Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No changes. At all.

Hey fools!!

No news on the job front.  At all. Which is highly aggravating but whatever.

Before I delve into the latest weigh-in Wednesday post ever, let menshow you my weekend:

Friday night the new friendboy (not discussing further for fear of jinxing) and I cooked dinner. I found premade polenta at Walmart and was dying to do something with it, so we made bacon cheddar polenta with cajun shrimp (basically cheesy shrimp and grits). It was SCRUMPTIOUS.

And then on Sunday, I went to a meeting with the Kappa Deltas (I'm going to be an adviser for the SDSU chapter!!!) and it was in the morning, so I brought a stuffed french toast casserole...

Yep. It was as delicious as it sounds.

I guess it goes without saying, though, that I've been eating like CRAP. I've been stuffing my face and eating when I get stressed. I have done 30 Day Shred the last few days, and I've actually found myself wanting to get a gym membership again....partly so I can tan. I'm pale.

I just feel AWFUL lately. Yesterday I stuffed my face at Smashburger for lunch and it tormented me all night and all morning. Try doing 30 Day Shred Level 2 with that mess. Yeah. Not fun.

Luckily I haven't gained any more since last week. I'm still up 2 pounds though, in general.

A while ago I posted about potentially going to Navy OCS if something doesn't give here soon, and I've resolved to prepare myself physically to go over the next several months, if only to get myself in great shape and form healthy eating habits again. Then, if it does come to me deciding to go for it, I'm ready. And if I find a good job without going down that route, at least I've improved myself.

I know, I've said all this before. But I don't ever remember just feeling so down on myself. I made the decision to start losing weight and attempting to get healthy simply because I knew I wasn't as good as I could have been, overall. But I never had reached a point where I could hardly stand to look at myself in the mirror. I'm at that point now. It's ironic that I'm almost 20 pounds less and a size smaller than I was when I started this blog, though.

Funny how life works, I guess.

Anyhoo. That's all I got for today. And since it's still Wednesday here in so-cal, I'm linking up for Weigh-In Wednesday.

Pretty Strong Medicine

Peace out playas. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gripes and weigh-in Wednesday, with a little help from my favorite housewives.

Hey fools! Again, I apologize for being such a terrible blogger. Things are still crazy.

A little update on my Grammy: She's been in a ton of pain recovering from her surgery, and we think maybe she underestimated how major of a surgery it was because her spirits seem to be worse than they've ever been. She's been rude to the nurses and doctors. My grandma has NEVER been that mean old lady who treats the medical professionals like garbage. She used to be a nurse! She's always been the nurses' favorite person. But after the surgery since she's been in the hospital she's been mean and aggravated. Then yesterday I went to visit her and when I walked into her room she had fallen asleep mid-bite eating breakfast. I woke her up and we chatted for a second, and I thought she seemed a little better. Really she just wasn't all drugged up on morphine so she just was a little bit more coherent. But then when I went to leave and said I was going to work, she asked where I was going to work at. I said "the hotel..." And she said "where are you working now?" And I said again, "the hotel in Del Mar." Then she asked how long I've been working there, and I said since last April. Then she said "well that's nice that I'm just now finding out." We've had probably 100 conversations about my job since I started there almost a year ago. I have no idea why she all of a sudden lost that memory, but it scared me. I just am praying she didn't have another mild stroke. And get this: The doctors are talking about discharging her!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!


I try REALLY hard to not be that person, that family member who thinks they know more than the doctors and nurses. But that is bull shit. First of all, they need to make sure she didn't have another stroke. Second of all, the nursing home she's in is full of idiots who couldn't take care of her properly before, when she was a pretty self-sufficient person other than having no use of her right leg and arm. How do you think they're going to take care of her now that shes' recovering from having her thyroid removed???

Anyway. That's my primary concern at the moment.

As far as the job goes, I'm still waiting to find out a decision on the internal and external positions I applied for. Fingers crossed.

On to weigh-in Wednesday....

Pretty Strong Medicine

I'm up 2 pounds from last week. Not a surprised since I ran today for the first time since last week also. And considering the stress I've been feeling.

