Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Gripes and weigh-in Wednesday, with a little help from my favorite housewives.

Hey fools! Again, I apologize for being such a terrible blogger. Things are still crazy.

A little update on my Grammy: She's been in a ton of pain recovering from her surgery, and we think maybe she underestimated how major of a surgery it was because her spirits seem to be worse than they've ever been. She's been rude to the nurses and doctors. My grandma has NEVER been that mean old lady who treats the medical professionals like garbage. She used to be a nurse! She's always been the nurses' favorite person. But after the surgery since she's been in the hospital she's been mean and aggravated. Then yesterday I went to visit her and when I walked into her room she had fallen asleep mid-bite eating breakfast. I woke her up and we chatted for a second, and I thought she seemed a little better. Really she just wasn't all drugged up on morphine so she just was a little bit more coherent. But then when I went to leave and said I was going to work, she asked where I was going to work at. I said "the hotel..." And she said "where are you working now?" And I said again, "the hotel in Del Mar." Then she asked how long I've been working there, and I said since last April. Then she said "well that's nice that I'm just now finding out." We've had probably 100 conversations about my job since I started there almost a year ago. I have no idea why she all of a sudden lost that memory, but it scared me. I just am praying she didn't have another mild stroke. And get this: The doctors are talking about discharging her!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!


I try REALLY hard to not be that person, that family member who thinks they know more than the doctors and nurses. But that is bull shit. First of all, they need to make sure she didn't have another stroke. Second of all, the nursing home she's in is full of idiots who couldn't take care of her properly before, when she was a pretty self-sufficient person other than having no use of her right leg and arm. How do you think they're going to take care of her now that shes' recovering from having her thyroid removed???

Anyway. That's my primary concern at the moment.

As far as the job goes, I'm still waiting to find out a decision on the internal and external positions I applied for. Fingers crossed.

On to weigh-in Wednesday....

Pretty Strong Medicine

I'm up 2 pounds from last week. Not a surprised since I ran today for the first time since last week also. And considering the stress I've been feeling.

Luckily today I got a mile and a half, my goal, without stopping. But it was hard. I had two breathing cramps and my right shoulder started acting up, and my teeth started hurting toward the end. I've done some research and the pain in my teeth and mouth when I run, which I can only describe as extreme pressure, must be a byproduct of my sinus issues and deviated septum. Again, another reason to get that taken care of. And another reason to keep praying I can get a better job ASAP. As far as the shoulder pain, ever since I can remember, like even back to middle school, whenever I work out I get this awful sharp pain in my trap muscle on my right arm/side of my neck. I don't know why it's only on that side and no matter how much I try to loosen up that muscle beforehand it continues to make a cracking sound every time I try to work it out. It's like a really bad kink or something. It's extremely annoying. 

If you've gotten through this giant bitchfest, I truly commend you. I would have stopped reading a long time ago. 

Bottom line: I need to be positive right now. Being a negative nancy isn't going to change anything. I just wish it were that easy. 

Pretty much.

On a different note....have y'all been watching the Biggest Loser??? I am SO HAPPY Tanya went home! She is LAZY. It's about damn time she faced a red line on her own, not on a team. Jesus. I liked Marie though. I've said this before and I'll say it again, though, as sweet as Rachel is, she's 23 years old and was a state-champion-level athlete only 5 years ago. OF COURSE she's lost the most weight the quickest!! I don't think that's fair. And maybe I'm a little jealous she's a size 6 now. But seriously. 

Who do I want to win? Chelsea. I. Love. Chelsea. And I want that outfit Tim put her in with the green skirt and denim jacket and cowgirl boots. Please and thanks. 

And David without the beard was amazing.

Anyway. I'm gonna end this post on a funny note. Because this is pretty much how I feel about life right now:


Later fools!


  1. Sorry about the gain, but considering the stress you've had lately, it's totally understandable! Hope your grammy gets better soon!

  2. Hope your grandma gets better and good luck with the job. I hope you get good news on both. Does running cause weight gain? Just curious on how your body works as sometimes I wonder the same thing but I've read it's because your muscles hold onto water.