Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WILW and some pinspiration

Hey fancy ladies! And any sweet boys who may be reading :) It's hump day and it's a GREAT one!

So I decided to link up for What I'm Loving Wednesday, and with one of my new favorite blogs for Oh, How Pinteresting!!

First of all...things I'm loving this Wednesday.........

  1. MY JOB. I feel so blessed to have a job at all considering the economy, and one that I actually enjoy. I had a job I hated for almost a year after I graduated college, and I realized I need to stop wasting time in an industry I don't see a career in and start from the bottom in the industry I DO want a career in: Hospitality. I love working at this resort, and even though I'm going through some struggles adjusting to the pay cut/much longer commute (in a gas guzzler, in Southern California), I am thankful. Because we have things like work picnics:
And celebrate birthdays:

Happy birthday to my awesome co-worker Jessica! She's
obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and PB& the snacks are
mostly themed around PB&J haha

2.      Styles for Less. I love this store. You can get pretty much all those cute clothes you see on Pinterest that are sold at online boutiques for like 40 bucks or more, for like $25 bucks or less. I bought this dress yesterday (excuse the lack of makeup and my hair thrown up into a pony tail):

My name is Nicole, and I am addicted to maxi dresses.
3.    I just ordered this dress from Kiki La'Rue's Moving sale (shop their clearance and use code MOVING for 50% off!!!! Almost all larges are gone, but I found this one!!!)
***I'm a little worried about how it will look and it's non-refundable, but oh well. I was nervous because the picture of Mama Laughlin in it wasn't too flattering......I love me some Mama Laughlin but it just made her look bigger. But then I found a picture on KLR's Instagram of MeganCard in it and it looked MUCH better. She was in a medium, and she had a much more similar build to me than Mama Laughlin (uh hello ML has big tatas :) and I have big tatas but not big like her!), so I think it'll be ok!

4.    These new blogs I've stumbled upon:

Found when stalking KLR's instagram for another
picture of that dress. I'm in love.

Found via pinterest and I'm obsessed. And...
She's a KD!!! Holla, sistaaaa!!! AOT.

Found through this linkup. I like it :)
Now onto the Oh, How Pinteresting Linkup!

This Sunday is my CAbi Party and I'm so excited! Bitches better buy shit. Anyway, since people will be trying on clothes I wanted to keep the food light--as much as I love chocolate. So here are what I'll be making, thanks to Pinterest:

Mini cheesecakes. I've made these before, thanks to Sinnytaste,
and they're awesome. They're made with Greek Yogurt and low-fat
cream cheese and a nilla wafer for the crust. Yummyyyy.

Lemon brownies. Enough said.

And these things.
 And to drink....

Strawberry Lemonade Champagne, thanks to
Carolina Charm (my sister haha)
Sounds like a good menu, right? Hopefully the champagne will loosen people's inhibitions...and wallets :)

Anyhoo. I hope you're all having a good a Wednesday as I am. I can't wait to read everyone's posts!


Later, y'all!


  1. Fabulous party-food choices - I wish you many happy sales!

    1. I'm glad you think so too!! And thank you!

  2. Good luck with the sales! The food looks yummy; especially that champagne lemonade!

    1. Thank you! And I'm super excited about the champagne. It's gonna be like a bellini with strawberries and lemons!

  3. I love the styles for less dress! I hadn't heard of the store before and I just googled it. There is one pretty close to my house and I had no idea lol. Looks like I know what I'll be doing Saturday morning!

    Your menu looks awesome! I hope your party goes fabulously:)

    1. Yeah I always knew Styles for Less existed but thought it was like a little cheapy-not-cute store and never went in and checked it out! Then I was on pinterest one day and found it and realized they have some decent stuff!!

      And thank you I hope it goes fabulously as well!

  4. oh I want to work at a resort! how neat!

    trish @ tales from ...