Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My longest run yet

Sorry for the late post. I have today off, so I've been lazy.

LIE. I just got home from a run. I'll get to that in a minute. First, weigh-in Wednesday:

Weigh In Wednesday

Still no change in my weight from last week to this week. Which I guess is a good thing considering it was Thanksgiving weekend? I'm trying to watch what I'm eating a lot more, but my biggest problem is eating out. I do it wayyyy too much (it's part of being young and single, isn't it?!) and I have no self control at a restaurant.

I have been slowly but surely getting more regular about my running. But I'm not totally naive enough to think that's enough. I think I'm going to start 30 Day Shred over again and integrate it in on days I don't run. It can only help my stamina anyway, right?

Apparently I just need to go on Project Runway...

Can we please talk about Biggest Loser? Have any of y'all been watching it??? I was SO SAD to see Holly go last week!!! She was one of my faves on there for real. And obviously her friendship with Bob was just too much.

Did you know I cry every single episode of that damn show??? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

Anyhoo, right about now is the time I start to get motivated when I watch because some of the younger girls are getting into "onederland" which I've been hanging out in since the beginning of the year. It didn't take me long (since I started at 203) but once the girls on there start to creep up on me (and eventually pass me up) I get a fire under my ass. Let's hope it sticks this time. But I guess my new favorites are either Chelsea or Jennifer. I like Rachel too, but I feel like she's already been an athlete so if she went home she would be fine maintaining this and continue to lose the weight. But I have a feeling she's going to be this year's Danni (who I LOVE) and win the whole shebang.

Moving on.

Today I decided to bite the bullet and attempt to up my mileage (just a wee bit). I drove to Lake Murray, which is actually a part of Mission Trails, where I've gone the last couple weekends. It's a pretty sizeable lake, and I'm pretty sure the trail goes 4 miles total around, but it doesn't connect, so you have to turn back around at some point. But you can still run pretty far.

First things first: I live in San Diego. It's hilly. Actually it's mountainous. But whatevs. My neighborhood where I've been running is on a hill, so I thought Lake Murray would be no problem. Well, I was wrong. My hood ain't got NOTHING on Lake Murray, y'all! So it was rougher than I thought. I got to .8 miles and thought for sure I had gone further, all because of how tired the hills had made me. But I kept going. I turned around right at a mile (which I didn't even realize because I put my phone back in le old bra and kept going) and actually got to just about 1.5 miles before I slowed to a power walk. But I'm such a slow runner, I didn't really lose much by walking. I wound up running the rest of the downhills and walking the rest of the uphills till I got back to my starting point.

It was hard.

I had multiple breathing cramps. MULTIPLE.

And I had some bitch who I caught up to that wouldn't freaking let me pass and stay ahead of her. It messes with my mind a lot when I got running with other people (which is why I choose not to do that anymore) so having this ass hole literally teetering between being a few feet behind me and right next to me the last mile was hard. Jerk.

But anyway, I'm proud of myself either way. I'm not ashamed of how slow I went. I'm a slow runner. And in time I'm sure I'll get faster naturally. But for now, I'm not concerned with my pace, I'm concerned with distance. Isn't that how it's supposed to be anyway? Today I ran farther than I ever have at one time. Let that sink in for a sec :)

Well, that's all I got this Wednesday. I hope y'all are having a great week!


  1. Staying the same is good, especially over the holidays! That's pretty much my goal!

  2. Here from the Facebook group! I think this is awesome, great job!
    I'm just getting back in the swing of walking/jogging/running. I'm good with walking, I like to walk, always's the jogging and running that have never been my forte, lol

  3. Go girl! It sounds like you are doing a great job! I definitely agree with running around other people being a head game. Even at the gym, I get annoyed if the whole gym is open and someone decides to plop on the treadmill right next to me. I prefer to run by myself.

  4. Woohoo maintaining over a holiday and your longest run yet? Go Nicole!!


  5. Amazing job!!!! And you totally arent alone on crying at Biggest Loser. Bob was the reason I lost it last week. UGH. So sad.

    I need to get out and just try to run far. I usually give up and take a walking break, but I want to know that I can do it. I mean not today, it's -9 degrees outside haha. BUT maybe when it gets back into the positives I will get out there :D

  6. Great job :) I get cramps all the time and try to work through them. I have ran a little over a mile, but I have to stop and speed walk for a minute and then start running again. Maybe one day I will get to running 2 miles!
    Maintaining over the holiday deserves a WAHOO! I lost .4 so I call that maintaining too :)

    Thanks for linking up!