Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekly Goals with a broken toe

Good morning blog world! Happy Monday...said no one ever. It's sad and gray and rainy here in San Diego. Womp womppppp.

But this weekend managed to be a good one, broken toe and all. Friday night consisted of me being a bum at home with my puppy. Still fun.

Saturday was  CRAFT DAY!! One of my bestest friends Cassandra is literally a crafting/DIY/home decor/fashion guru. It's insane (she's the one who's closet I went shopping in that one time). She's making me 2 awesome aprons that I'm suuuuper excited about AND she made me some adorable candle-holders and other little things for my room, and I made a scarf out of a t-shirt (pics soon promise). Meanwhile, I made her BLOG pretty!!!! I can't wait for her to start blogging--it's gonna be badass. Check her out in the meantime.

Making over her blog made me want to re-do mine. I know I just did it, like a month ago, but I have ADD and get bored with things easily. So don't be surprised if one day it's suddenly completely different-looking haha. You've been warned.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo--aka Cinco de WINO for us! We went wine-tasting in temecula with my aunt and family friend and stopped at Bel Vino, Wilson Creek (my fav where I got to have a Zin. Port straight out of the barrel...amazing), and Danza del Sol (not one of my favs).

Shirt was from CAbi.

My toe is starting to look like it's rotting off from the bruising. I won't disgust you with pictures.

Anyway, since I'm out of commission for a while I KNOW I need to set some goals this week.

Operation Skinny Jeans

This week my goals are:

1. Stick to an average of 1200-1500 calories per day since I can't really work out.

2. Do toning exercises every day--I can even do squats, really. Situps, leg lifts, anything that doesn't involve actual running or anything.

3. Get time outside in the sun every day. I try to go for a walk around my hotel's property every day at lunch just to get some vitamin d (and look at the ocean). I think I can wobble my way outside at least with a broken toe-just might have to skip the walk.

4. Lose 1 pound. I've gained about 5 back since falling off the wagon. So if I can lose just one this week with what's working against me, I'll be happy.

What are your goals??? Let's encourage each other!!!. 


  1. Sometimes goal-setting can be hard, but even with the injury, those are some great goals! I've recently added toning exercises into my own regimen and am definitely sore! No noticeable changes yes, but the soreness must mean it's working. Good luck this week!

    Carolyn @

  2. yes that definitely does!!! thank you for the warm wishes! good luck to you too!