Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Random Tuesday consisting of some very important crap.

Welp. It's Tuesday, everyone. I just want it to be Thursday already!!!! I'm getting so excited. I'll be spending it on the beach with my sorority sister Lindsey, my sorority sister Brittany (WHO JUST MOVED HERE YESTERDAY AND I'M SO HAPPY I CAN HARDLY STAND IT!), and my friend Cassandra. Maybe the friendboy. But we're gonna drink, grill, and be effing patriotic!

Remember I said I'd be making these sweet little things:

But I'm also gonna do these:

Just the ones with the sprinkles. They look easy enough,

So anyway, there are a few other random things on my mind today.

First things first, this article is about my friend's little sister. READ IT. Basically, she goes to Sanoma State University and comes from a very Catholic family. She's a wonderful girl with her head on straight and she takes her faith seriously. She's a leader on her college campus (I mean, she was giving orientation tours, for crying out loud), and her boss told her she needed to take off her cross necklace before she gave a tour, so to not offend any potential students. ARE. YOU. KIDDING. ME. I am POSITIVE if someone had been wearing a Muslim headress they would have encouraged it as it shows diversity. But heaven forbid a Christian wear a cross necklace. I'm glad the school has apologized, but the real test will come when they decide whether or not to punish that staff member. That is discrimination and it should not be tolerated. Just like discrimination/harrassment is the basis for the lawsuit against Paula Deen, right?????? I'm just very concerned at the level of hypocracy that is growing in our society. What are your thoughts on the article?

Moving on. This is really random but I just want everyone to know that Rosie is my new favorite housewife:

Now. One final thing. I talked a few days ago abotu enrolling for insurance benefits at my new job. I sat down and created a budget, and it's not pretty, y'all. The first big things I'm cutting out is getting my nails done. You all know how much I freaking love Olga, and my shellac manis, but that's $90/month right there. I'm also trying to do a balance transfer from one credit card to a lesser interest one, so fingers crossed that works out. AND...I'm trying to have my student loans reduced. Please pray they will be. I had them adjusted for my income when I worked at enterprise. I'm making a good $300-400 less per paycheck here so I'm hoping they'll make an exception to the one-adjustment-per-year rule. I've also been scouring the interwebs for budget ideas/ways to save at the grocery store/etc. I've found a few good sites. This one features $25 shopping carts which are super interesting, and this one talked about some survey sites that pay. Easy money, right?

What do you do to save money??

I couldn't resist.
Alright, I guess that's all for this random Tuesday. Please comment back with your thoughts/tips/suggestions!!!


  1. The sparkle strawberries are cute!

    Which housewives is Rosie on?? I haven't seen her yet!

    As far as saving $$-- I just don't go to places where I'm going to be tempted. Not super helpful but it works for me. lol


    1. Rosie is Kathy's sister on New Jersey. She's not really a housewife but she should be.

    2. Got it.. I work with people from Jersey so I currently have enough Jersey in my life without the housewives too lol

    3. Haha yeah I can imagine not wanting to watch RHONJ if you work with people from NJ!! They can be pretty effing obnoxious.

    4. At least the ones I work with are! haha! I nominated you for a Liebster :)