Thursday, March 7, 2013

My first non-scale victory....

So today I don't have to go to work until 6--in exchange for going to work on my supposed-to-be-day-off, Tuesday, to open. I decided to make use of the extra time and head to the gym, where I experienced my first 'non-scale victory.' 

According to Lex from Life by Lex, "Non-Scale victories are those victories big and small that (as I see it) help you become a better person.  Whether it be physically, mentally, or in weight loss." Mine happened at the gym. Instead of running I chose to keep it fresh and get on the spin-style bike. We already know I originally thought of the stationary bikes as a cop-out workout, unless you crank up the intensity and actually sweat. Because of that, I only get on the bike for a minimum of 40 minutes--or the length of a TV episode on my iPhone. Today I watched an old episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (one of my guilty pleasures). When I got on, there was one other person around me on a bike. Then a few people joined me, and less than halfway through my workout, I was alone again. 

I know, I know, maaayyyybe I stunk or something and scared everyone off. But judging by how the people who did silly little 15 minute "workouts" on the stationary bikes continued to work out at the gym (yes, I watch people work out), I have a feeling that was actually their cardio for the day. I'm not judging them, I'm just proud of myself for out-working everyone else who got on the bikes at the same time as me, and pushing through even though my ass hurt, my thighs were chaffing (note to self: do NOT wear shorts on the bike!), and I got bored. Then I followed it up with some arm workouts--I'm now determined to change the shape of my arms--and my favorite vertical crunches. 

Happy non-scale victory to me! If you experience a non-scale victory, link up with Lex and share it!

After the gym I headed over to Target. I swear it's dangerous to have a Target so close to my house and my gym. I went a little grocery crazy.

Among the things I bought were

  • Almond milk which I've never had but my friends swear by
  • Both plain and vanilla non-fat greek yogurt
  • Special K touch-of-honey granola
  • Special K berries and chocolate cereal
  • Kashi baked chocolate squares (see below)
  • Fiber One chocolate chip bookie brownies
  • Reduced fat cheezit packs
Can you tell I'm PMSing? OK sorry, TMI. But seriously, my sweet-tooth took over. Anyhoo, the Kashi baked chocolate squares are pretty tasty and only 4 WW points, but I have to say my first experience with one was...perplexing...

That^^^ is what was in my first, sealed pack. Half a square. WTF Kashi!? I could be one of those people that calls and complains and gets a free year-supply, but I won't. It was funny. And pretty tasty. I think I'll keep buying them. 

My main goal was to get snacks for work that are easy and quick, because with my new schedule I will have a 'lunch break' around 4 or 5 in the evening, leaving at least 6 hours left of my shift and that's early for dinner anyway. So I'll need to snack at least one more time during my shift before I come home and go to bed. 

But don't think I've forgotten Bob Harper's Skinny Rule #18, go to bed hungry. I plan on going to bed hungry from now on. I'm trying hard to follow these rules. Has anyone else followed these rules successfully? Or read the actual book? I'm thinking of buying it...

Alright time to relax before going in to work...boooooooo. 

Later, fools!

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