Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5k challenge linkup!

Happpppppy happy hump day everyone! I love that even though I'm the new kid at work I've been getting the weekends off. I know it won't last so I'm enjoying it.

A few days ago I posted about how I'm pretty much completely fallen off the wagon. Sorry to say I still haven't gotten back on it. I've kind of had a distraction the last couple weeks..........which I'll write about if it becomes anything important :) but anyway, the distraction will be gone the next two weeks starting tomorrow, so I've devised a plan. And I'm sticking to it, dammit!

Tomorrow (Thursday) I get off at 230 (but I go in a 6am. AH!) so if I'm not feeling in desperate need of a nap I will go to the gym straight from work and do a 30-minute circuit workout, then I have a kickball game later in the night (where I will not be consuming beer afterwards)

Friday, I will attend a spin class at my gym.

Saturday, I MIGHT hike Iron Mt. again on my own--only because there's usually about 100 other people on the trail and it's not dangerous--or I'll get up and go to the gym.

Sunday my aunt will be in town and someone please take a willllld guess what we'll be doing??? How the heck did you guess wine tasting?!?!?! Judge me.

And then Monday-Friday I get off my 430 every day which means I'll be going to the gym. Every. Single. Day. I need to kick my own ass. I wish the gym had more classes that sounded cool to me...I'm thinking of doing a Barre class...has anyone ever done one???

Anyway. I also finally bought groceries so I'm back to mostly cooking for myself, in addition to the hit-or-miss food at the employee cafeteria at work. They always have a soup, so I usually have that (unless I reaallllly have no idea what it's supposed to be) and make a turkey sandwich on whole wheat bread. Or I'll try the entree. Again, only if I can tell what it's supposed to be. (I'm telling you, some of the 'food' looks reaalllll questionable!)

And to keep me even more accountable, I've linked this post up with KTJ's 5k Challenge


I really like KTJ. She's so authentic and I relate to so much of what she writes about. It's refreshing when some of my most favorite bloggers have should I say...a little questionable to me? Idk. I guess it's a personal opinion thing.

I digress.

In other news, Winnie finally got her hurr did!

My sweet baby.

I wish I could look that much thinner just by getting a hair cut!!!!

I also found this tidbit of inspiration from Kassie's Operation Red Bikini Board on Pinterest:

Even though I've pretty much 'hit a wall'...I still have a LOT to be proud of. My Aunt told me she cant wait to see "skinny" me this weekend which made my day. :)

And I'm still fully planning on accomplishing my Operation Red Bikini goal of being a size 10 by May 31st! I think I can do it!!! I'm not so sure about the whole weighing-170-pounds thing. But we'll see. Anything is possible, right?!


That's all for now. Later, fools!

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