSED. And even MORE pissed when they told me the cost of ONE tire in the size I needed--which is huge--would be $250.00. Are they insane!??! I called Chris, who talked to the tech, and Chris told them to put my spare on for me and send me on my merry way with the tire they couldn't fix. I went to work (2 hours late), crying on the phone with my mom trying to figure out how I was going to afford a new tire. Then, Chris calls and tells me to head straight to Discount Tires after work, because they have a tire waiting for me, that he paid for. Yes...he's a wonderful guy. I cried even more. But then I went to Discount Tires and of course got there at 5:30 with the rest of the last-minute-before-closing-time people and didn't get to leave until 6:30. The good news was, though, that they looked at the tire that I had punctured back in February, which was the new spare, and didn't find any reason it shouldn't be driveable. Firestone is a bunch of idiots, is basically what they're saying. So luckily I now have 4 tires (all with different treads) and a good spare. But...It was a lonnnnnnnnnnng day.

BUT..........................I'm going to Colorado tonight :)

Let me back up another day, to Wednesday. I was at work when Chris sent me a text about something random. I asked him what his weekend plans were, and he said hunting. I asked him when he was going to go visit his friends in Nebraska and he said "well I was going to go this weekend but decided not to. So if you wanna come out and go hunting this weekend, you can :)". About an hour later I had plane tickets bought (which added to my stress when the NEXT DAY I get a $250 flat tire). So now I'm at work, checking my flight status every 5 minutes because of the damn rain and flooding in Colorado right now. Luckily the flooding is far from the airport, but last night my same flight was delayed about 3 hours. It's the last flight of the night to Denver on Southwest, so if the other flights before it start getting backed up, I'm screwed. And it's Friday the 13th which makes me even more nervous. I'm a horrible flyer. So wish me luck.

Anyway. Sorry for the sob story that has a hopefully happy ending. If you read all that, congrats. If you didn't I don't blame you. Have a great weekend! I'll be back on Tuesday :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weighing in, finishing the sentence, and remembering 9/11

Hey fools! So I'm an idiot and forgot to weigh myself this morning. I had every intention to. But the scale is now in my mom's bathroom and, well, I'm an airhead and if something isn't right in front of me, I'll forget about it. I sowwy. But since I MEANT to weigh myself and participate in Weigh-In Wednesday..I'm linking up anyway :)
Weigh In Wedneday

I've been doing well with 30 Day Shred. I'm really liking it a lot, even though in the moment I hate it. I also haven't had beer in 2 weeks and I'm keeping it that way until I'm done with the program. It's just so bad for your stomach fat. Wine, on the other hand, isn't so bad lol. Don't judge me.

Also, something kind of helping me stay motivated is that Chris and his mom decided to buy the DVD and are doing it while he's home in Colorado on leave, together. Isn't that adorable?? He's a momma's boy. And he needs to get back in shape for his new duty station. So we have a bet to see who can lose the most inches off their belly. My money's on Chris's mom. But if I win he says he'll take me to a nice romantic "fancy" dinner. Which in Redneck-speak means Red Lobster or something. Oh well.

So tomorrow I will weigh myself before I head to work. Lord, please tell me I've lost some weight since last week.

Moving on, it's another round of Finish-The-Sentence, with Holly and Jake!

My happy place...Is on the beach laying in the sun with a cold drink in my hand, and country music playing. Yep. See? I'm not that high-maintenance.

Whatever happened to...Blockbusters? I really miss being able to think of a movie I want to watch, and go get it. I'm an instant-satisfaction kinda girl. Netflix just doesn't do it for me. And Redbox, would it kill you to do a little market research? Why are there Barbie Princess DVDs in a Redbox on a college campus? Or on a military base?? Why???

So what if I...I go off on rants often? It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to :)

E! needs a reality show about...Ummm how about real, hard-working people for once, E?!?!? Ugh. I can't stand any of the garbage that channel plays, from the Kardashians to E "News". Notice how I put news in quotations because it's NOT NEWS. How about reporting something of subtance for once? Instead of where Reese Witherspoon went grocery shopping and someone from One Direction walks their dog? My God, people. Get a life. Sorry, end rant.

My go-to fast food meal is...In and Out. One of the perks of living in So-Cal I guess :)

Cheeseburger with Animal-Style Fries. GET IN MY BELLY.

You might not know that I...have a legitimite fear of the ocean and while I love being at the beach and on a boat, looking AT the ocean, I generally will not go in. Even if it's just to dip my feet in.

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is...Phillip Rivers. Duh.

I mean, hello.

