Friday, September 13, 2013

Yesterday was a cluster.

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday as promised. I lost a pound in the last week, in case you were interested.

The reason for my absense was this:

I awoke yesterday morning to a flat tire on my car. Let me give you some back story though...back in February, I woke up with a flat tire. Luckily I had a brand new, full-sized spare tire (all my tires were brand new when I bought the car last July, including the spare. It was full-sized because I drive a big SUV). AAA took the flat off and we found a sharp metal object I had run over that caused the flat. I drove to Firestone and dropped the tire off. They patched it, but said it had some sidewall damage from me driving on the flat out of my driveway before I realized it was flat. So their suggestion was to leave the spare on and make the patched tire the new spare. Following???

So yesterday when AAA came out, I told him I had a full-sized spare and I wanted him to just switch the tires again. He insisted on seeing if the tire would hold air, so he filled it up anyway and miraculously, it did hold air fine. The sensor even turned off in the car. At this point I was already late for work, but I stopped at Firestone on my way to have them look at the tire and patch whatever hole there was in it. I waited for about 45 minutes, for them to tell me it's non-repairable. Somehow, I had a teeny (we're talking maybe 1/16th of an inch) slice in the sidewall of the tire, which they therefor cannot fix. I was PISSED. And even MORE pissed when they told me the cost of ONE tire in the size I needed--which is huge--would be $250.00. Are they insane!??! I called Chris, who talked to the tech, and Chris told them to put my spare on for me and send me on my merry way with the tire they couldn't fix. I went to work (2 hours late), crying on the phone with my mom trying to figure out how I was going to afford a new tire. Then, Chris calls and tells me to head straight to Discount Tires after work, because they have a tire waiting for me, that he paid for. Yes...he's a wonderful guy. I cried even more. But then I went to Discount Tires and of course got there at 5:30 with the rest of the last-minute-before-closing-time people and didn't get to leave until 6:30. The good news was, though, that they looked at the tire that I had punctured back in February, which was the new spare, and didn't find any reason it shouldn't be driveable. Firestone is a bunch of idiots, is basically what they're saying. So luckily I now have 4 tires (all with different treads) and a good spare. But...It was a lonnnnnnnnnnng day.

BUT..........................I'm going to Colorado tonight :)

Let me back up another day, to Wednesday. I was at work when Chris sent me a text about something random. I asked him what his weekend plans were, and he said hunting. I asked him when he was going to go visit his friends in Nebraska and he said "well I was going to go this weekend but decided not to. So if you wanna come out and go hunting this weekend, you can :)". About an hour later I had plane tickets bought (which added to my stress when the NEXT DAY I get a $250 flat tire). So now I'm at work, checking my flight status every 5 minutes because of the damn rain and flooding in Colorado right now. Luckily the flooding is far from the airport, but last night my same flight was delayed about 3 hours. It's the last flight of the night to Denver on Southwest, so if the other flights before it start getting backed up, I'm screwed. And it's Friday the 13th which makes me even more nervous. I'm a horrible flyer. So wish me luck.

Anyway. Sorry for the sob story that has a hopefully happy ending. If you read all that, congrats. If you didn't I don't blame you. Have a great weekend! I'll be back on Tuesday :)

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  1. OMG your poor car!! All is well that ends well, but I totally sympathize. I had a tire store once try to convince me that my tires were completely rotted, and I needed a totally new set (my car is not even 4 years old...) Umm, no thanks. Have a safe trip and fabulous weekend!!