Saturday, April 20, 2013

I am my own worst enemy.

Happy Saturday!!! And what a happy one it is indeeeeeed. 

OK, to be honest, this week has been a little rough. I won't go into any juicy details, I'm just having a hard time with some personal things. But I still LOVE my job and my puppy and my friends and that's all that's really important. 

But today is a new day. And to kick off this glorious weekend (it's seriously gorgeous here in San Diego this weekend) I went on a hike with one of my best friends. She's always had athletic ability and hikes pretty often, so I was already intimidated to be going with her, but I was the only one who screwed myself over. See....we all know by now that I'm a wino. Well last night I had too much wine to not follow up with a buttload of water--especially considering I was planning on waking up early and going for a hike. Instead, I went straight to bed, and didn't even have my first sip of water until we started the 6 mile hike (3 miles up, 3 miles down). Bad idea. Oh, I also didn't eat any breakfast. Because I woke up, got dressed, took a picture (see below) and left. Baaaad ideaaaaaa. We were about a mile from the top of the mountain and I felt like I was going to faint. My first thought was, this can't seriously be happening. I'm in MUCH better shape than I was the last time I went on a hike and I knew I could make it up without much of a problem. But I couldn't shake the feeling that I was about to pass out, seeing stars, the whole 9 yards. My friend semi-scolded me for not drinking any water or eating breakfast and it was pretty obvious the problem was that I was dehydrated, not unfit to finish the hike. I finished my bottle and half of my friend's, but we logically decided to head back down because it was already at least 80 degrees and only getting hotter. 

I'm bummed and disappointed in myself.  I feel like I sabotaged this goal in a way. Dunno why, but that's what I feel. I mean it was an accomplishment to make it a 4 mile hike and it was a gorgeous trail up Iron Mountain, but I wish I hadn't have prepared the way I did. Or didn't haha. Anyhoo, next time I know to do it differently. Here's what I wore: 

You can take the girl outta the country but you can't take the country outta the girl. Realtree visor, orange top, and realtree otterbox on my iphone. And of course I just love cheetah too much. Anyway, here's the start of the trail we hiked: 

Pretty amazing, right? Unfortunately that's about the only shade you get the rest of the way lol, and I was too busy trying not to faint to take any more pictures. But there will be a next time, and I will take pictures. 

And just because it's funny, let me tell you about last night. Two girlfriends and I had a relaxed night just hanging out, drinking wine, and chatting. My one friend who's house we were at literally could open a boutique out of her bedroom. She has rows of necklaces, then more rows of bracelets, then more rows of hanging earrings, a bowl of stud earrings, a row of sunglasses, a stash of hats--ranging from fedora to big and floppy--scarves, purses, it's INSANITY. After about 3 glasses of wine my other friend and I couldn't help ourselves and decided to play dressup. When in Rome, right? 

Here's our finished products: 

We could have played dressup all night. Literally. And my other friend actually bought a pair of her sunglasses for 2 dollars hahaha. It was a good time. 

Anyway, follow me on instagram and you would have seen the collage of our looks, and my amazing ThirtyOne bag that finally came today!!!!

I. Am. Ob. Sessed. 

I can't WAIT for it to just be freaking summertime so I can fill that baby with booze, snacks, magazines, and tanning lotion and head to the beach--or to a country concert tailgate :) Ahhhh sooooo closseeeeee. 

Alright, that's all for now. At least I now have completed my goals of going on a hike and taking a class at my gym. Baby steps. 

Have a lovely weekend lovelies!

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