Monday, December 2, 2013

A sports bra that's too big and "running" shorts...

Wellllll fools it's Monday....and I can't believe Thanksgiving is over! Christmas is coming way too soon. Luckily, I got all my shopping done (online) by the end of Friday afternoon :)

So, going back to Thursday, I hope you're all proud of me when I tell you..................I went for a run. On Thanksgiving morning. WHAT? Yep. I did.

It sucked only because I had to smell everyone's food cooking the ENTIRE TIME. My mouth was watering. My stomach was growling. And then I drank a bunch of wine and surprisingly didn't gorge myself on food later on. Imagine that!

UPDATE******* After I posted this I went scrolling through my Bloglovin' feed and saw Operation Skinny Jean's "Turkey Trot" Linkup. Figured I might as well link up, since, ya know, I moved my ass on Thanksgiving. Good for all of you that did, too :)

Operation Skinny Jeans

For Thanksgiving, we went to see my aunt and uncle, who camp on the beach in their RV every holiday pretty much. It was a gorgeous, perfect day. We ate outside. I had on sandals and a regular shirt. I hope you're jealous.

And if you're not already jealous, here's a picture of our view at dinner:

I am truly blessed.

So, my aunt and uncle are both extremely athletic. My uncle was in the navy for 31 years, and he wasn't just any ole' sailor. He was EOD, enlisted for 10 years before becoming an officer. He was always in tip-top shape because he had to be. He was a huge cyclist and runner, and my aunt was too (not sure if she was because of him or not). Anyway. My aunt and I were talking about me starting to run, and she told us a few of her half and marathon stories. She's quite the story-teller, so naturally i got all excited and for a split-one-eighth-of-a-millisecond thought, "maybe one day I'll do a half." HA!!!! But really, it did get my mind reeling about running further distances. I know I could run farther than I have. And when I explained to her that I need to find a longer loop, she understood exactly what I was talking about, that I just won't go again around my neighborhood. So, I'm still searching for a good place to start upping my mileage that's still either on paved road or a very solid, not-rocky trail (and in a part of town not known for having single female runners either kidnapped or raped. Look up Chelsea King if you don't believe me). Anyway, moving on from Thanksgiving... I Had to work on Friday, and I was lazy all day Saturday, and I worked yesterday. So the rest of my weekend was pretty much uneventful.

This morning, though, I did drag my fat ass out of bed to go run. It was colder and dryer than any weather I've ever run in, so my nose was almost hurting from the cold dry air. All you people who don't have perfect weather year-round, how do you deal with that? Are there any tricks?!?!

I also haven't done laundry in a hot minute and had to wear a sports bra that's too big (super fun) and shorts. Not tight shorts either. Loose, running shorts. I don't understand "running shorts." If they're loose, they ride up if you have thighs that are of the thunder variety (which, let's be real, is 98% of the population). I wear running shorts for lounging around and running errands. Actually running in them? It sucks. I chose to just let them ride up--sorry neighbors--instead of constantly pulling them down. Firstworld problems?

Anyhoo, time to go to work (again). Bleeehhhh.

I hope you all has as blessed a Thanksgiving as I did, and are getting into the holiday spirit (not focusing on finding the best deals for presents and all that bull shit).


Have a great week!


  1. Ahhh, your Thanksgiving view is absolutely heavenly!! Good job getting out for a run... I totally planned to buuuut, yeah, didn't happen! :)

  2. Great job! Where is the view of the beach from? There's so many 5ks and half marathons in SD. I always hear about friends doing them and I feel bad for not trying :c maybe someday!

  3. I am SO jealous of that view! I love the ocean, but sadly live far away :(

    It is amazing that you went out for a run! Way to be proactive before Thanksgiving dinner!

  4. Yay thanks for linking up!! That view is amazing!!!

  5. No way that you wore loose sports bra! It's really uncomfortable. I tried it once and never wore it again. At least there's the view to enjoy. :)