Friday, January 18, 2013

I was bad yesterday.

Yep, sure was. My stupid (amazing) assistant manager had the bright idea to have a bowl of candy in our office for our customers. And not the cheapy shitty candy. The GOOD candy. Like reese's, snickers, etc fun sized. AND our car sales representative brought in those horribly delicious bite sized brownies that cost like 8 bucks a box at the grocery store. Anything to make a sale, right? Ugh. So, I nibbled a lot yesterday even though I knew I had dinner plans at Chili's (FYI, not WW friendly) and wasn't going to be going to the gym. Then I went to Chili's and had two skinny marg's and the lighter choice tilapia...after sharing some spinach and artichoke dip. So....bottom line: Yesterday was NOT a good day as far as self-control goes. Oh well. Hopefully that's the last day like that for a while. Still pushing to make the 10 pound mark so I can go get fitted for real running shoes. Fingers crossed that happen sometime this week!!!

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