Monday, May 20, 2013

Hot mess express

Happy Monday....said no one ever.

I went MIA last week mainly because I felt like I literally had nothing to write about. I'm sure nobody wanted to hear that again I WASN'T going to the gym or working out because it was still too painful to wear close-toed shoes, and my life is pretty boring otherwise. So now I'm going to do a phone dump :)

First of all, my best friend in the entire world graduated on Saturday from San Diego State!!! I'm so proud of her!!!

Dress from Styles For Less (my new fav store), belt
from J Crew Factory.

Afterwards we partied because her family is awesome like that. I was the reigning flip cup champ.

Then yesterday I was basically a hot mess. I laid out like I did last weekend, but I had myself some cheap Trader Joe's Coastal Chardonnay (in my Redneck Wine Glass)

Yep. I'm a class act.

And Winnie laid out too

Eat your hearts out, people!!!

She also enjoys being held like a baby. Because she IS my baby. OK I know I'm obsessed. That dress was also from Styles for Less.

I proceeded to continue drinking my weight in wine, then cooked dinner for me, my momma, momma's friend, and my friend and for some reason we decided to open up my '04 bottle of Syrah from Orfila when I was way too shmammered to enjoy it. I did snap a pic of the cork though. It smelled amazing.

That's some old wine.

Wanna see how much of a hot mess I was last weekend during Mother's Day Wine Tasting? My mom's friend sent me this gem last night...

Don't worry, the bottle was closed. I look kinda skinny there, huh!??!

Anyway. Hopping off the hot mess express for this week at least haha. Again, my toe is feeling pretty decent, but being in shoes just hurts. I might just power through it anyway though because I feel like a fattie. And also the new friend-boy is gone for two weeks and I might as well use my free time productively. I'm also looking forward to finally playing kickball this week!

I'm going to link up with Operation Skinny Jeans and set some goals again.

Goal 1: Keep drinking lots of water!!! This was inspired by Jess. I've been pretty good at drinking water only when I'm at work--I resist the soda temptation down in the cafeteria. But when I'm home I drink wine.

OK totally kidding haha but still I need to stay on top of it. And drinking water is supposed to help suppress your appetite or keep you from over-eating, which is a problem of mine. I have no self control.

Goal 2: Eat breakfast every day. I failed at this this morning because I was hungover and didn't give myself any extra time. But even if it's a granola bar or something I need to kickstart my metabolism early!

Goal 3: Make it to the gym!!! I know this is kind of out of my control but God I really need to get back to working out regularly. Eff.

Well that's all for me for now. I hope you lovely ladies all had a fab weekend and weren't a complete hot mess like me. Actually I take that back, sometimes being a hot mess is fun :)

Operation Skinny Jeans

Love y'all!


  1. Oh man... your post hit a little too close to home. I love it! So much so I'm pretty sure my coworkers think I'm nuts for sitting at my desk on my lunch break laughing to myself.

    Anyway... I was telling people I was on the hot mess express Saturday night.

    Also love that your dog is your baby too! :)


    1. Haha well I'm glad I could make you laugh :) And yes, I just read your post about your children and it melted my heart!

    2. Aw yay, thank you!