Sunday, April 28, 2013

Falling off the wagon.

Well. It's safe to say this week I've fallen off the wagon. I got in some kind of funk over the weekend and I'm still not out of it. I went to the gym once this week. And when I did go to the gym, it took me OVER AN HOUR to get there. My schedule this week was 8am-430pm, which is prime rush-hour traffic time. I have a 30 minute commute as it is. So the traffic leaving work made it absolutely ridiculous. I know, I know....excuses. But who wants to sit in extra traffic to go to the gym? It's just annoying.

I also went out to dinner/to a baseball game/out to lunch multiple times. It's what happens when you're dating. But I had one too many cheat days and far too few workout days. Effffff.

HOWEVER........remember how I couldn't make it up that damn mountain last week??? Well guess whaaaaaat....I did it yesterday!!!!! Hoolllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaa. And it was actually a date. Which made it more fun. It also made it more nerve-wracking because I really, really didn't want to look like an unfit drama queen in front of this guy. But, I didn't drink a ton of wine the night before, we went before it got sweltering hot, and we took gatorade. It wasn't easy, but we only stopped a few times to get the gatorade out of the backpack and take a few sips and keep going.

The view from the top of Iron Mountain was pretty great:

Total distance was 6 miles. I was proud of myself. So even though I've fallen off the wagon this week, I still managed to squeeze in a wonderful Non-Scale Victory!!!


I know, I know, a few days late. Sue me.                   :) 

Anyway, this week was also the start of kickball!!!!!!! I haven't written about this at all and I'm not sure why, but about a month ago I signed up for a govavi kickball team with some friends. One friend of mine played last year and loved it and has been bugging me to sign up with her. Well, when I finally got a new job that allows me to have a social life (what a strange concept), I signed up, and got two other girlfriends to sign up too. Basically, you join a team based on location and the night of the week you want to play--or you can join a specific team with friends--and each week you play against some other team. The games are 'sponsored' by a local bar, and after the game you go to that bar and enjoy a couple free pitchers together and have fun. It's all silly. But keep in mind I've never, ever, ever been athletic in my life. I have zero hand-eye coordination (or foot-eye) and I have a giant fear of getting smacked in the face with a ball. As in dodgeball. Kickball entails a little dodgeball element so I was pretty worried overall about looking like an idiot and getting hit in the face with a ball. 

To give you an idea, this is me (courtesy of WhatShouldWeCallMe)


Some people:

Well, I did manage to make myself look like an idiot (in a cute, endearing way according to my team.....) but I didn't get hit by a ball. Win for me!! 

We lost the game, but still had fun. 

I highly suggest if you live in the San Diego area and like playing any random sport and meeting new people, sign up for a govavi league. You can play anything from kickball to beach volleyball to flag football, and they also have clubs, like running and hiking. 

Alright, now it's time to get my ass out of bed, make breakfast, and go to the gym. This is a new week. And I WILL be going to the beginner cycle class on Wednesday at my gym. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

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