Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hey fools! Sorry for the silence lately. I don't know what happened!

My Christmas Pajama Party was soooooo fun!

I made all the treats I said I would, and the spiked hot chocolate. I then asked everyone to bring a bottle of wine to share since I don't have the money to provide everyone with alcohol beyond the spiked hot chocolate (which was amazing. Spiked with salted caramel vodka. Hello.), annnnnnnd the next day I counted 8 empty bottles of wine. EIGHT! Yep. Sooooooo you can all imagine how the night turned out :) It was awesome.

I also may have stolen the dirty santa gift that I bought. Don't judge me. I'm a good gift-picker ok?

Anyhoo. I've been running semi-regularly, but lessssbe honest. I've been eating horribly. We had our Secret Santa exchange and party in my office last Wednesday and there are STILL leftover treats. On the desk next to me, of course. Eff.

Funny running story though (which you've probably already seen if you follow me on IG)...So when I was a little girl, like 3 years old, I went to the park with my mom to feed ducks. Well, there were also geese, which are big and mean. The geese bullied the ducks and then chased after me when I refused to give them any of my bread. THEY CHASED ME. And I still wouldn't give the bread up. Luckily I got away, but the deep-rooted fear of geese has stuck with me. So I've been going to the lake by my house to run, and there's this little trail that goes down along the water at some points. I like to take it because it avoids a big unnecessary hill (yes, I just called a hill unnecessary) and I thought I was going to run through a group of harmless ducks. Well when I got close (like within a few feet close) one of them stood up and gave me a death stare and I realized it was a giant goose!

That big white one is the bitch that stared me down.

So, I screamed. Like, literally screamed, and ran in the other direction, up the unnecessary hill. Luckily the geese have been in the water the last few times I've gone. But that was terrifying.

Something else that's happened since I took an unexpected hiatus was this Phil Robertson-Duck-Dynasty mess. I'm sure you all can assume that I think it's a giant crock of shit and I hope A&E loses enough money to make it go belly-up altogether as a result of making the decision they did. I am currently boycotting the show, and I sure hope y'all are too.

But if you aren't, I still love you. Because just because you don't agree with a person's lifestyle or their views on things doesn't mean you can't love them, be friends with them, or anything else! IMAGINE THAT.

Amen, Pastor Warren.

Anyway, I can't believe it's already Christmas Eve. The holidays went by way too quickly this year. I'm exited to go to church tonight and then spend tomorrow with our family friends :) I hope y'all have a wonderful Christmas too, and please send up a prayer for our military men and women who won't get to be home this Christmas and New Years!

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!!!

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  1. I literally laughed out loud at the geese part only because I can relate SO much! Growing up my neighbor had these three geese and they'd ALWAYS come in our yard and they were MEAN! We had a small barn and that's where he hid the house key so I'd go to the barn after I got off the bus to grab the house... those friggin' geese cornered me in that barn more times than I care to remember! I completely sympathize... and laugh when I think of you getting spooked on your run! :)