Monday, June 10, 2013

First run in almost 2 months!

Well this is going to be a monster post. But before I get into discussing my weekend (and my morning) I'll address the fact that I'm not participating in a linkup I've taken part in pretty much every week for the last few months. I really, really appreciate bloggers who, as I said in a post a few weeks ago, comment back or at least take the time to thank you for participating in their linkups. I have met some great people through that particular linkup that I'm sure will continue to swing by an encourage me as I will continue to do with them, but it's very off-putting to continually write out heartfelt comments and such and get nothing in return (when you're promoting their blog as well by participating in their linkup). The silver lining, though, is that I know as I continue to grow this blog and meet new friends, I will continue to also make a huge effort in writing back, thanking my blog friends for encouraging me, and all that other fun stuff.

Anyway, moving on.

TIM MCGRAW WAS FREAKING AMAZING. I was concerned he was going to play mostly new stuff, but he assured me in a radio interview earlier in the day that he was playing 24 TWENTY-FOUR SONGS during his set. That's a shit ton. He even played my absolute favorite song he's every recorded, Everywhere. I cried.

 Soooo Brantley Gilbert was great too (what I saw of him). Unfortunately we spent a little too much time in the parking lot doing things like taking pictures...

And drinking....

Love my new koozie that the friendboy got for me. And I'm now a
fan of limearitas. It's like a coronarita in a can (just not as fun or delicious).

Then we got inside and sat on the lawn, where a drunk ass who can't handle his alcohol fell and stepped ON MY HIP BONE in his wannabe cowboy boots.

But the concert was great other than that, and a mishap where we all lost each other for a hot minute. Oops.

The best pic I could get. We did end up sneaking into
seats like I usually do at this venue.
The next day we went to Temecula for wine-tasting. Shocker, I know. But I popped my best friends wine-tasting grape and it was such a fun day!

That's my Mandi Maxi from Kiki La'Rue. I love it.
I unfortunately was disappointed in Keyways. It's gorgeous, but the wine was nothing special. I do love the ole standby, Wilson Creek, where I got to meet the resident potbelly piggie, Molly Merlot!

Such a diva. But a sweet diva.
We also took a tour--a first for all of us. It was so fun, and led by my favorite bartender there. We had gotten a champagne mix they do where they mix their almond champagne (the only Wilson Creek drink you can buy in the grocery store because it's that good), their peach belini champagne, and their orange mimosa champagne, before we went on the tour, and then we of course tasted as we went. So we were double-fisting.

So. Much. Fun.

Group shot at Lorimar, where I think I'll be getting a wine club membership soon.

Lorimar is a great winery if you live in the area or ever visit! They have live music outside and a pizza oven, and the service is always great. Definitely a fan.

So then yesterday I did nothing other than go to get my nails done to find my nails begging for a break from my beloved shellac. So I obliged. Another amazing thing about my nail tech Olga is that she actually cares about your nails, not just making money. She insisted on giving them a 2 week break. So she gave me an amazing mani and all the fun stuff minus any polish and sent me on my way with naked nails. For the first time since September. I feel empty :(

Now onto something fitness related for once! This morning I dragged my ass out of bed and went for A RUN! Well, it was a lot of jalking, but I did some running too. It was HOT. And the entire time I was facing west the sun was beating in my face with no shades on. I actually got a little sunburned in a matter of 15 minutes or so. Here's the route I took, since nike running app wasn't working.

1.3 miles total in 18 minutes. Not great, but not terrible considering I haven't run in over a month and a half and last time I did this I did it in about 16 minutes, at night time when it was much cooler. I realized I need to lengthen my stride, though. I have LONG ASS LEGS, y'all. I'm 5'8 and I have the same length legs as my ex who was 6'4. Yeah. Let that sink in for a minute. I could totally use that to my advantage when running but I just don't extend my legs very much. Does anyone have any tips for lengthening stride??

Also, one more question. What is a good running app besides Nike+? It wouldn't pick up my location at all today.

OK OK if you've read this whole thing, props to you. I'm enjoying reading about everyone else's weekends and I hope we all have a wonderful week! Tomorrow morning's my first barre class...wish me luck!


  1. FYI -- I heard a zillion and one Tim McGraw songs on the radio over the weekend, and I thought "Nicole got to go to his concert!!" I'm glad y'all had fun there and during the wine-tastings. And yay to getting back into running! Hope your barre class is good, too.

    1. Aww thank you!! It was so much fun. I just love country concerts. And you know I'll post tomorrow how the barre class goes!!

  2. Very few men sexier than Tim McGraw. When I saw him last summer, he sang his set in a tight white v-neck. ahhmahhhgawd.

    1. Ahhhh that's his best look!!! The funny thing was I was with my girlfriends and one of their parents and their friends, and I said to one of the ladies how sexy he was (obviously) and she said he was getting old! I mean...he is I guess but I sure wouldn't turn him down haha

  3. First of all, I am JEALOUS of your weekend!! Concerts and wine tasting?? No fair ;-).

    Great job on your run! and good luck tomorrow on your class! I hope you write about it, I've been curious.


    1. Thank you! And I'll def write about it. I'm curious/nervous because I haven't ever been to a class alone before, but I'll be OK haha.

    2. Be brave! Going alone just means you can focus more/not worry about what strangers are thinkin', right?

    3. Haha true. I tend to giggle and worry more about what my friend is thinking when I go with someone. Good point!

  4. That orange dress looking amazing on you!! And I need that koozie! Great job on your run!

    1. Thank you so much! And yes, I'm obsessed with the koozie! We love to watch Duck Dynasty together (the couple that watches DD together stays together?). But then he also got me a houndstooth wine glass koozie when he was home in Alabama last week...not so sure if I'll be putting that to use anytime soon haha

  5. So glad you enjoyed the concert! It sounds like maybe I missed something in my drunken haze...I don't remember 24 songs :( whoops!

    Congrats on running! It's hard to get back into it. I've actually heard its better to keep your stride shorter (particularly when starting out) but I could be wrong. You could always go to a running store and have them check out your stride and give you tips! Try map my run for another app!

  6. Hey Nicole!! Oh your pics make me want to be back in SD - STAT! I heart Tim McGraw and was able to see him twice when I lived there! Did you go out to Cricket? The neighborhood above the Amphitheatre is where I lived! Anywhooo....I used to use Nike+ but now I use Runkeeper and I love it! Great job on the run - way to get out there!!

  7. Congrats on the run! Good for you- I am trying to get back into running and am looking around blogs for inspiration to get my own butt out haha and the concert looked like so much fun! I'm not much of a concert-goer .. the last time I went to a concert was probably 8 years ago :/ but you make it look fun!