Thursday, June 20, 2013

Girls go to college to get more knowledge...

Well. I'm not sure how true that statement is, but let's just assume it's accurate.

Today I'm linking up with Dara from The Southern Thing, and some other pretty ladies, for probably the funnest Throwback Thursday ever....You Know Your a 90s Kid When...!!!!

I was born October 3, 1990. So I enjoyed much of the 90s. Sometimes I wish I'd been a teen in the 90s, but sometimes I'm really thankful I didn't wear overalls and baby doll dresses and gelly shoes as a teen at the same time.


I was a Nick kid. NOT a Disney kid. I mean, I loved Disney movies, but I wasn't a Disney Channel fan until I was a tween and would watch things like Lizzie McGuire and whatnot. But that wasn't the 90s.

Back to Nickelodeon. Some of my favorite shows were

A few things:
  • I hated Ah Real Monsters and Rocco's Modern Life. They were weird and creepy. But I loved all the other shows. And really, really wanted to go play on Legends of the Hidden Temple.
  • There will never be a show like Kenan and Kel on TV ever again.
Also, remember when Amanda Bynes wasn't a complete whack-job?!
Ugh. The good ole days.

I was also obsessed with

LISA FRANK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had a denim jacket with the golden retriever puppy print on the back. Remember that one? I. Was. Obsessed.

I also collected beanie babies and was totally convinced they'd be worth millions one day. LIES.

I had, like, books and logs and birth certificates, y'all.

I was also a Backstreet Boys fan. N*Sync had nothing on them. At all.

When they made their *first* comeback in the 2000s
my best friend and I definitely convinced our moms
to take us to Vegas and go to their concert. My life
was made.
And we all had to know this was coming...

I was always Posh. You know you and your girlfriends would pretend to be them and nobody ever wanted to be Sporty and it was lucky if you had a black friend to be Scary. Well I was a princess then just like I am now so you best believe I was ALWAYS POSH. Just look at her. I knew she'd be the most successful all along. And we look just alike, don't you think???

On top of my collection of Beanie Babies, I also had an unhealthy obsession/collection of My Little Ponies, and my mom recorded My Little Pony Tales and I would watch them on repeat over and over and over again. My little pony, my little pony, my little pony taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaales!!!

And I got my first Barbie when I was 1 year old and was hooked.

I used to like to do their hair too. Like I would give them haircuts
and highlights with nail polish. They always looks so fab.
Thanks to Barbie, I also got a head start on learning to drive--and was pre-disposed to like SUVs more than cars:

I was such a boss in my Barbie jeep.
And a few of my favorite trends:

Oh, how I miss the 90s.

The one thing I was ever good at in life, by the way, was also a 90s thing: Chinese Jumprope. I ruled the playground when it came to those stupid giant rubber bands:

In, out, side, side, in, out, on!!!!!!!!!!!

Take me back!!!

Yes, yes they do.
Alright, well that trip down memory lane was fun. Little update on the now-11-day-period...I'm going to go to Planned Parenthood either this weekend or Monday to get a new, name brand pill. You can buy monthly packets for $25. But I'm thinking of seeing if they have Seasonique or Seasonale...any thoughts/opinions on the kind that allow you to have 4 periods a year??

Can't wait to read everyone else's 90s throwbacks!!!


  1. You were born in 1990?? What month? I was born 7/88 and for some reason you saying you were born in 1990 makes me feel about a million years old lol.

    We def partook in the same trends- love that you used to "highlight" barbie's hair with nail polish! Do you remember the one that you were supposed to cut her hair, and then she had velcro on the back of her neck and you could buy new hair to put on her? I always thought that was so bizarre..

    Good luck this weekend! I was on seasonique before I got my IUD and I LOVED it. It did give me a really long period at first, but after like 2 packs of it I quit having periods completely. It was AMAZING!


    1. I don't remember that Barbie but it doesn't sound as fun as just going for it yourself! Haha I had a really cool 90s hipster babysitter who would do it and I could never make mine look as awesome as hers.

      And thanks for the tips about Seasonique. I don't even know if they'll have it at planned parenthood so I guess I'll just have to be open!

  2. oh wow I loved all of those shows! Those were the good days when they had good shows on tv like Snick! lol

    1. Yes SNICK! Ahhh. I loved it so much. And living in San Diego I always wanted to go be in the audience but you had to be 13 to do it. And I'm an October baby so by the time I was 13 I was almost done with middle school and didn't watch the shows anymore. So stupid.