Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The time I walked in on my dad...

Happy Tuesday, dudes.

Today I'm linking up with Holly and Amy for Vacation Dreaming. I love this linkup because I realllllllllly wanna vacationnnnnnnn!!!! I can't tell you how difficult it is to go to work at a 5 star resort on the beach every day and go home to a trailer park. Yup. That's my life!!! (Side note: Tonight I get to do my familiarity stay so I get to stay in the hotel [with my visiting sorority sister]  eat at the restaurant, do whatever the eff I want, and check out tomorrow. Then come to work haha. And I get a spa treatment too but we're holding off on that).

Anyway. First, I just want to tell a funny story of one vacation I went on with my dad and stepmom. First of all, it was my high school graduation present. I told my dad I wanted to go to Europe, like Greece or Italy or Spain. That then turned into a European cruise (dad's idea) so we could take in more sights. Then he realized how expensive it would be to buy plane tickets to GET to the cruise, so my trip to Spain turned into a Caribbean cruise. Not my idea at all. I also thought it was strange my dad was so gung ho about a cruise since the last cruise he and my stepmom went on he bitched the entire time about how annoying everyone was and how he had to dress up for dinner and it was too crowded and on and on and on he went. But I went with it. We got to our room (which thank God had a balcony [you know, in case I needed to jump off it]) and I realized I'd be sleeping on a teeny little mattress that FOLDED DOWN FROM THE CIELING above my dad and stepmom. Cool, guys.

My dad continued to complain the entire time, referring to all the other cruisers as "lemmings" (the little rodents that all follow each other off a cliff) who can't think for themselves and of course he complained we wouldn't let him wear his crocs to the dining room, then he offended another family at our dinner table in a drunken stupor, and THEN...this is the kicker, y'all................he sent me to get my nails done (my one and only present the entire trip) and asked how long I thought it would last. I didn't think too far into that since we had to be at dinner shortly after, and I thought he was just being a planner (wrong). I said about 45 minutes. I guess I came back 40 minutes later and the sign on the door said "please service." I swung the door open and heard my stepmom laughing hysterically and saw my dad's naked ass fly off the other side of the bed. Then he said "what's the sign on the door say?!" And I said "service please (you fucking idiot)" and that's when he realized he'd put the wrong sign on the door. I didn't speak to either of them the rest of the night.

This is the only picture I have from that trip. There are more, I just don't have them:

Try not to get blinded by my translucent legs.
So so far that's the worst vacation I've been on. Luckily my dad and stepmom redeemed themselves two summers later by renting a beach house in Charleston for a week after my sophomore year of college. It. Was. Gorgeous.

I did a lot of this...

...collected lots of sanddollars....

...and found a sea sponge! It's still on display in my dad's house.

That's some historic lighthouse. Notice how it leans. BTW, can
you tell I started tanning by this point???
 And on our way out of town we stopped to visit the Angel Oak. It's this ancient massive oak tree and it was pretty cool:
And now for some places I'd just like to go...

Monterrosso's Beach in Italy. Still never got to go to Europe.

St. Lucia

Hawaiiiiiiii!!! I wanna go so badddd!!!!
Ahhhh. Vacation.

I'll take lots of pictures for you all tonight. I really do work at a beautiful place.

On that note, I'll shut up now and start reading about everyone else's vacations!!!

Ta ta for now, friends.


  1. Have a great time tonight!

    So glad your dad was able to redeem himself with the trip to Charleston.

    Thanks so much for linking up with Holly and I today.

  2. I have a dad who wears crocs too! This is the funniest vacation story of all!

  3. That must have been traumatizing.. I love how he left the wrong sign on the door. Perfect story!

  4. I love the picture of you and the sea sponge! :)

  5. Ahhrg that's enough to scar you for life! I'm with Holly, love the pic of you with the sponge on your head! haha!


    1. Haha yes it definitely left scars!