Thursday, April 4, 2013

Non-scale victory and stuff

So. To be honest, I have been terrible at going to the gym before work when I go in at noon. Often times my feet still hurt from work the day before, and my diet with my schedule at work has been sucky which doesn't make it any easier to wake up in the morning--it really is amazing how important what you EAT is to how you FEEL in general. Anyhoo, this morning I decided to go for a run around my neighborhood instead of driving 15 minutes to the gym and another 15 back. It's been a while since I went on an outdoor run, and my neighborhood is all hills. Surprisingly I did a longer distance in a shorter time than I have been doing on the treadmill (technology can't be trusted with losing weight and getting in shape, btw) and I felt better about this run since it was constantly up and down. You can pretty much tell on the map of my run where the downhills and uphills are haha.

I'm kind of a fan of the Nike Run app!
So, my non-scale victory for the week was doing this outdoor run!


The biggest downside, however, to just running in my neighborhood is that I'm not super motivated to do anything else afterwards. But I took some small weights we had stashed in a closet (but I had to combine 5 lb and 3 lb ones in each hand to do 8 pounds when I've been using 10 lb weights at the gym) and did some of Mama Laughlin's arm workouts, some squats (which I think I was doing wrong) and a pathetic plank. Womp womp. Clearly I need to find a balance between gym workouts and running around my neighborhood, because in all honest I think I liked running in the hood better than running on the treadmill at the gym. I could keep my own pace and fluctuate it with my music and such much more than on a treadmill. 

Anyway, I'm still keeping my Operation Red Bikini goal of getting down to a size 10/170 lbs by May 31st. Good luck to everyone else in their ORB goals!


In other news, I won't be starting my new job until April 15th, which seems like a year away when you work 11.5 hour shifts (and have zero motivation to be there anymore....) but I'm an adult, and this is part of adult life, right? 

Being a big girl sure does stink sometimes. 

Alright, time to get ready for the dreaded work. Happy Thursday to the real world, it's my Tuesday. Woooooo. 


  1. That is a great run! I think it is awesome you are making the attempt even if running in your area has a downside for you. Thank you for linking up and sharing!

  2. thank you!!! it's always good to remind ourselves that what the scale says isn't everything in getting fit!