Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday ramblings and goal updates

Happy Thirsty Thursday, y'all! If only I was actually celebrating a 'thirsty' Thursday... I digress. Again, today was on the unhealthy side at work. People bring my office sweet treats for some reason. And I have ZERO self control. Like, not an ounce of it in my body. That's how I got in this little weight predicament to begin with! Ahhh. So I might have had a cookie. Well really it was a peanut butter and jelly cookie sandwich. Yeah. YOU say no to that. And then a chocolate peanut butter ball.

And maybe one more at the end of the night.

But other than that I ate well...

And I went to the gym after work. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical you can add an incline to, and cranked the incline and the resistance up so I felt like I was actually doing something (read: my aversion to ellipticals and stationary bikes). Then I did some of Mama Laughlin's Arm Workouts (love these) and some leg presses. And then I tanned.

It's almost summertime, people! And I gotta look better than I did last year in a bathing suit. God, help me.

So the new plan is to take a 10 minute break at work every two hours and just get up and walk down the hallways we're allowed to walk down (joys of working in a 5-star hotel), then on my lunch, I will either make my own or hurry down to the cafeteria and make a sandwich, and go out and walk around outside. I do work at one of Southern California's most iconic beach hotels, after all.

Hopefully this helps me not feel like such a fat fattie after I get off work.

Also, I took dorky pictures of myself this morning to show off one of my new work outfits:

That top has buttons down the back if you can tell...sorry for the bad lighting. I live in a tin box so there's not much as far as decent lighting for picture-taking is concerned. Anyway, the top and ankle pants are from New Yrok & Co, my favorite store for buying work clothes. BTW, I'm in a Large/12 hellllll yeaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! And the shoes are from Aerosoles. Sometimes they do have some redeeming cute shoes. 

And I'm loving being a blondie again. 

Now let's talk about those goals I set on Monday. 

I'm actually surprising myself at how great I'm doing! Unfortunately I do work on Saturday so my planned Saturday hike with some girlfriends has to be postponed. And I work too early to be able to attend the morning cycle class at my gym on Saturday. BUT I have next Wednesday off and there's a beginner's cycle class at my gym at 6PM, so that goal will be completed at least once next week! The hike will have to be put on hold temporarily. I'm doing a prettttty good job tracking my food on MyFitnessPal--and I'm loving how many more options it has loaded into it than Weight Watchers did. Yeah it might not be exact when I'm making a sandwich and I select 'turkey sandwich on wheat with mayo' in the app, but it's close enough. 

I guess that's all for now. 

Happy weekend everyone!

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