Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend Phone Dump

Mondays suck.

OK I take that back. Mondays suck if you have a job you hate, I guess. Luckily I pretty much love my job, I just hate getting out of bed in the morning.

I digress.

This weekend was pretty great, and consisted of multiple Mother's Day Celebrations. And multiple trips to wineries. :)

Friday after work I went with one of my best friends/sorority sisters and my mom and her friend to Orfila here in San Diego County, followed by Cordiano Winery. If you live in the area or ever visit, both are definitely worth the drive.

And I've posted this from our last visit to Cordiano, but I'm pretty sure this is where I'll get married one day:

Saturday we went up to Temecula, and I got shmammered. Oooopsies :)

Check out my momma and my shellac mani's we got on Saturday.

Then yesterday I laid out next to my house (they're doing construction on the pool in our community and it was too nice out not to). Yes, I live in a mobile home park (like on Welcome to Myrtle Manor.....I wish), and I had to capture the white trash moment :)

Yep. We have plastic flamingos. We're classy, y'all.
 Later on we went up to my aunt and uncle's house for din din. They're always doing something to their house, and now they're completely redoing their back patio area. Thankfully the construction isn't taking over the entire, amazing, resort-like backyard. Anyway, I took a picture of my Winnie Pooh because she was just being too cute.

She thoroughly enjoyed being on the diving board. Dunno why.

I can't wait for the patio to be done. It will have heaters, a huge pull-down screen for movies, a couch, curtains, a changing area for the pool, and a built-in dog house. Amazingness. I'll def post pics.

And one quick shoutout to my amazing momma and grandmomma.

I know, I'm ghetto and just took pictures of the wall-hung photos, but it's the thought that counts, right? Both my mom and my grandma are wonderful women and I'm lucky to have them in my life :)

Overall, it was a great weekend! With the exception of drunkenly dropping my phone in a full sink on Saturday night! It was fully submerged. And my drunk ass immediately grabbed it and put it in a bowl of quinoa because we didn't have any rice in the house. Yesterday morning it wasn't making any noise when I got a text, only phone calls, so I made an appointment at the apple store. But then all of a sudden it started working again. I got lucky. Reeaaaaaallllll lucky. I really would appreciate if my new monogrammed otterbox would hurry up and get here.


OK I'm done boring everyone with my phone dump.

Update on the toe: It's feeling better and better every day! Still haven't been able to wear close-toed shoes, but I've only really attempted with my narrow Steve Madden flats. So I need to try with tennis shoes. Wish me luck!

Hope everyone had a great Mommy Day Weekend like I did!

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