I even think he's hot when he's pitching a hissy fit. Can you blame him, he's a Charger after all.

btw, I love my team but holy shit that game on Monday was terrible. I sure hope this isn't the way the rest of the season will be...AGAIN. Oh, the life of a San Diego sports fan.

If I could....snap my fingers and lose this weight without lifting a finger, I totally would. Screw hard work and changing your lifestyle.

Me too, Kathy, me too.

My personality is awesome tell me?

Twerking is...Stupid as shit. Sorry I'm not sorry.

I think it's super gross when...People twerk.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus....I don't think anyone needs to tell Miley Cyrus anything. On the other hand, someone does need to give the entire world a newsflash that 1) She's an adult and can do whatever the hell she wants 2) It's completely insane that anyone was offended considering when she was A MINOR she danced on a stripper pole at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS and posed NAKED in Vanity Fair (with her dad there on both occasions!), 3) Saying her ass is flat and that she needs to do squats is horrible, and 4) There are far more important things going on in the world than some child star losing her mind, for example, the fact that our government was contemplating starting World War 3 at the same time Miley got a little inappropriate at the VMAs (and since when are the VMAs some upstanding moral platform for good????????). Sorry, there I go on my soapbox agan.

Now, in all seriousness, it is obviousl September 11th. Today is the 12-year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. I started crying on my way to work this morning hearing the DJs talk about it and interviewing a local who happened to be vacationing in New York that day, a few blocks from the towers. Then of course they've been playing the many country songs written in response to 9/11, and I couldn't take it anymore. I hope everyone says a prayer today for the families who lost loved ones that day and have lost loved ones over the last 12 years as a result of that day. I'm proud of my military family members and friends who have sacrificed so much of their lives to fight those horrible people who did that to us, but I want them home. I pray all this crap that's been happening around the world magically stops. I know that will never happen, but it's ok to dream, right??

Anyway, that's all I got for today. Have a great Wednesday, and never forget why this day is so important!

From me.

Friday, September 6, 2013

30 Day Shred in a sauna...and give me some hair advice.

Happy Friday!!!

I'm going to recycle this pic from IG in case you don't follow me (which, btw, why the heck wouldn't you? Just kidding). Anyway. Here you go:

Yes, it was 90 degrees INSIDE yesterday when I got home from work, and I still did 30 Day Shred. It sucked. It was like I was in a sauna. The dogs kept licking me. And I'm pretty sure I dripped sweat all over the floor. But I'm now proud of myself. Let's hope I can keep this up.

Moving on. I need to get my hair done and I need your help. Go blonder? Or go brown? Chris says blonde, friends say brown. So to help you help me, I found this cool makeover tool on Instyle's website that actually works.

Here I am with blonder hair.......

Ashley Olson, Taylor Momsen, Nicole Richie, Kate Hudson, thanks girls.

And here's some darker browns:

And these hairs belong to Tina Fey, Alexa Chung, Marisa Tomei, and Victoria Justice

So help a sista out!

Btw, can you now see why I can't decide whether or not to keep bangs or not??? I love the way I look with them, they just bug the effing shit out of me. And I can pull off a butt part, I just am a chicken shit.

Sorry for the profanities.

Anyhoo. I hope y'all have a fab weekend. I plan on going wine tasting today after work (duh.) because one of my sorority sisters from Memphis is in town!!! She and her husband came out to run the Disneyland half-marathon (yeah, they're athletic like that) and they swung down here to visit too :) I can't wait to see her!!! And then tomorrow I plan on laying in the sun and working on my tan (after I do some 30DS of course).

Love y'all!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

My 30 Day Shred starting point

As I told y'all yesterday, I finally did my first day on 30 Day Shred on Tuesday. It was HARD. Our AC is out in our house so the ceiling fan was all I had to keep cool, so I definitely felt like I was going to faint at one point and had to pause and stick my face in the fridge for a few seconds. I also will admit I half-assed a couple of the moves. But rest assured, I must have done something right because yesterday I literally could. not. move. Every muscle in my body hurt. I haven't hurt like that long as I can remember. Damn Jillian.

And I was insistent upon doing it again when I got home despite the pain, but when I arrived at my house it was approximately 90 degrees inside. With the fan on. With humidity (which might be no big deal to you folks that live in the rest of the country, but here in San Diego humidity is unheard of). So I decided to make myself a chicken caesar salad for dinner and call it a day. Today I'll do it when I get home because my muscles don't hurt as bad (even though I might do it in the nude).

Anyway. Here are my official starting stats:

Arms: 13 1/4"
Thighs: 26"
Hips: 43"
Waist: 36"
***I didn't bother measuring my bust because, well, I don't care if those shrink or not. So there.

