Sunday, April 7, 2013

Whatta weekend

Well. This has been one helluva weekend. It's had many ups and a few big downs, and I feel really weird about everything right now. 

I won't even talk about the downs because it's not worth it. 

The ups were as follows: 

Friday night consisted of going bar-hopping with a friend in North Park, an area of San Diego I've always considered to be 'too cool' for me. Honestly it's very up and coming, and full of 'trendsetters' and 'hipsters' and, well, that just isn't me, y'all!!! I listen to country music. I wear pearl earrings and bright colors. I like chevron. The list goes on and on to prove I am NOT cool enough for North Park! But one of my best friends (who is cool enough) just moved there and is walking distance to some neat little places. We found a whiskey bar and I about died when we walked in. It's called Seven Grand. I ordered a Kentucky Mint Julep, obviously. 

Pretty cool presentation.

Then we walked out and saw directly across the street a place called Splash Lounge and under it it said "wine bar" and since we're both winos that was the obvious next stop. It's AMAZING. I referred to it as an alcoholic arcade because it's set up like Dave and Busters with a little card you load with money (like their power card) and they have these wine-vending-machine-things that each have different prices for the tastings--the cheapest was fifty cents and the most expensive was 10 bucks. Tempting, but that's ridiculous for a single tasting portion of any wine in my opinion. I prefer two buck chuck. Anyhoo, we shared a card with twenty bucks on it and had a grand ole time. 

We went to one more bar after that which was a little out of my comfort zone, had one drink and left, then went and got garlic fries at a place across the street from her house. Drunk munchies. And no, none of what I consumed that night went on MyFitnessPal. Ooooopsies. 

So Friday was fun. Saturday I got my hair done. 

Gotta love looking like you're trying to communicate with another planet. I go to Diesel in Kensington and it's amazing. Extremely expensive but totally worth it. Finished product: 

Blondddddeeee!!!! I love it. 

The rest of Saturday sucked ass and we are now moving on.....

Today started with bottomless mimosas at Cabo Cantina in Pacific Beach. PB is much more my style than North Park I must say haha. Then I saw a little boutique across the street with an amazing chevron dress on display outside, so even though I was probably an entire size bigger than I was on Friday from all the food and alcohol consumption, I went in to try it on. Unfortunately they only had a medium in that particular dress, but then I found this one...

Ignore my awkward face. I snapped the pic to send to my
friend who left before I tried it on.

My friend didn't like this dress on the hanger but when I sent her the picture she decided she liked it. I LOVE IT. And the little gay boy made me put on an overpriced belt with it. It looked cute so I think I'll go buy a reasonable one at Target but I DID buy the dress. I can't wait to wear it!

Can I just say this was a huge deal to me? I have NEVER been able to fit properly into clothes at little boutiques like this that only have S, M, and L and usually run small. I was high on life when I put that dress on. 

Oh, I also prettified my iPhone! I used the app cocoppa after finding out about it on pinterest. It's a weird app, but it's not too tricky once you get the hang of it. I referred to this blog post to walk me through it. Cute right?!

And in case you were wondering, no, I did not work out at all this weekend. Womp womp.... But tomorrow I have the day off (Yes I got a 4-day weekend during this job transition. Hollllaaaaaa) so I'm going for another morning run around the hood and then later will go to the gym. Two workouts in one day. I may die. 

Anyway, that's all for now. Sorry for the monster post. You can also find all of those pictures on my Instagram so follow me!! 

Here's to a good day tomorrow and an amazing start to a new chapter of my life when I start my new job on Tuesday. I'm. So. Excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's all for now....

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