Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Not like I'm a legit athlete or anything, but having this ankle injury preventing me from running has really affected me. I haven't tracked hardly any ww points--though I have been eating consciously and healthy--and I'm feeling tired like I used to. I put some pictures on this post to show what it looks like....basically a fat cankle, and I caved and bought a brace for it a few days ago. It's helped so far in my work shoes, but I'm getting really nervous about it not getting better by next week because.........brace yourselves....I got promoted to the airport location at work! It's a big deal and something I've been working toward for a while now, and it's just one step closer to taking my big test in march and getting promoted to management. The downside of the airport is you're on your feet pretty much your entire shift. My shoes are already falling apart, so i was already planning on getting new shoes anyway, but now with my ankle the way it is I'm terrified to buy shoes that are only going to hurt it worse. Btw, it HAS to be from my work shoes, at this point, because I haven't exercised in a week and it's barely improved. That's a safe conclusion, right? Lord I hope so.

Anyway, the airport move should be happening next week so I'm super pped and nervous! The pressure is definitely on.

So, to keep my mind sharp, I'm reading another book. No, it's not a nick sparks book this time. Instead, this book caught my eye at target the other day called No Easy Day. It's a firsthand story of the mission that killed Osama bin laden. I can't put it down. I'm almost done with it and probably won't find a book able to top it when I'm done. So if you have any interest at all in world news and international affairs, read it. I hope it also could open eyes for those people who bash on the military despite all the sacrifices they make.

Anyway, of my soapbox I go. Pray my ankle gets better quick please!!

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