Luckily today I got a mile and a half, my goal, without stopping. But it was hard. I had two breathing cramps and my right shoulder started acting up, and my teeth started hurting toward the end. I've done some research and the pain in my teeth and mouth when I run, which I can only describe as extreme pressure, must be a byproduct of my sinus issues and deviated septum. Again, another reason to get that taken care of. And another reason to keep praying I can get a better job ASAP. As far as the shoulder pain, ever since I can remember, like even back to middle school, whenever I work out I get this awful sharp pain in my trap muscle on my right arm/side of my neck. I don't know why it's only on that side and no matter how much I try to loosen up that muscle beforehand it continues to make a cracking sound every time I try to work it out. It's like a really bad kink or something. It's extremely annoying. 

If you've gotten through this giant bitchfest, I truly commend you. I would have stopped reading a long time ago. 

Bottom line: I need to be positive right now. Being a negative nancy isn't going to change anything. I just wish it were that easy. 

Pretty much.

On a different note....have y'all been watching the Biggest Loser??? I am SO HAPPY Tanya went home! She is LAZY. It's about damn time she faced a red line on her own, not on a team. Jesus. I liked Marie though. I've said this before and I'll say it again, though, as sweet as Rachel is, she's 23 years old and was a state-champion-level athlete only 5 years ago. OF COURSE she's lost the most weight the quickest!! I don't think that's fair. And maybe I'm a little jealous she's a size 6 now. But seriously. 

Who do I want to win? Chelsea. I. Love. Chelsea. And I want that outfit Tim put her in with the green skirt and denim jacket and cowgirl boots. Please and thanks. 

And David without the beard was amazing.

Anyway. I'm gonna end this post on a funny note. Because this is pretty much how I feel about life right now:


Later fools!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It was only a matter of time.

Happy Hump Day, fools!

Good news: My Grammy had an uncomplicated surgery. They're keeping her in ICU for a couple of days just to monitor her (because she had a major surgery, she was sick when they did the surgery, and she's old--why that freaks my mom out, I don't know). But she should be good to go soon :) Thank you for the prayers and well thoughts.

Now for a Weigh-in Wednesday post....

Pretty Strong Medicine

I'm back to the weight I was before the holidays. I went up a few pounds and was horrified, so thank God. But I haven't been good about working out or running at all. Part of it is because I absolutely HATE how crowded the trail I run has gotten since the new year. I mean really...I had to snap a pic on Monday:

That's just one group of people. But they have taken over. The entire trail looks like that right now. And I went early on Monday!

Yesterday I didn't run because I needed to take the morning to prepare for my interview at work, but this morning I went. I haven't had a horrible workout in a long time. Like, since I still had my gym membership and would run on the treadmill (which I hate). Normally, when I run outside, and on this trail, it takes about a half a lap around the lake (about .4 miles) to get in my groove, and then I'm good to go. This morning was different. Let me list the things that irritated me to the point I stopped after 1 lap and called it a day:

1) I got a rock in my shoe before I even started
2) I thought maybe running in the direction opposite of the one most people go would alleviate having to dodge people, because I would just stay to the very far right of the trail. WRONG. There were STILL WALKERS WHO WERE JUST MEANDERING ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE.
3) Piggy-backing off #2, the hills when I run in the direction I always do are steep and quick, then you gradually go back downhill. Well, I didn't think it would be any big deal to go the other way. Well it was. The gradual and long inclines killed me.
4) Pandora kept playing slow songs and I kept having to skip it.
5) It was DRY and breathing actually hurt.
6) It was hot. In fact it was about 10 degrees hotter than it's been, at least. I didn't think it would make a difference but I guess it makes sense since I've become a better runner in the last couple months, during which it has been a wee bit chilly by San Diego standards.
7) My boobs must be shrinking (again) because I wore my favorite Victoria's Secret bra which always does a great job holding them in, and today they were bouncing all over the place and I kept having to re-adjust so they didn't fly out and flash somebody.

Today just wasn't my day. I know it was just a bad day. But I really wish I had handled it different and just kept going, even if it meant just walking. Instead, I stopped after one lap and went straight to my car.


I just feel a little defeated today. In all honesty though, I guess it was really only a matter of time before I had another bad run, since it's been so long.

