Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Don't tread on me. Literally.

So. I don't have a ton to say today about anything fitness or health-related. But there is one thing that I saw last night that, well, I guess the only way to describe it was that it PISSED ME THE EFF OFF. I'm gonna get on my soapbox so if you're not interested stop reading now :) :) :)

THIS CRAP RIGHT HERE is disgusting. It's disgraceful. And what's even more nauseating is the fact that anyone is defending him. It has to be a joke that people think this was some kind of accident.

Last night I was watching Bravo, my favorite channel. We all now I'm very conservative and patriotic and bla bla bla. But I love me some Bravo. Andy Cohen cracks me up. And I like watching a bunch of catty bitches fight on the Real Housewives. It's entertaining. Anyway. I was watching Watch What Happens Live and one of the guest's was Kristin Johnston (?). I put the ? there because she's a d-list actress--one of those people you know their face but have no idea who they actually are. Apparently she and Andy are buddy buddy. She was pretty funny the whole show, then Andy named Lil Wayne his Jackhole of the day (rightfully so) and this bitch had the nerve to defend him!!!! She said something along the lines of "I mean it's pretty obvious it fell as an accident and he didn't realize what he was doing until it was too late." BULL SHIT. So I gave Mr. Wayne the benefit of the doubt and looked up the lyrics to the song he was shooting a video for, God Bless Amerika. The title is already disrespectful.

Now, I don't speak gangsta as I listen to country music pretty much exclusively, but I was able to decipher some of the "lyrics"...
  • My country tis of thee, sweet land of kill em all and let em die
  • This so godless Amerika
  • Military minded lost and cant find it
The rest pretty much is all over my head, which is probably a good thing. Like "same shit different air freshener." What the eff does that mean? Anybody???

Anyway. The point is. This sorry excuse of a man (who's got 4 kids each from different mothers and has been arrested for possession of a firearm, possession of cocaine and ecstasy) is filthy rich and famous and has millions of YOUNG fans. In the video there are children standing behind him as he dances and stomps all over the American flag. It's sick. Lil Wayne, if you're so unhappy here, GET GONE. Move to Mexico or Colombia or Cuba or some 3rd world country where you can possess all those hard drugs and firearms and live the life of a warlord you seem to want. I just can't wrap my head around why this kind of crap is not only tolerated nowadays, but looked up to. He's famous for mumbling a bunch of words to a beat that generally make no sense at all. That's all he does. And he's not the only one famous for something stupid. Our culture puts "celebrities" on this pedastal and idolizes them and listens to everything they say and follows everything they do. They're not the ones working hard to make the American dream come true. They're not the ones defending freedoms. They're not the ones (typicall) even doing anything to give back to THEIR OWN COUNTRY. It really angers me when people spend thousands or even millions of dollars around the world, giving to third world countries and stimulating other economies but not doing  a damn thing about the millions of kids living under the poverty line here at home, among the thousands of other problems we need to focus on.

I know I'm disgressing from the main issue, which is the flag stomping. I'll stop now, because it's just making me angrier.

So my final thought to Lil Wayne:

Here's some funny things from my pinterest board "For one of those days" to brighten the mood:

Why yes, yes I am.

I'm also that^^^.

But this is all I really want to do.

And now some memes from my favorite show of all time:

OK, sorry for the rant and I hope you're all having a fab Tuesday!


  1. Preach, sister, preach! People like this are lucky they live in a country where they can speak against the government, let alone display such unpatriotic and offensive behavior. I'm not an easily offended person. I err on the side of libertarian most days and this just makes me sick.

    I love my country and if you live here, you should too. Hate it? Leave because there are plenty of hard-working individuals dying to get in.

    :) Have a great week

  2. Agreed!!!! It just makes me sick how many people HATE this country...THAT LIVE HERE. Ironically those are typically the ones receiving the most help from the government and they're just not appreciative of it. Like the boston marathon bombers. They came here on asylum fleeing their war-torn country, were given scholarships, welfare, and how do they pay us back? Insane.

  3. Uhg that is so disgusting, I didn't even watch the video after hearing what goes on in it. How can these people hate America so much when it's literally the only place IN THE WORLD where they could ever enjoy the success they do?! uhg, so obnoxious!