Saturday, February 2, 2013


Work kicked my ass today. Like, hardcore. I was busy almost the entire time I was there--which never happens--and everyone was a douche. Well, not everyone, but literally the majority of them. And my sales sucked.

Oh well.

Tonight I'm taking my mom to this awesome restaurant called Gabardine for her birthday--Happy Birthday Momma! Pics tomorrow for sure. And then I'm going out. Even though I have to work in the morning. I need a social life.

Oh, btw, I woke up this morning and weighed myself...I'm not going to tell you the number but it's soooooooooo close to a 10 lb weight loss it pisses me off!!!! I have a feeling I'll hit the mark by Wednesday. Because tomorrow's the Superbowl and I'm not working out. So Monday-Wednesday I'll be pretty hardcore.

Also, you should all take a look at this gem I took of my sweet puppy last night:

That's her favorite sleeping position, dead. That's the first time I've ever caught her with her mouth open though. It didn't last long. My mom's dog (the crazy little effer in the background) bugged her about 2 minutes later to play, and she almost bit his head off. Then she went under the coffee table and went back to sleep. Isn't she just the cutest? I don't know what I'd do without her.

And now I'll leave you with some words of wisdom from Uncle Si. God bless him.

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