Thursday, February 28, 2013

My weekend in pictures

This is going to be a very picture-heavy post. Because I've had a great two days off. Enjoy.

OK, yesterday I was lazy. I went out on Tuesday night (my FRIDAY people helloooooo) to Incahoots, my fav. place in San Diego. With the friend boy and a girlfriend, and I had a good time. It felt like the first time in forever I actually went out, even though it's only been a couple of weeks. Judge me.

But I did go to an amazing lunch with one of my newest friends who I like a lottttttt. She's pretty awesome. And we might have had a glass of wine....

Cafe Chloe is an adorable sidewalk cafe/wine bar in Downtown San Diego. They have delicious food that's a biiiit pricy, but you can get 1/2 glasses of wine (great for a lunch break!) and natural food. What I had was a BLT on a croissant with garlic aioli. You tell me there's garlic aioli on anything and I'm ordering it. Anyhoo, enough about what I stuffed my pie-hole with.

TODAY on the other hand was suuuper productive. I got up early and went to the gym before noon (shocker). I did 10 miles on the spinning-style bike--which I have justified because it's not like the one that looks like you're chilling in a comfy chair just peddling your legs back and forth while you casually read a book or something and don't break a sweat)--then some arm weight-machines, then I got on this contraption:

I'm sure the girl in the background thought I was a looney-toon. I did 30 reps straight up and down, then 30 on each side. I love these because it works not only your ab muscles but also your side and back muscles. Toned backs are sexy. And my hair was being held in place by my newest BIC BAND!!!!!

Yes, any chance I get to wear camo, I take. BTW, get a BIC Band. Nothing says motivation like spending $12.00 on a headband. Gotta get your money's worth!

Then it got in the 80s and I HAD to get out and enjoy it, so I went to sushi with a best friend and wore SHORTS for the first time in months. San Diego has been strangely cold this winter. Anyway, this was the highlight of February for me.

Ignore the fat bruise on my leg. I wasn't paying
attention, talking and walking at work, and ran into
a railing. Oops. I can't multi-task. 
After lunch, we went to DSW to spend the $50.00 gift card my work gave me when I got to the airport. I guess they feel bad for how ruined your shoes get when you start working there so they give you some money to go replace them. But did I buy work shoes? No. I already did that last week before they gave me the gift card. Instead I found these beauties: 

Then I saw this...

My thrifty (read: cheap) ass couldn't say no to THAT deal, so I bought them, even though they had this minor and fixable issue: 

The girl at the register knocked off an extra five dollars, making these ONE-HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLAR SHOES and whopping TEN BUCKS IN THE END. Holllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I came home, got out some gorilla glue, and fixed that issue in about one minute. 

I also ordered these flats (well they're as similar as I can find online). I'm not a flats kind of girl. I much prefer wedges and sometimes heels. But I decided I'm going to try to incorporate some neutral flats into my wardrobe so I don't spend my entire summer in sandals like I usually do, which results in extremely dry heels. Yucky. Fingers crossed they work out!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed my weekend in pictures, my non-existent readers :) I've decided my next 10-pound weight loss reward will be getting my hair done. So hopefully I hit 180 in the next three or four weeks so I don't have half-blondeish half-brown hair :) I guess I could just tell people it's ombre...

Till next time, fools!

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