Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Well this is my first WILW post, linking up with This Kind of Love, so here it goes:

I'm loving how amazingly goy-geee-ussss (that's gorgeous) it is outside!

Got to enjoy my Sunday with one of my best friends/sorority sisters at my favorite place on earth, Coronado. By the way, did you know an entire bottle of wine will fit inside of a 7/11 Big Gulp cup? Sure does. 

I'm also loving the fact that a few days ago I weighed myself to find out I'm 3 pounds away from hitting the 20-pound mark!! Helllll yes!!!!!!!! So, just for shits and gigs, I tried on this pair of coral straight-legged jeans I got from J Crew Factory back in September. They're a 32, and when I bought them they were a tiiiight squeeeeze. But I couldn't pass up a pair of coral jeans, so I bought them anyway, even though they were uncomfortable and I had to wear a loose top. Well, ladies and gents, even though I am still wearing a loose top, they fit WONDERFULLY yesterday!!! 

Jeans from J Crew Factory, Top for NY & Co,
shoes Ralph Lauren from DSW

I even had some extra room so when I went on a date with the friend-boy to Gingham (if you live in San Diego, head out to La Mesa and check it out) I could enjoy a cheeseburger and not have to unbutton them! 

BTW I'm also loving that I rocked a butt-part. I just felt uber confident last night. And today at the beach. I like this feeling.

Lastly, for the first time in months I went to Miguel's today. If you're near a Miguel's, it's hard to resist just swinging by for some QUESO!! I love me some Miguel's queso. And beer. And maybe some fish tacos. 

We might have asked for 3 bowls of it for the 2 of us. Judge me. 

Anyhoo, that's all for me on this lovely Wednesday! What are you loving today, non-existent readers???

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