Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brain dump.

Hey people. No change in the weight yet. I'm sure it'll happen before saturday though. Work has been kicking my ass lately. Between just being busy in general and customers being jerks (I think there's something in the downtown water) and working from 7 am to at least 615 pm every day, I'm pooped. On, and my right ankle is killing me and swollen. I ran on it anyway as I said before, but now I'm thinking I shouldn't have. Of course tonight i will probably run on it again anyway lol. Anyway, I've chalked it up to one of two things:

Possibility #1 is that because of the flares of gout I have had over the last year in my right foot, I walk on the outside of it without even noticing, if that makes sense. If you read up on gout, one of te main areas it occurs is in the joint of the ball of your foot, so to not put pressure on that part of my foot I put the pressure elsewhere. Maybe that led to me straining my ankle when I run?

Possibility #2 is that I need new work shoes. Which would piss me off because i wear aerosols which are like 75 bucks a pair and I was planning on running them into the ground to get my money's worth. But I've been noticing the pain mainly when I'm in my work shoes, in the exact area around my ankle where the top of the shoe is. So maybe that's it.

I'm personally hoping its #2 because that's a lot more fixable than #1.


Good news on the friend front. I chucked my pride and reached out to that best friend I had a falling out with, and she wrote back last night and it might just get resolve. Lets face it, both of us are adults and to toss a ten year friendship away without even talking about why we were hurt by the other is really childish, so hopefully we can get through it and move on as friends.

As far As the heartbreak goes, no good news to tell there. I am surprised though that I've yet to actually cry about it. I'm sure I will though once it really sinks in that its over, and it will be ugly.

But to clear my head when I'm working at the hotel office, I've figured out there are window benches in the room hallways on every floor, so on my break I go sit in one on a random floor and read. Not a bad view, as you can see below. San Diego really is a gorgeous city, and I'm blessed to have grown up here. The picture is a view of Coronado, so if I could just lose enough weight to rock a bikini over there this summer, i will be happy :)

Sorry for the long and boring post. Hope everyone's having a great week! This is my Friday btw, so hellllllllll yeah to my weekend starting in approximately 5 hours!!!!!!!! Yippeeeee!!!

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