I still have multiple interviews to get through in the next couple of days (for the internal job and the other one), so I really felt like exercising would help clear my mind. I've been feeling like I'm getting the flu or something because I've been extremely tired, achy, and I keep getting the chills. So maybe that had something to do with my funk today.

Anyhoo. Hopefully things will be changing rapidly in the next few weeks, and I can adjust to those changes without sacrificing my health. Luckily, I have been eating pretty well. Lots of Greek Yogurt, ground turkey, fish, chicken, etc. Also, Special K. I love that cereal.

In other news, I finally cleaned and organized by vanity area this weekend:

Impressive, right?


OK, I hope y'all are having a great week. One of my friends posted on facebook this morning "Get the f*ck up and make Hump Day your bitch!" I LOLed.

Peace out, playas.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Prayers, please.

Hey fools. Sorry for my absense lately. Things have gotten a little cray cray.

The good stuff is: a position I have been wanting since I got to my current company (and have basicslly been groomed to take tover the last several months) has opened up. I am being looked at for it and I am hoping and praying I get an offer.

Also, another opportunity has come up at a different company so I'm also just praying that I can make  the best of both of these opportunities and that in the next few weeks I will be slightly less-broke and much more challenged at work.

The not-so-good news is that tomorrow my Grammy has a surgery to remove a growth on her thyroid. They originally thought it was on her sternum because she was havimg breathing problems, but the MRI showed that its actually on her thyroid. I'm just hoping the surgery doesn't 1) turn into a removal of her thyroid and/or 2) doesn't reveal that she has cancer.  My grammy had a stroke at the end of 2008 and has been in a nursing-type facility ever since, as she is permanently in a wheelchair now and has no mobility in her left arm and leg. I absolutely despise the joint, but my grammy refuses to leave because she has so many friemds there, if that gives you any insight into who she is. She is so strong and can find a reason to smile no matter what, and I need her to stick around for a while longer.

Please send up a quick prayer for my Grammy. You could throw me in there too that one of these jobs works out, but she's currently my top priority :)

Hpe yall are having a great week and I will be back to rgular posting once things calm down a bit.

Btw sorry for the typos, I am on my tablet and this droid keyboard sucks balls.

Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm a ginger.

Happy 2014 everybody! I can't believe it's here already. I'll turn 24 this year. WHAT!? I gotta get my shit together.

I wish I had some awesome pictures to share with you of my NYE celebration butttttttttttt we just had way too much fun and forgot to take any pictures. Oopsies. I can tell you it was a blast, though. Cassandra and I went to Double Deuce, one of my favorite places downtown, and had a great time.

On New Year's Day, my mom and I went to visit my aunt and uncle at their campsite on the beach:


In other news, my hair started turning a bluish green color in certain spots.Why, I do not know. Perhaps my hair just took the dye we used 4 weeks ago differently in those spots? There's not really anything I can think of as to why it happened in JUST those spots. But whatever. I went to a beauty supply store and the sweet ladies told me to get a semi-permanent light reddish-brown color to counteract the blue-green, and then when it fades out in about 3-4 weeks, I'll do a permanent color over it. It's too soon to use a permanent color right now. I'm thinking I MIGHT try to save up some doll-hairs and go to an actual hair-dresser to make sure those patches go away completely. Right now it just looks like I have a few darker brown patches compared to the rest of my hair. But I'm actually loving the reddish tint:

Filter used to bring out the color in the picture. 

What do you think? And if any of you have a background in hair-dressing, any clue as to the blue-green patches that just showed up? I've been using the Aveda Black Malva Conditioner every 3 washes or so, so that's a possibility I guess.

Anyhoo. I didn't go for a run on NYE morning, or any other day until today. My legs felt like jello. It was a hard run. It also could have seemed more difficult because of ALL THE FREAKING PEOPLE ON THE TRAIL!!!! I wanted to scream at someone. I mean seriously, how hard is it to stay to the right, just like when you're driving? And even if you didn't know that was just plain common courtesy, who taught these people is was polite for an entire group of 4-5 people to take up and entire trail that's used by hundreds of people for exercise!?!??

OK sorry, rant over.

Until tomorrow, probably.

I hope y'all had a wonderful New Year celebration last week, and I'll see y'all on Weigh In Wednesday!