Thursday, June 27, 2013

My size is cute

Ahhh it's almost Friday!!! Heck yesssss.

So good news, I weighed myself this morning and was down to 182. That means I'm officially back to 20 pounds lost (since January. Eff). Technically it's 21, but whatever. I'm happy. Now I just need to maitain it without any gym time this weekend. And wine tasting. And Mexican food. I'm pretty set on getting fajitas tonight when I take Caitlin out for real Mexican food, so hopefully I stick with that. And don't give in to getting fried fish tacos or something.

Anyhoo. Since I can't afford the 4th of July 5k, I've been looking into some other ones. There's a color-type-run in August here in San Diego that I have a 15% off code for thanks to a local blogger, and then in October there's a redneck 5k................yeah....check it out. That one is pricy, #1, and #2 I was already planning on a weekend girls trip to Palm Springs for my birthday that weekend. So we'll see. But it looks like so much fun! And let's face it, that's right up my alley.

Anyway. I just wanted to give everyone a little motivation from Honey Boo Boo, one of my favorite people ever.

So true.

Also....the 4TH OF JULY IS NEXT WEEK!!! It's my favorite holiday of the year!!! Time to celebrate the birth of this great nation that I love so much and be thankful for our freedom. I'm so excited!!!! I've been scouring pinterest for cheap recipes, and I found these:

They seem pretty easy. Famous last words, though. Anyway. I think I could do it. And it doesn't require a whole lot of ingredients I don't already have.

I'll definitely be going to the beach, drinking lots of white wine, and eating yummy food. Haven't exactly figured out the details, but I know it will consist of those bad boys ^^^.  What are your plans for the 4th???

Alright peeps. That's all for now!

Tomorrow's Friday!!!


  1. Those look delicious and pretty easy too.. I am hosting some friends at my apartment this year and I need easy/cheap recipes as well! Time to hit pinterest!

  2. That race.. oh my gosh, there are not even words. Too funny!

    I love 4th of July, I just started decorating this week and I'm actually sad about it- I should have started way sooner :)

    Congrats on the loss!


    1. Right?! Doesn't it look fun!? I haven't decorated at all :( one of the downsides of being broke.

    2. It does! I showed the link to T and he wanted to fly there to do it! hahah

      I feel ya girl, decorations are up- but they are sparse lol


    3. Haha that's awesome!!! Y'all should come do it!!!