Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trying to get serious.

Wellp, it's Wednesday again so I weighed in. And again, no change.

Weigh In Wednesday

I know why. It's because I'm not being aggressive with my diet. I'm eating well so I can eat bad things and/or drink, and running to also cancel that out. I know it will all be better after the holidays but geesh. This is like the 3rd or 4th week of no change. Guess I need to really start taking my diet seriously.

But Monday I got up and ran a mile around the neighborhood, and today I went to the lake by my house. I was shocked at how many people were there at 9:30 on a weekday................but that speaks to the kind of neighborhood I live in, if ya catch my drift.

Anyhoo, I wrote before that it's a mile loop. Then before I went I looked on the lake's website and it said it was a 2 mile loop. Then while I was running I thought "there's no way this is 2 miles because I haven't been running long enough." So I went around again and stopped halfway, and then looked at my Nike App to see this:

Wommmmmp wommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmp.

I walked back to the start (where the green area is in that corner) and passed a sign that said "Lake Chollas Running Trail: 1 Lap=.8 miles, 2 Laps=1.6 miles..." and so on and so forth. So, both of the information I had was wrong. I wasn't necessarily mad, but just a little aggravated I didn't know that before because I didn't walk by that sign when I started, and then when I passed it and kept going I didn't even notice it. But at least now I know for next time, I need to go around twice to get my 1.5 miles in for my 5K training. Which I wrote about on Monday.

Anyway, at least I had a nice view today, not of the trailer park

It's a gorgeous day today (finally). It's going to be in the upper-60s at the beach. Holllaaaaaa. (I work at the beach).

In completely unrelated news and just because I need to get it off my chest: We're probably going to be putting my sweet kitty, Jewel, down this week or next. I don't know if I've ever written about her on here, but she's been in my life for 15 years. That's the majority of my life, people. That's a long time. We got her when she was a kitten right after we got my childhood dog, Buddy. Buddy passed away two and a half years ago and at first Jewel was devastated (like my mom and I) but then she got used to being the queen of the castle, basically. So, when I got Winnie, she was pissed. She never liked Winnie, but it wasn't until I took Winnie to Memphis and brought her back 6 months later that Jewel got seriously mad. She didn't mind my mom's dog (probably because she can tell he's too stupid to do anything to her. Winnie is smart.) but she hated Winnie. She started refusing to leave my mom's room and peeing on my mom's bed out of spite eeevvvverrrryyyy single day. So we moved all her stuff into my bathroom and that has been where she lives for the last 6 months or so. I hate that she's stuck in there, but she just couldn't be trusted. Recently, she started having obvious mobility issues. She's stopped trying to get on the counter because, well, she can't. When she tries to walk she basically drags her butt around. She can get in and out of the litterbox sometimes, so there's always a mess to clean up. And the last couple days it's gotten really bad. And it's become clear she can't even control it anymore. I've been saying for a while that we need to put her down and I think my mom might finally be on-board. Of course we go in and spend time with her every day, and I see her every time I go into the bathroom, but she's not happy anymore and on top of that she's losing control of all her functions anyway. She's 15, too, so I know it's just about that time for her. But it doesn't make it any less sad.

Alrighty fools, that's all I got for today. Hope y'all are having a better week than me. Say a little prayer for Jewel if you have a heart for animals. I just want her to know how much I love her.


  1. Sorry about your kitty! I'm a cat person, so I'd be devastated.

    Staying the same is fine, especially around this time of year. It's better than gaining!