Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Weighing in, finishing the sentence, and remembering 9/11

Hey fools! So I'm an idiot and forgot to weigh myself this morning. I had every intention to. But the scale is now in my mom's bathroom and, well, I'm an airhead and if something isn't right in front of me, I'll forget about it. I sowwy. But since I MEANT to weigh myself and participate in Weigh-In Wednesday..I'm linking up anyway :)
Weigh In Wedneday

I've been doing well with 30 Day Shred. I'm really liking it a lot, even though in the moment I hate it. I also haven't had beer in 2 weeks and I'm keeping it that way until I'm done with the program. It's just so bad for your stomach fat. Wine, on the other hand, isn't so bad lol. Don't judge me.

Also, something kind of helping me stay motivated is that Chris and his mom decided to buy the DVD and are doing it while he's home in Colorado on leave, together. Isn't that adorable?? He's a momma's boy. And he needs to get back in shape for his new duty station. So we have a bet to see who can lose the most inches off their belly. My money's on Chris's mom. But if I win he says he'll take me to a nice romantic "fancy" dinner. Which in Redneck-speak means Red Lobster or something. Oh well.

So tomorrow I will weigh myself before I head to work. Lord, please tell me I've lost some weight since last week.

Moving on, it's another round of Finish-The-Sentence, with Holly and Jake!

My happy place...Is on the beach laying in the sun with a cold drink in my hand, and country music playing. Yep. See? I'm not that high-maintenance.

Whatever happened to...Blockbusters? I really miss being able to think of a movie I want to watch, and go get it. I'm an instant-satisfaction kinda girl. Netflix just doesn't do it for me. And Redbox, would it kill you to do a little market research? Why are there Barbie Princess DVDs in a Redbox on a college campus? Or on a military base?? Why???

So what if I...I go off on rants often? It's my blog and I'll rant if I want to :)

E! needs a reality show about...Ummm how about real, hard-working people for once, E?!?!? Ugh. I can't stand any of the garbage that channel plays, from the Kardashians to E "News". Notice how I put news in quotations because it's NOT NEWS. How about reporting something of subtance for once? Instead of where Reese Witherspoon went grocery shopping and someone from One Direction walks their dog? My God, people. Get a life. Sorry, end rant.

My go-to fast food meal is...In and Out. One of the perks of living in So-Cal I guess :)

Cheeseburger with Animal-Style Fries. GET IN MY BELLY.

You might not know that I...have a legitimite fear of the ocean and while I love being at the beach and on a boat, looking AT the ocean, I generally will not go in. Even if it's just to dip my feet in.

The hottest quarterback in the NFL is...Phillip Rivers. Duh.

I mean, hello.

I even think he's hot when he's pitching a hissy fit. Can you blame him, he's a Charger after all.

btw, I love my team but holy shit that game on Monday was terrible. I sure hope this isn't the way the rest of the season will be...AGAIN. Oh, the life of a San Diego sports fan.

If I could....snap my fingers and lose this weight without lifting a finger, I totally would. Screw hard work and changing your lifestyle.

Me too, Kathy, me too.

My personality is awesome tell me?

Twerking is...Stupid as shit. Sorry I'm not sorry.

I think it's super gross when...People twerk.

Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus....I don't think anyone needs to tell Miley Cyrus anything. On the other hand, someone does need to give the entire world a newsflash that 1) She's an adult and can do whatever the hell she wants 2) It's completely insane that anyone was offended considering when she was A MINOR she danced on a stripper pole at the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS and posed NAKED in Vanity Fair (with her dad there on both occasions!), 3) Saying her ass is flat and that she needs to do squats is horrible, and 4) There are far more important things going on in the world than some child star losing her mind, for example, the fact that our government was contemplating starting World War 3 at the same time Miley got a little inappropriate at the VMAs (and since when are the VMAs some upstanding moral platform for good????????). Sorry, there I go on my soapbox agan.

Now, in all seriousness, it is obviousl September 11th. Today is the 12-year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center. I started crying on my way to work this morning hearing the DJs talk about it and interviewing a local who happened to be vacationing in New York that day, a few blocks from the towers. Then of course they've been playing the many country songs written in response to 9/11, and I couldn't take it anymore. I hope everyone says a prayer today for the families who lost loved ones that day and have lost loved ones over the last 12 years as a result of that day. I'm proud of my military family members and friends who have sacrificed so much of their lives to fight those horrible people who did that to us, but I want them home. I pray all this crap that's been happening around the world magically stops. I know that will never happen, but it's ok to dream, right??

Anyway, that's all I got for today. Have a great Wednesday, and never forget why this day is so important!

From me.


  1. I am so jealous that you West coast people have In and Out! I make sure to over eat there when I visit San Diego. Those animal style fries are worth not having a thigh gap LOL

  2. I honestly don't know what twerking looks like. I'm sure I've seen it but I'd have to google it to remember. I haven't been to In and Out in a really really long time. Years probably. No clue why but I keep seeing people post about it so I suppose it's time for me to go back. Stick with the 30DS. It's worth it!!

  3. 1. Those fries look amazing.

    2. I loved the gif!!

  4. Ain't nothing wrong with a fancy dinner at Red Lobster. I'll take their cheesy biscuits all day everyday and twice on Sunday. Hope you win!