Friday, June 14, 2013

California burritos

It's Fridayyyyy hollllaaaaaaaaaaaa
 That will be me in approximately 7 hours. Efffffffffffff.

So last night I finally saw the friendboy after almost 2 weeks because he was underway again. He'll be back for a while now which I'm excited about. But he brought burritos for dinner. And I had a California Burrito. If you're unfamiliar it's because they're a San Diego thing. They're basically Carne Asade Fries in a burrito.

Oh, you don't have those where you live either? Siiiiiiigh. So the burrito has carne asade, guacamole, sour cream...and french fries. Yes, french fries. I was a fattie and ate the whole thing. And then it literally bit me in the ass all night long, and this morning. TMI? Sorry I'm not sorry, fools!

But I did get out of bed and run. I did a shorter route and it was not pretty. Let's just say my mile time yesterday was a fluke, just as I predicted. Oh well. I've pretty much accepted that this will be me this summer:

Getting out of a pool:

Some girls:


Oh well!

Also, while I'm in a meme-ish mood...I like this one too:

Life in the real world

What I thought it would be like:

What it’s actually like:

Wtf? It's so true.

So surprisingly, no wine-tasting has been planned for this weekend. Shocking, I know! Instead I'm going to a Padres game tomorrow with the friendboy and I want to go to the beach on Sunday if June Gloom hasn't taken over my days off like that bitch has been doing the last few weeks. I'm going to run too. Mark my words. And scold me on Monday if my post starts out something like this "soooooooooooo I didn't get around to running like I said I would because....." Eff that shit!

Alright. Sorry for all the profanities. I hope this work day isn't dragging on for all of you like it is for me. Probably because mine didn't start until, oh right, AN HOUR AGO. Shoot me.

Have a fab weekend everyone!


  1. I dis like you for reminding me of delish food :)

    1. Haha sorry!!! I definitely HATED going to "mexican" restaurants in Memphis. Every time someone wanted to go get "Mexican" (which was, like, at least once a week) I would bitch for 10 minutes about how I can cook better food than you can get at those restaurants haha.

  2. Oh thank God I'm not the only one who punishes myself lol. I had a crappy week so I called T on the way home and asked him to order pizza. In my mind pizza, wine and identity thief was great idea.. stomach did not agree!

    and hey, you may not have beat your time but you still did AWESOME yesterday, and managed to get your butt out the door today! I think that's a success!

    Have fun with the friendboy this weekend!


    1. Aw thank you for the encouragement, Jen! And don't you just love when your stomach revolts against you giving in to IT'S OWN CRAVINGS!??! Stupid. Not fair. At all.