Monday, July 1, 2013

Girl Fight!!! Or almost.

Well this was a pretty stacked weekend. And I'm still exhausted. But I'm glad we could squeeze in some fun while Caitlin was still here since I worked so much last week. Friday night we went wine tasting and then to the country bar--and everyone danced with me!! I taught the friendboy and his friend how to two-step. And then I almost got in a bar fight.
Sami's Shenanigans

Please let me tell this story. It's funny. So we were standing at a bar-height table at the bar and we'd all had a few drinks, but none of us were sloppy. This (very large) girl (who didn't look like she should or would want to be in a country bar) walked by (looking a hot mess in a strapless dress with a regular bra and boots that were too tight) and literally almost knocked me and Caitlin over with her ass. No apology. No  excuse me. Nothing. Caitlin said something and I said "uhhhh excuse that girl," and laughed and sat down. I saw the girl out of the corner of my eye with her stringbean little boyfriend glaring at us from the front door and me being the sass queen that I am I smiled and waved at her. She then proceeded to stomp over to me and get about three inches from my face (I kinda thought she was trying to make out with me) and ramble some drunk slurs about how I'm a bitch and bla bla bla, and I just sat there laughing with everyone else.

For real, this was me.

This only pissed her off more and she said "I'm gonna punch you in the face!" To which I replied............. "do it :)" with that smile on my face.
Pretty sure this was her plan!
Once I said that the friendboy stood up, and I'm pretty sure his muscles scared the girls' boyfriend because he promptly grabbed her and pulled her away. And just because I couldn't help myself I said "good choice," a few times while he struggled to drag her away. She then got removed by the staff. And I continued dancing my ass off.

Anyway. Saturday we went wine tasting again but in Temecula, so Caitlin could get the full experience.

Those tiaras are $20. I wanted it so bad but couldn't justify the money.
Then one of the bartenders took it off the rack and removed the sticker
and gave it to me. My life was made. I can't wait to wear it on Thursday!
Love my momma. 
For some reason I can't manage a car ride home from wine
tasting without dancing. 
We then went to the friendboys for a bbq and I passed the hell out at midnight while everyone else stayed up playing drinking games. And I worked yesterday before coming home and hanging out with Caitlin in the hot tub. Nothing too exciting there, but it was a nice relaxing night.

So anyway. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and stayed away from crazy bitches in the bar.

Love y'all.


  1. LOVE the tiara!

    Oh my, sounds like you had quite the night out! There must have been something in the air last weekend. T and I went out and while there was no fighting there was a lot of hot mess express going on. hahah!


  2. Haha yay I'm glad you like the tiara! I was SO EXCITED. I might have jumped up and down and squealed like a little girl. Oh well.

    And yeah, something was definitely in the air haha. I have a friend who almost got in a bar fight the night before!

  3. Wine tasting and country line dancing?! My kind of weekend! Sounds like you had an awesome time, even with the almost bar fight. :)

    1. Heck yes!!! And yeah, the almost bar fight is just a silly memory (thank god!). She definitely could have hurt me. But the friendboy probably would have thrown her through a wall or something haha.