Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The pain that you've been feeling can't compare to the joy that's coming...

Well I'm going to keep this short and sweet (famous last words). I know I haven't updated y'all on my Sweet Summertime 7 goals, and the reason for that heart just hasn't been in it. If you've been reading my very sporadic posts the last couple of weeks you know this entire month has kinda been a rough one for me in many ways. I just feel like I've been up and down. But last week I DID go on one run around the hood and to the gym. Then I proceeded to drink the entire weekend. I mean, literally the entire weekend. I went from happy hour Friday night to an all-day hangover Saturday which ended in dinner and drinking 3 bottles of wine with two girlfriends, to a hangover most of Sunday morning to wine-tasting in the afternoon.

I really just need to stop drinking. Even though I only do it on the weekends, I pretty much reverse everything good I've done for my body during the week in a matter of a couple of hours. So there's that.

I didn't go for a run on Monday as planned, but I cooked a healthy dinner of tilapia grilled fish tacos and cheesy Mexican-style quinoa. It was delicious. And yesterday I went to the gym. Today I'm going again, and tomorrow I'm supposed to run...I may just go to the gym though.

So this morning I weighed myself. I almost decided not to even tell you all that because I wasn't happy with what I saw. I will tell you I didn't lose anything, which isn't surprising, and I gained a few pounds, which also isn't shocking but still disappointing. I'm also at the tail end of my period though, so I'm just going to tell myself that's why :) BTW, I'm super happy my period is back to normal this month.

Pretty Strong Medicine

Sorry for the lame post. I hope everyone is having a good week--it's halfway over!! Hollaaaaaaa.

Just for some visual stimulation and a little inspiration, I'll leave you with this:


That's all for now! Happy weigh-in Wednesday, fools.

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  1. Sorry things have been rough :(. I feel you on the wine, I working on cutting it out too. Too many calories for how long it takes to burn them back off. Uhg. I'm still waiting for that calorie free wine..