Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the Sentence Linkup with Holly and Jake!

Thank God it's Thursday! One more day of my work week and I'm freeee for the weeekennnddd!!!

Last night we went to Burlap, like I talked about yesterday. It was pretty awesome. Pricy, yes. And not something I could afford on a regular basis. But it was a nice treat. I had a pork tenderloin that could be cut with a butter knife. Soooo yummmy....and not on my diet.

Only weird thing I had was a strawberry tart for dessert. It had some basil cream on top and it tasted like pesto to me. I mean, isn't pesto pretty much a basil cream sauce with some olive oil and pine nuts? Anyway. The rest was wonderful.

Now, onto today's linkup, Finish the Sentence with Holly and Jake! I read Holly's blog often, but not Jake. Until now. I'm probably going to spend the rest of my free time today reading his blog now that I know how funny he is. Here ya go!


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)... Wellp. This is awkward. I have no siblings.

My best friend says... "joe-quinn" Phoenix instead of pronouncing it correctly (you know, "wahhhh-keeeeen). The first time I caught her doing it she really, genuinely thought that's how you said his name. Now she does it to make me giggle.

Yes, this was 20 pounds ago.

People call me... PRINCESS. For some reason every single person I meet and form any sort of relationship with determines, after an amount of time, that I am indeed a Princess. My tiara just so happens to be camo.

The best part of my day... is when I get home after being gone for any length of time (5 minutes to a day or longer) and my sweet Winnie the Cockapoo freaks the hell out like she hasn't seen me in a year and thought I died. Every. Single. Day. (sometimes multiple times per day).

Don't worry, she got her hair cut.

I really don't understand... Spanish. Yes, I'm a San Diego native, and YES, I TOOK FRENCH IN HIGH SCHOOL. Sorry I'm not sorry I didn't learn to speak Spanish so people living in San Diego who's native language is Spanish, don't have to learn to speak English. Sorry, off my soapbox I go now. BTW, I also barely understand French :)

I get really annoyed... When people criticize me and others for being patriotic. I love my country. You should too. Sorry, again, off my soapbox I go...

My patriotic friend :)

There's nothing like a... Sipping wine out of a 7/11 Big Gulp on the beach. See? Redneck Princess.

Lately, I can't get enough... NEWS. I'm obsessed with news. It's from having so much downtime at work but I can't stop reading it. I'll literally refresh to see if they've changed the cover story. I'm also convincing myself that the world is a terrible place and pushing me further under my rock. (And no, I don't only read Fox News. I like to cross-check my news' sources like an educated adult.)

One thing I am NOT is... Quiet. I also have ahearing problem so that's probably why I talk louder than the average person. Or I'm just a loudass.

I spent too much money on... Anything and everything. Remember I have no self control. 
I want to learn.... Every single country line dance known to man. So I can be that girl at the country bar.

If I ever met Jake in real life , I would... take him out line dancing at the local country bar, DUH!

I can't stop... myself from having to do something else during a movie. I can sit through a few hours of mindless reality TV that takes no brain power to follow, but my attention span just doesn't tolerate a full-length movie. I have to get up. And get my phone. Make a snack. ANYTHING.

Never have I ever... Been 100% honest during an actualy game of never have I ever. Except now! Shhhh don't tell my sorority sisters.

Reese Witherspoon... Used to be one of my favorite people of all time back when I paid attention to pop culture and watched movies. Now that I live under my rock I rarely see any of her movies or read about her or hear about her. I do know about the DUI thing, and I don't really give two shits about it. Oopsies.

I can't wait to read through everyone else's answers. Have a happy Thirsty Thursday everyone!


  1. Thanks for the kind words about my blog, BUTTTTT I'm Jake, not Jack...just a heads up...Jack is Holly's Husband, well he is really Chris/Hubby Jack...I know it's confusing...but I can line dance like a pro, so we definitely need to go honkey tonkin sometime....thanks for linking with us!! have a good weekend!

    1. ah shit. I was on autopilot and not even because Jack is Holly's husband haha! I know who you are trust me! I won't go into detail about why I naturally write Jack instead of Jake--long story about an ex-thing bahaha but it's fixed now!