Wednesday, January 29, 2014

No changes. At all.

Hey fools!!

No news on the job front.  At all. Which is highly aggravating but whatever.

Before I delve into the latest weigh-in Wednesday post ever, let menshow you my weekend:

Friday night the new friendboy (not discussing further for fear of jinxing) and I cooked dinner. I found premade polenta at Walmart and was dying to do something with it, so we made bacon cheddar polenta with cajun shrimp (basically cheesy shrimp and grits). It was SCRUMPTIOUS.

And then on Sunday, I went to a meeting with the Kappa Deltas (I'm going to be an adviser for the SDSU chapter!!!) and it was in the morning, so I brought a stuffed french toast casserole...

Yep. It was as delicious as it sounds.

I guess it goes without saying, though, that I've been eating like CRAP. I've been stuffing my face and eating when I get stressed. I have done 30 Day Shred the last few days, and I've actually found myself wanting to get a gym membership again....partly so I can tan. I'm pale.

I just feel AWFUL lately. Yesterday I stuffed my face at Smashburger for lunch and it tormented me all night and all morning. Try doing 30 Day Shred Level 2 with that mess. Yeah. Not fun.

Luckily I haven't gained any more since last week. I'm still up 2 pounds though, in general.

A while ago I posted about potentially going to Navy OCS if something doesn't give here soon, and I've resolved to prepare myself physically to go over the next several months, if only to get myself in great shape and form healthy eating habits again. Then, if it does come to me deciding to go for it, I'm ready. And if I find a good job without going down that route, at least I've improved myself.

I know, I've said all this before. But I don't ever remember just feeling so down on myself. I made the decision to start losing weight and attempting to get healthy simply because I knew I wasn't as good as I could have been, overall. But I never had reached a point where I could hardly stand to look at myself in the mirror. I'm at that point now. It's ironic that I'm almost 20 pounds less and a size smaller than I was when I started this blog, though.

Funny how life works, I guess.

Anyhoo. That's all I got for today. And since it's still Wednesday here in so-cal, I'm linking up for Weigh-In Wednesday.

Pretty Strong Medicine

Peace out playas. 


  1. That french toast looks yummy! My weakness? French toast!

    Don't lose hope, something needs to click and you will be on fire! I went through a few month sof just feeling like I was doing nothing and going no where.

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. I agree with you totally. I lost a lot of weight, regained a bit...and felt more unhappy there than I did at my heaviest. The plus side is we keep trying, until we get where we want to be. Have a good wkend!