Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I'm feelin' Christmassy

Whaaaat I'm posting on a Tuesday??? When was the last time this happened.......

Anyhoo. I'm feeling all Christmassy today since we finally started decorating. My mom scheduled our carpets to get cleaned yesterday, so we didn't want to put the tree up and have to somehow move it off the carpet, fully decorated. So last night, we started decorating.

We have a nice fake tree, but I like real ones better. Last year we got a gorgeous real tree, but this year my mom won the battle and we put up the fake one (which is more of a hassle than wrestling a real one, in my opinion!). In the last few years we've acquired a theme for our tree, and therefore the rest of our house. It's blue, silver, and white and very pretty and classy. But I'm over it. I wanted to use all my grandma's old ornaments and go for a more classic Christmas theme. My mom thought that meant tacky, because she's dumb. Just kidding, but she didn't get my vision at all until this morning (when we decorated). Anyway, it's not done yet, but this is what we have so far:

It's hard to tell in the picture but the string lights over the TV have clear bulb ornaments around them. It's like a Christmas orgnament garland. I love it.

I also want to add this to the tree:


But maybe have it say "Merry Christmas" instead of Tis the Season. BTW, that's my dream tree.

I will have to get that done by this weekend because as I mentioned yesterday, Saturday is my 2nd Annual Christmas Pajama Party!!! I'm soooo excited!!! Last year was so much fun. I made sweet treats and invited my girlfriends over for a Dirty Santa exchange (like white elephant but with legit gifts, not joke gifts) and games. This year more girls will be coming, so I'm starting to freak out a little bit about the food situation. So far this is my menu, thanks to Pinterest:


Chocolate Peppermint Bark:


Red Velvet Cheese Ball:


And spiked hot chocolate with this stuff on top:

So yeah. It should be a good time. We'll probably play Cards Against Humanity (I know, not very Christmassy. But it's so much fun!) and drink lotsa wine, but we'll be in our Christmas PJ's and it will be a good time :)

I'm pretty excited to bust out my Christmas Story onesie.

Yes, it has leg lamps and bunny slippers all over it.

So anyway, I'll try my hardest to be a good blogger and take lots of pictures.

See y'all tomorrow for Weigh In Wednesday!

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  1. Cute decorations, and the eats look great!

    Can't wait to see the pics!! :)