Thursday, February 14, 2013

"Happy f*&*@(% Valentine's Day!"

Well said, Samantha from SATC Movie. 

Well after my post yesterday, I found out I'm starting at the airport.....TOMORROW. Yep. Tomorrow. So today is my day off, as will be Wednesday. Here's my schedule for the rest of the month of February: 

Fridays 9AM-8PM. Shitty. 
Saturdays and Sundays 730AM-630PM. No different than my schedule right now except its the weekend. Eh. 
Mondays and Tuesdays 430AM-330PM. FOUR. THIRTY. IN. THE. MORNING. But, good news is I'm off by 330 which means I can actually enjoy DAYTIME! Yay! 

My weekends will now be Wednesday-Thursday. Not toooooo terrible. But it's still about to get a little crazy. That's the airport though!

So anyhoo, today, my surprise day off, has consisted of sleeping in, watching The Biggest Loser than I missed on Monday, then lounging around with my puppy. She likes it when I'm home and she can sleep on me. Could be worse, right?  Then I drug my ass off the couch and went to the gym. I decided to do the bike out of fear of hurting my ankle more--which is feeling a little better today (proooobably because I'm not wearing my work shoes...)--and I was pleasantly surprised. I got on the bike with a higher seat, that looked more like the bikes used in a spin class, and hiked up the resistance and went as fast as I could for 30 minutes. I broke a sweat and felt like I did something, it just wasn't as high-impact as running. And it was boring as shit. Next time I do that, I'll make sure to download an episode of a TV show on my iPhone. 

Anyhoo, tonight my friend Cassandra is coming over to be my Valentine. We will cook a skinny dinner and drink not-skinny wine (she used to work at a winery. I know, I hit the friend-jackpot with that one!), and watch a stupid movie. I won't go into detail about last year's Valentine's Day, but I will assure you that tonight's plans are already infinitely better than last year. 

Also, it's Throwback Thursday, so I posted this gem on Instagram: 

Feel free to follow me. 

And one thing I'm struggling with: Switching gyms. I currently go to a national chain I will leave unnamed, but here's a hint--most locations are open 24 hours a day...Anyhoo, I have grown to hate it. The equipment at my location is old, it's ALWAYS crowded, and the one near my house has a bunch of weirdos. Also, it's like 40 bucks a month. Which isn't terrible but I can get something for cheaper that has tanning beds, which would save me money I spend at a tanning salon. I've narrowed it down to 2, but I really just wish Planet Fitness would hurry up and make it's way to San Diego so I could go there. Ugh. Sooooo hopefully this week I'll make my decision on that. 

Ta ta for now fools!

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