Friday, March 29, 2013

Wait for it....

Ok folks, I still can't reveal exactly what I've been handling lately but tomorrow I can! It's good news. And I'm really looking forward to how it is going to affect my workout routines and diet. Because I've definitely stalled. I've just been really discouraged in one big part of my life and I've let it affect every other part. I've been sleeping in unnecessarily late instead of getting my ass to the gym in the morning, and that's not cool. I've also not been able to figure out a healthy eating schedule when I have a lunch break at 4 in the afternoon and work until 1130 at night and don't have time to snack in between.

Anyway, big news tomorrow.

I'm also looking forward to starting back c25k! Tomorrow!! I'm going to repeat the week I fell off the wagon and find a 5k hopefully in the next month or so. God help me.

I also got to go up to long beach on my weekend and spend time with my long lost BFF kelsey. I'm so glad I mended that fence and have her back In my life. We drank wine, cooked, talked about our lives and wondered how the hell we didn't end up more screwed up than we are (jokes. Kind of.) We laughed a lot and we might have even cried at one point. Those are the best kind of best friend conversations. Check out the pic I posted on Instagram. Follow me, fools!!

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