And now for some official "before" pics...don't judge me....and remember, it's fucking hot in my house with 0 air circulation, hence the sweat.

Eek. No rolls in the standing position just yet, but I'll definitely get there if I don't get a grip on this soon. I'm currently at size 12 (tight) and large, and 5'8".

I want to try to do 30DS 4 days a week, and go to the gym 1-2 days a week (I am, after all, paying for it). This week I've done it once, and I'll do it today and Saturday and Sunday. Then take a day at the gym on Monday, and get back at it on Tuesday. Hopefully I'll be able to move up into level 2 by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week!

If any of you have done 30 Day Shred before, what was it like for you in the beginning? Were you as out of shape as me??? God, help me.

Because I got through one day and haven't thrown the DVD in the trash can, I'm calling this a NSV too.

I'll leave you all with this:

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Weigh-in / So-what Wednesday

Hey fools. Happy Hump Day. My schedule's super thrown off because I worked all last week, and on Saturday, and on Monday. I had yesterday off. So today's kind of like my Monday? But I'll have Saturday and Sunday off and be back to Monday-Friday next week. So I'm all out of whack.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend. Like I said, I worked on Saturday, until like 9 o'clock. So I only really 'celebrated' on Sunday. We went to the beach with one of my best friends to where my Aunt and Uncle were camping. It was a gorgeous day, and we drank lots of wine.

So now I'm combining so-what-Wednesday and weigh-in-Wednesday.

Weigh In Wedneday

I posted last week that I had gained 5 pounds while Chris was here. Well, yesterday I weighed myself (but in the middle of the day which I know is a no-no for accuracy) and it was 5 pounds higher. I know it's probably innacurate because of water-weight that comes on throughout the day and goes away, and because I started my period so I'm like bloat city right now, but it was still very disheartening. BUT my mom's friend who hasn't seen me since before I started losing weight to begin with said I looked skinny yesterday. So I guess it's really only noticeable to me that I've fallen off the wagon and become a fat fatty again. Win?

Side note: One of my best friends I've known since middle school has always been heavier than me. She's also about 3 inches taller than me (like 6 feet tall). She's been heavy her whole life as far as I know, and at the beginning of the summer her boyfriend moved away for a few months for a job. She got all sad and stopped eating, and lost like 5 pounds. She basically used it as a starting point to keep losing weight and has been working out and dieting. She's lost like THIRTY POUNDS. WTF. SHE'S BEATING ME AND SHE'S BEEN DOING THIS FOR A FRACTION OF THE TIME I HAVE. Now I am aware that she has a lot more less to lose than I do, and it's kind of like on Biggest Loser when those very obese people drop 10 pounds in a week like it's no big deal, because their bodies are shocked and whatever else it the reasoning behind that. But she drinks beer (and I'm talking heavy microbrewery beer) all the time and doesn't necessarily have a great diet, so I just don't get it. It's disheartening to me even more. I know I sound like a horrible best friend. Sorry. I'm happy for her. But I just wish I had 1) the motivation she does and 2) whatever magic metabolism she apparently has all of a sudden that she's never had before.

Moving on. I started 30 Day Shred Yesterday. In my un-air-conditioned house which was about 85 degrees. I only thought I was going to pass out once, and only half-asses a couple times, but HOLY EFFIGN SHIT MY WHOLE BODY HURTS. LIKE EVERY MUSCLE IN MY BODY. Eff!

Which brings me to So-what-Wednesday!

So what if every muscle in my body feels like it's been put through a meat-grinder? I'm going to do 30DS again when I get home from work today.

So what if I'm going to put myself another $30-50 grand in debt by getting an MBA? I'm doing it anyway.

So what if summer's over? Newsflash people, I live in San Diego and it's still 85 and sunny every day. It better stay summer all year long here!!!

So what if the GMAT makes absolutely no sense and is completely irrelvant to business skills? I have to take it anyway and score well on it.

Straight from the Princeton Review's Guide to Cracking the GMAT, folks...

So what if my job gets boring sometimes and I have to sit in an hour of traffic each way to get here? I get nice things like free Chanel lipstick (full-sized samples) from fancy shmancy guests.

And what if Winnie got a haircut that's shorter than I wanted yesterday? She's still the cutest and sweetest puppy ever and now she can breathe in this 85 degree heat :)

Alright. That's all I got. Sorry there's no official before pics for 30DS. I went to take them last night (got all prettied up and everything) and realized my mom took my camera with her to a concert. So, stay tuned. Tomorrow will be the official post. Promise.