Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The big announcement

And the big announcement is...........

I HAVE A NEW JOB!!!!!! I'm SO excited about this. While I've learned a lot at my current job, I feel it's time to move on and start the career I've wanted for a while. I studied Hospitality and Resort Management in school and just couldn't find a job in the field when I graduated. My ultimate goal is to work in either sales or revenue management in a nice hotel, so starting out as a Reservations Agent at a GORGEOUS, very well-known, boutique hotel is a huge opportunity. Check it out:

Not a bad view from the office, huh?

Sorry it took me to so long to post this, it's just been a crazy week (for good reason, though!). My two weeks' notice has officially been put in so I can 'publicize' it now. In the spirit of a new job--and getting to wear clothes and shoes because they're cute as opposed to just because they're comfortable for 11 and a half hours per day, and in the spirit of losing weight, I went a little crazy at New York and Company today. I'm officially a 12, y'all! Hollllerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I'm stoked. I got pants, shirts, and a pair of jeans. I also got two new pairs of shoes (to replace those heinous black flats I wear currently that are comfy like slippers).

Yesterday I got to spend quality time with a long lost friend and sorority sister. She was an older sister from when I was at Northeastern (a story I'll tell one day) who I looked up to a lot, and who's been living on the East Coast since she graduated. But, she's finally decided to move out to San Diego in the next few months! I'm sooo excited! She came out to look at places/have a mini vacay, so we went wine tasting with our moms at Orfila.

It was a beautiful day. I can't wait for her to move out here!

Now onto the thing I've been lagging on lately: weight loss. I officially cancelled my Weight Watchers account. I bought 3 months in January and lost 15 pounds. I'm thankful for that and the fact that it taught me how to track what I'm eating based off more factors than just calories, but I just didn't keep up with it like it's intended to be. I'm debating other food tracking apps, so if you have any suggestions, hit me up!

To keep myself motivated, I'm joining up with Kassie and Leigh Ann in Operation Red Bikini. Yes, it ends in a little under two months, but that's more than enough time to drop another size or two. My goal is to be a comfortable size 10 by May 31st. I'm a *slightly tight* size 12 now. Ideally that would mean I'm at 170 pounds too. I can do it!

Anyone else doing this challenge?

Anyhoo, time to get off here. Ta ta for now, fools!



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